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Artículo2023Analytical method for the determination of usually prescribed antibiotics in human nails using UHPLC-MS/MS. Comparison of the efficiency of two extraction techniquesTALANTA
Artículo2023Green electromembrane extraction procedure based on biodegradable chitosan films for determination of polyphenolic compounds in food samples: greenness assessment of the sample preparation approachTALANTA
Artículo2022Wearable hollow microneedle sensing patches for the transdermal electrochemical monitoring of glucoseTALANTA
Artículo2021A microchip device based liquid-liquid-solid microextraction for the determination of permethrin and cypermethrin in water samplesTALANTA
Revisión2021An overview on the recent applications of agarose as a green biopolymer in micro-extraction-based sample preparation techniquesTALANTA
Revisión2021Analytical methods for the determination of endocrine disrupting chemicals in cosmetics and personal care products: a reviewTALANTA
Artículo2020Comparative study on the use of three different near infrared spectroscopy recording methodologies for varietal discrimination of walnutsTALANTA
Artículo2020Determination of endocrine disrupting chemicals in human nails using an alkaline digestion prior to ultra-high performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometryTALANTA
Revisión2019Analytical methods for the determination of emerging contaminants in sewage sludge samples. A reviewTALANTA
Artículo2019Chitosan tailor-made membranes as biopolymeric support for electromembrane extractionTALANTA
Artículo2019Data fusion approaches in spectroscopic characterization and classification of PDO wine vinegarsTALANTA
Artículo2019Feasibility study on the use of a portable micro near infrared spectroscopy device for the "in vineyard" screening of extractable polyphenols in red grape skinsTALANTA
Artículo2019Simple and fast method for the analysis of U-236, Np-237, (PU)-P-239 and Pu-240 from seawater samples by Accelerator Mass SpectrometryTALANTA
Artículo2018Comparison of two analytical methods validated for the determination of volatile compounds in virgin olive oil: GC-FID vs GC-MSTALANTA
Artículo2018Isolation of U-236 and Pu-239,Pu-240 from seawater samples and its determination by Accelerator Mass SpectrometryTALANTA
Artículo2018Use of Polymer Inclusion Membranes (PIMs) as support for electromembrane extraction of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and highly polar acidic drugsTALANTA
Artículo2017A simple and fast Double-Flow microfluidic device based liquid-phase microextraction, (DF-mu LPME) for the determination of parabens in water samplesTALANTA
Artículo2017An integrated automatic system to evaluate U and Th dynamic lixiviation from solid matrices, and to extract/pre-concentrate leached analytes previous ICP-MS detectionTALANTA
Artículo2017Cyclic voltammetry to evaluate the antioxidant potential in winemaking by-productsTALANTA
Artículo2017Linking ATR-FTIR and Raman features to phenolic extractability and other attributes in grape skinTALANTA
Artículo2017Multi-residue analysis of 36 priority and emerging pollutants in marine echinoderms (Holothuria tubulosa) and marine sediments by solid-liquid extraction followed by dispersive solid phase extraction and liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry analysisTALANTA
Artículo2017New nanostructured support for carrier-mediated electromembrane extraction of high polar compoundsTALANTA
Artículo2017Ra-226 dynamic lixiviation from phosphogypsum samples by an automatic flow-through system with integrated renewable solid-phase extractionTALANTA
Artículo2017Recent advances in sample pre-treatment for emerging methods in proteomic analysisTALANTA
Artículo2017Some practical considerations for linearity assessment of calibration curves as function of concentration levels according to the fitness-for-purpose approachTALANTA
Artículo2017Virgin olive oil stability study by mesh cell-FTIR spectroscopyTALANTA
Artículo2016Combining PLS regression with portable NIR spectroscopy to on-line monitor quality parameters in intact olives for determining optimal harvesting timeTALANTA
Artículo2016Rapid determination of Pb-210 and Po-210 in water and application to marine samplesTALANTA
Artículo2016Trying to set up the flavanolic phases during grape seed ripening: A spectral and chemical approachTALANTA
Artículo2016Validated method for the determination of perfluorinated compounds in placental tissue samples based on a simple extraction procedure followed by ultra-high performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry analysisTALANTA
Artículo2015Comparative study on the use of anthocyanin profile, color image analysis and near-infrared hyperspectral imaging as tools to discriminate between four autochthonous red grape cultivars from La Rioja (Spain)TALANTA
Artículo2015CYN determination in tissues from freshwater fish by LC-MS/MS: Validation and application in tissues from subchronically exposed tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus)TALANTA
Artículo2015Determination of hormones, a plasticizer, preservatives, per-fluoroalkylated compounds, and a flame retardant in water samples by ultrasound-assisted dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction based on the solidification of a floating organic dropTALANTA
Artículo2015Validation of SPME-GCMS method for the analysis of virgin olive oil volatiles responsible for sensory defectsTALANTA
Artículo2014A novel method for evaluating flavanols in grape seeds by near infrared hyperspectral imagingTALANTA
Artículo2014A uniform nonlinearity criterion for rational functions applied to calibration curve and standard addition methodsTALANTA
Revisión2014Application of chemiluminescence in the analysis of wastewaters - A reviewTALANTA
Artículo2014Design and implementation of an automated liquid-phase microextraction-chip system coupled on-line with high performance liquid chromatographyTALANTA
Artículo2014Detailed phenolic composition of white grape by-products by RRLC/MS and measurement of the antioxidant activityTALANTA
Artículo2014Geographical characterization of Spanish PDO paprika by multivariate analysis of multielemental contentTALANTA
Artículo2014Sensor responses to fat food aroma: A comprehensive study of dry-cured ham typicalityTALANTA
Artículo2014Validation of a method to quantify titanium, vanadium and zirconium in oral mucosa cells by inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (ICP-MS)TALANTA
Artículo2013Application of rational functions for the standard addition methodTALANTA
Artículo2013Characterization and quantification of 4-methylsterols and 4,4-dimethylsterols from Iberian pig subcutaneous fat by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry and gas chromatography-flame ionization detector and their use to authenticate the fattening systemsTALANTA
Artículo2013Feasibility of use of fatty acid and triacylglycerol profiles for the authentication of commercial labelling in Iberian dry-cured sausagesTALANTA
Artículo2013Identification of the specified impurities of silver sulfadiazine using a screening of degradation products in different stress physico-chemical mediaTALANTA
Artículo2013On the isohydricity concept-some commentsTALANTA
Revisión2013Prediction of the type of milk and degree of ripening in cheeses by means of artificial neural networks with data concerning fatty acids and near infrared spectroscopyTALANTA
Artículo2012Application of three phase hollow fiber based liquid phase microextraction (HF-LPME) for the simultaneous HPLC determination of phenol substituting compounds (alkyl-, chloro- and nitrophenols)TALANTA
Artículo2012Classification of Sherry vinegars by combining multidimensional fluorescence, parafac and different classification approachesTALANTA
Artículo2012Development and optimization of a method for the determination of Cylindrospermopsin from strains of Aphanizomenon cultures: Intra-laboratory assessment of its accuracy by using validation standardsTALANTA
Artículo2012Differentiation of mangoes (Maginfera indica L.) conventional and organically cultivated according to their mineral content by using support vector machinesTALANTA
Artículo2012Validation of an analytical method for the determination of ethyl carbamate in vinegarsTALANTA
Artículo2012XRF, mu-XRD and mu-spectroscopic techniques for revealing the composition and structure of paint layers on polychrome sculptures after multiple restorationsTALANTA
Artículo2011Comparison of different extraction methods for the determination of statin drugs in wastewater and river water by HPLC/Q-TOF-MSTALANTA
Artículo2011Determination of dissociation parameters of weak acids in different media according to the isohydric methodTALANTA
Artículo2011Differentiation of organic and non-organic ewe's cheeses using main mineral composition or near infrared spectroscopy coupled to chemometric tools: A comparative studyTALANTA
Artículo2011Electromembrane extraction (EME) and HPLC determination of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) in wastewater samplesTALANTA
Artículo2011Multivariate analysis of the polyphenol composition of Tempranillo and Graciano red winesTALANTA
Artículo2011New methods applicable for calibration of indicator electrodesTALANTA
Artículo2011Study of mineralogical speciation of arsenic in soils using X ray microfluorescence and scanning electronic microscopyTALANTA
Artículo2010A new sensitive method of dissociation constants determination based on the isohydric solutions principleTALANTA
Artículo2010Application of hollow fiber-based liquid-phase microextraction (HF-LPME) for the determination of acidic pharmaceuticals in wastewatersTALANTA
Revisión2010Determination of amino acids in grape-derived products: A reviewTALANTA
Artículo2010Feasibility study on the use of near infrared spectroscopy to determine flavanols in grape seedsTALANTA
Artículo2010Headspace solid-phase microextraction of oil matrices heated at high temperature and phthalate esters determination by gas chromatography multistage mass spectrometryTALANTA
Artículo2010Intra-laboratory assessment of method accuracy (trueness and precision) by using validation standardsTALANTA
Artículo2010Rapid flow injection method for the determination of sulfite in wine using the permanganate-luminol luminescence systemTALANTA
Artículo2010Simultaneous determination of 11 antibiotics and their main metabolites from four different groups by reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography diode array fluorescence (HPLC-DAD-FLD) in human urine samplesTALANTA
Artículo2010Volatile hydrocarbon profile of Iberian dry-cured hams. A possible tool for authentication of hams according to the fattening dietTALANTA
Artículo2009Advanced combined application of mx-ray diffraction/mx-ray fluorescence with conventional techniques for the identification of pictorial materials from baroque andalusia paintingsTALANTA
Artículo2009Authentication of fattening diet of goat kid according to their fatty acid profile from perirenal fatTALANTA
Artículo2009Hollow fiber-based liquid-phase microextraction (HF-LPME) of ibuprofen followed by FIA-chemiluminescence determination using the acidic permanganate-sulfite systemTALANTA
Artículo2009The natural abundance of C-13 with different agricultural management by NIRS with fibre optic probe technologyTALANTA
Artículo2008Comparison of the effectiveness of solid-phase and ultrasound-mediated liquid-liquid extractions to determine the volatile compounds of wineTALANTA
Artículo2008Detection and quantification of additives (urea, biuret and poultry litter) in alfalfas by nir spectroscopy with fibre-optic probeTALANTA
Artículo2008Urea as new stabilizing agent for imipenem determination Electrochemical study and determination of imipenem and its primary metabolite in human urineTALANTA
Artículo2008Use of NIRS technology with a remote reflectance fibre-optic probe for predicting major components in cheeseTALANTA
Artículo2007Analysis for chloroanisoles and chlorophenols in cork by stir bar sorptive extraction and gas chromatography-mass spectrometryTALANTA
Artículo2007Characterization of aniseed-flavoured spirit drinks by headspace solid-phase microextraction gas chromatography-mass spectrometry and chemometricsTALANTA
Artículo2007Differentiation of two Canary DO red wines according to their metal content from inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry and graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry by using Probabilistic Neural NetworksTALANTA
Artículo2007Radical scavenging ability of polyphenolic compounds towards DPPH free radicalTALANTA
Artículo2007Use of NIRS technology with a remote reflectance fibre-optic probe for predicting major components in bee pollenTALANTA
Artículo2007Validation of stir bar sorptive extraction for the determination of 24 priority substances from the European Water Framework Directive in estuarine and sea waterTALANTA
Artículo2006Accuracy profiles from uncertainty measurementsTALANTA
Artículo2006Comparative study of electrospray and photospray ionization sources coupled to quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometer for olive oil authenticationTALANTA
Artículo2005Classification of aniseed drinks by means of cluster, linear discriminant analysis and soft independent modelling of class analogy based on their Zn, B, Fe, Mg, Ca, Na and Si contentTALANTA
Artículo2005Enzymatic-spectrophotometric determination of sucrose in coffee beansTALANTA
Artículo2005Mineral content and botanical origin of Spanish honeysTALANTA
Artículo2005Practical digest for evaluating the uncertainty of analytical assays from validation data according to the LGC/VAM protocolTALANTA
Artículo2004Determination of Zn, B, Fe, Mg, Ca, Na and Si in anisette samples by inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometryTALANTA
Artículo2004Differentiation of sparkling wines (cava and champagne) according to their mineral contentTALANTA
Artículo2004Evaluation of measurement uncertainty in analytical assays by means of Monte-Carlo simulationTALANTA
Corrección2004Evaluation of measurement uncertainty in analytical assays by means of Monte-Carlo simulationTALANTA
Artículo2004Fluorescence and terbium-sensitised luminescence determination of garenoxacin in human urine and serumTALANTA
Artículo2004The antioxidant activity of wines determined by the ABTS(*+) method: influence of sample dilution and timeTALANTA
Artículo2003Correction of predicted concentration in the use of solvent-based calibration lines for determining carbendazim, fuberidazole and thiabendazole in water after a SPE stepTALANTA
Artículo2003Electrochemical reduction of cefminox at the mercury electrode and its voltammetric determination in urineTALANTA
Artículo2003Ion chromatographic determination of some organic acids, chloride and phosphate in coffee and teaTALANTA
Artículo2002Multivariate characterisation of beers according to their mineral contentTALANTA
Artículo2002Non-linear QSAR modeling by using multilayer perceptron feedforward neural networks trained by back-propagationTALANTA
Artículo2002Potentiometric titrations in acetonitrile-water mixtures: evaluation of aqueous ionisation constant of ketoprofenTALANTA
Artículo2002Spectrofluorimetric determination of acrivastine in spiked human urine and pharmaceuticalsTALANTA
Artículo2001Differentiation of Spanish brandies according to their metal contentTALANTA
Artículo2001Electrochemical oxidation of cisatracurium on carbon paste electrode and its analytical applicationsTALANTA
Artículo2001Fatty acid profiles as discriminant parameters for coffee varieties differentiationTALANTA
Artículo2001Pattern recognition procedures for differentiation of Green, Black and Oolong teas according to their metal content from inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometryTALANTA
Artículo2001Pharnaces I of Pontus and the Kingdom of PergamumTALANTA
Artículo2000Spectrofluorimetric determination of levofloxacin in tablets, human urine and serumTALANTA
Artículo1999Comparison of three derivatization reagents for the analysis of Se(IV) based on piazselenol formation and gas chromatography-mass spectrometryTALANTA
Artículo1999Computational program for evaluating and optimizing response-surface curves based on uniform shell designsTALANTA
Artículo1999Determination of paracetamol in dosage forms by non-suppressed ion chromatographyTALANTA
Artículo1999Intra-laboratory testing of method accuracy from recovery assaysTALANTA
Artículo1999Optimization of an extraction method of aroma compounds in white wine using ultrasoundTALANTA
Artículo1999Performing procrustes discriminant analysis with HOLMESTALANTA
Artículo1999Simultaneous determination of caffeine and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in pharmaceutical formulations and blood plasma by reversed-phase HPLC from linear gradient elutionTALANTA
Artículo1999Spectrofluorimetric determination of cisatracurium and mivacurium in spiked human serum and pharmaceuticalsTALANTA
Artículo1998Discrimination between arabica and robusta green coffee varieties according to their chemical compositionTALANTA
Artículo1997Multivariate characterization of wine vinegars from the south of Spain according to their metallic contentTALANTA
Artículo1997Spectrophotometric determination of total procyanidins in wine vinegarsTALANTA
Artículo1996Classification of tea samples by their chemical composition using discriminant analysisTALANTA
Artículo1993Estimation of pH and autoprotolisis constants in mixtures of aliphatic amides with water: medium effect on the 4-aminoazobenzene systemTALANTA
Letter1992Correction factors for the glass-electrode revisitedTALANTA
Artículo1992Determination of bromide by low-power surfatron microwave induced plasma after bromine continuous generationTALANTA
Artículo1988A computational method for approximate evaluation of ionization-constants from potentiometric dataTALANTA
Artículo1988Determination of the optimum working range in spectrophotometric proceduresTALANTA
Nota1988Evaluation of 2 new asymmetric derivatives of thiocarbohydrazide as spectrophotometric analytical reagentsTALANTA
Artículo1988Spectrophotometric determination of gallium in alloys and fly-ash with pyridoxal derivatives of thiocarbohydrazide and carbohydrazideTALANTA
Artículo1987Colour specification of pyridine-2-aldehyde and 6-methylpyridine-2-aldehyde p-nitrophenylhydrazones as indicators for pH determinationTALANTA
Artículo1987Fluorometric-determination of gallium in a nickel-alloy and aluminum with n-oxalylamine(salicylaldehyde hydrazone)TALANTA
Artículo1986Correction factors for the glass electrode in aqueous N,N-dimethylformamide solutionsTALANTA
Artículo1986Mathematical treatment of absorbance versus pH graphs of polybasic acidTALANTA
Artículo1986Spectrophotometric methods for the evaluation of acidity constant-II. Numerical methods for two-step overlapping equilibriaTALANTA
Artículo1986Spectrophotometric methods for the evaluation of acidity constants-I. Numerical methods for two-step overlapping equilibriaTALANTA
Artículo1985Asymmetric derivatives of carbohydrazide and thiocarbohydrazide as analytical reagentsTALANTA
Letter1984The spectrophotometric evaluation of acidity constants - The double incomplete color-changeTALANTA
Artículo1983Derivatives of carbohydrazide, thiocarbohydrazide and diaminoguanidine as photometric analytical reagents .1. 1,3-bis[(2-pyridyl)methyleneamino]thiourea and 1,3-bis[(2-pyridyl)methyleneamino]guanidineTALANTA
Artículo1980Derivatives of 2-thiohydantoin as spectrophotometric analytical reagents-II Condensation at C-5 with aromatic non-pyridine aldehydesTALANTA
Artículo1978Derivatives of 2-thiohydantoin as spectrophotometric analytical reagentsTALANTA