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Artículo2024Addressing energy challenges in Iraq: Forecasting power supply and demand using artificial intelligence modelsHELIYON
Artículo2024An empirical analysis of the relationship among price, demand and CO2 emissions in the Spanish electricity marketHELIYON
Artículo2024Analyzing ECG signals in professional football players using machine learning techniquesHELIYON
Artículo2024Classification of skin blemishes with cell phone images using Deep Learning techniquesHELIYON
Artículo2024Constrained numerical deconvolution using orthogonal polynomialsHELIYON
Artículo2024Detection of activities in bathrooms through deep learning and environmental data graphics imagesHELIYON
Artículo2024Dynamic optimisation of unbalanced distribution network management by model predictive control with Markov reward processesHELIYON
Artículo2024Effect of Mediterranean diet and blue light exposition on macular pigment optical density values in a Spanish childhood populationHELIYON
Artículo2024Heteroleptic (S^C)-cyclometallated gold(III) complexes as novel antiviral agentsHELIYON
Artículo2024Risk perception of healthcare workers in the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in BrazilHELIYON
Artículo2023Age related changes in the Q angle of non-professional football players.HELIYON
Artículo2023Air change rates and infection risk in school environments: Monitoring naturally ventilated classrooms in a northern Italian urban contextHELIYON
Artículo2023Analysis of factors affecting the effectiveness of face-to-face marketing learning via TikTok, YouTube and video conferencingHELIYON
Artículo2023Analysis of landslide explicative factors and susceptibility mapping in an andean context: The case of Azuay province (Ecuador)HELIYON
Artículo2023Building and environmental acoustics in obsolete residential neighbourhoods: the case of San Pablo, SpainHELIYON
Artículo2023Critical approaches to English language teacher education: A narrative inquiry into trainee teachers’ experiences as speakers of EnglishHELIYON
Artículo2023Digital teaching competencies and disability. Validation of a questionnaire design using the K coefficient to select expertsHELIYON
Artículo2023Does the flamenco tourist exist? Motivation and segmentationHELIYON
Artículo2023Dynamic capabilities in times of economic crisis. A vision of success in international marketsHELIYON
Artículo2023FAIR principles to improve the impact on health research management outcomesHELIYON
Artículo2023MIL-100(Fe)-derived catalysts for CO2 conversion via low- and high-temperature reverse water-gas shift reactionHELIYON
Artículo2023Potential of organic carbonates production for efficient carbon dioxide capture, transport and storage: Reaction performance with sodium hydroxide-ethanol mixturesHELIYON
Artículo2023Social life cycle assessment for industrial product development: A comprehensive review and analysisHELIYON
Artículo2023The impact of national culture in the development of complexity reasoning skills: An international comparisonHELIYON
Artículo2023Thermal insulation impact on overheating vulnerability reduction in Mediterranean dwellingsHELIYON
Artículo2022Online education in higher education: emerging solutions in crisis times.HELIYON
Artículo2021Students' perception and academic performance in a flipped classroom model within Early Childhood Education DegreeHELIYON
Artículo2020Analysis of success factors in crowdfunding projects based on rewards: A way to obtain financing for socially committed projectsHELIYON
Artículo2020Characterization of the acyl-ACP thioesterases from Koelreuteria paniculata reveals a new type of FatB thioesteraseHELIYON
Artículo2020Exit for success. Gamifying science and technology for university students using escape-room. A preliminary approachHELIYON
Artículo2019Adoption of augmented reality technology by university studentsHELIYON
Artículo2019Mapping multispectral Digital Images using a Cloud Computing software: applications from UAV imagesHELIYON
Artículo2019Protease technology for obtaining a soy pulp extract enriched in bioactive compounds: isoflavones and peptidesHELIYON