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Publicaciones en la fuente THIN SOLID FILMS

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2019An innovative approach for micro/nano structuring plasma polymer filmsTHIN SOLID FILMS
Artículo2017Mapping and comparison of the shortcomings of kesterite absorber layers, and how they could affect industrial scalabilityTHIN SOLID FILMS
Artículo2016Controlling In-Ga-Zn-O thin films transport properties through density changesTHIN SOLID FILMS
Artículo2016Disorder-order phase transformation in a fluorite-related oxide thin film: In-situ X-ray diffraction and modelling of the residual stress effectsTHIN SOLID FILMS
Artículo2015Direct deposition of graphene nanomaterial films on polymer-coated glass by ultrasonic sprayingTHIN SOLID FILMS
Artículo2015Microstructure of mixed oxide thin films prepared by magnetron sputtering at oblique anglesTHIN SOLID FILMS
Artículo2014Influence of the IR-mirror layer composition in the mechanical properties of solar selective coatings made from Mo:Si3N4 cermetTHIN SOLID FILMS
Artículo2014Synthesis, structuring and characterization of rare earth oxide thin films: modeling of the effects of stress and defects on the phase stabilityTHIN SOLID FILMS
Artículo2013Low refractive index SiOF thin films prepared by reactive magnetron sputteringTHIN SOLID FILMS
Artículo2013Monolayer arrangement of fatty hydroxystearic acids on graphite: Influence of hydroxyl groupsTHIN SOLID FILMS
Artículo2013Optical studies of amorphous Ge nanostructures in Al2O3 produced by pulsed laser depositionTHIN SOLID FILMS
Artículo2013Preparation and characterization of CrO2 films by Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition from CrO3THIN SOLID FILMS
Artículo2012Study of the growth of infrared-transparent non-spheric layer lenses by continuous-wave laser depositionTHIN SOLID FILMS
Artículo2011Control of the optical properties of silicon and chromium mixed oxides deposited by reactive magnetron sputteringTHIN SOLID FILMS
Artículo2011Monolayer structures of alkyl aldehydes: Odd-membered homologuesTHIN SOLID FILMS
Artículo2011Structural and optical properties of tellurite thin film glasses deposited by pulsed laser depositionTHIN SOLID FILMS
Artículo2010Correlation between structure and optical properties in low emissivity coatings for solar thermal collectorsTHIN SOLID FILMS
Artículo2010Enhanced performance of the AA2050-T8 aluminium alloy following excimer laser surface melting and anodising processesTHIN SOLID FILMS
Artículo2010Enhanced photoluminescence response of Er3+-Si nanoparticle codoped Al2O3 films by controlled synthesis in the nanoscale and thermal processingTHIN SOLID FILMS
Artículo2010Growth and characterization of nitrogen-doped TiO2 thin films prepared by reactive pulsed laser depositionTHIN SOLID FILMS
Artículo2010Influence of the surface morphology and microstructure on the biological properties of Ti-Si-C-N-O coatingsTHIN SOLID FILMS
Artículo2010Study of the fabrication of infrared-transparent dielectric aspheric deposits by continuous-wave laser depositionTHIN SOLID FILMS
Artículo2009Electrical characteristics of mixed Zr-Si oxide thin films prepared by ion beam induced chemical vapor deposition at room temperatureTHIN SOLID FILMS
Artículo2009Influence of the growth conditions on the stoichiometry and on the optical properties of titanium oxide thin films prepared by reactive sputteringTHIN SOLID FILMS
Artículo2009Influence of the microstructure on the mechanical and tribological behavior of TiC/a-C nanocomposite coatingsTHIN SOLID FILMS
Artículo2008Hydrogen and oxygen in-depth evolution during electrochemical hydrogenation/dehydrogenation of Y-Pd thin films analyzed by Glow Discharge Optical Emission SpectroscopyTHIN SOLID FILMS
Artículo2007Characterization of nanostructured Ti-B-(N) coatings produced by direct current magnetron sputteringTHIN SOLID FILMS
Artículo2007Optical refractive index and static permittivity of mixed Zr-Si oxide thin films prepared by ion beam induced CVDTHIN SOLID FILMS
Artículo2007Yttrium oxide thin films: influence of the oxygen vacancy network organization on the microstructureTHIN SOLID FILMS
Artículo2006Optically active Er3+-Yb3+ codoped Y2O3 films produced by pulsed laser depositionTHIN SOLID FILMS
Artículo2005A modified blister test to study the adhesion of thin coatings based on local helium ion implantationTHIN SOLID FILMS
Artículo2005Interface detection in poly-ethylene terephthalate-metal laminates using variable energy positron annihilationTHIN SOLID FILMS
Artículo2004Ion implantation-caused damage in SiC measured by spectroscopic ellipsometryTHIN SOLID FILMS
Artículo2004Study of the stoichiometry transfer in pulsed laser deposition of bioactive silica-based glassesTHIN SOLID FILMS
Artículo2003Optical and crystallisation behaviour of TiO2 and V/TiO2 thin films prepared by plasma and ion beam assisted methodsTHIN SOLID FILMS
Artículo2002Young's modulus of (Ti,Si)N films by surface acoustic waves and indentation techniquesTHIN SOLID FILMS
Artículo2001Low temperature synthesis of dense SiO2 thin films by ion beam induced chemical vapor depositionTHIN SOLID FILMS
Artículo2001Synthesis of SiO2 and SiOxCyHz thin films by microwave plasma CVDTHIN SOLID FILMS
Artículo2000Characterisation by X-ray absorption spectroscopy of oxide thin films prepared by ion beam-induced CVDTHIN SOLID FILMS
Artículo1999SnO2 thin films prepared by ion beam induced CVD: preparation and characterization by X-ray absorption spectroscopyTHIN SOLID FILMS
Artículo1998AlN thin films prepared by ion beam induced chemical vapour depositionTHIN SOLID FILMS
Artículo1998Elastic behaviour of Si/Ge superlattices determined by Brillouin light scatteringTHIN SOLID FILMS
Artículo1997Ellipsometric characterization of an AISI 304 stainless steel protective coatingTHIN SOLID FILMS
Artículo1996Structural characterization of PbTiO3 thin films prepared by ion beam induced CVD and evaporation of leadTHIN SOLID FILMS
Artículo1994XAS and XRD structural studies of titanium-oxide thin-films prepared by ion-beam-induced cvdTHIN SOLID FILMS
Artículo1990An electron microscopy study of the crystallization of amorphous Se100 - xBix (x ≤ 15) thin filmsTHIN SOLID FILMS
Letter1987Influence of the substrate on the crystallization kinetics of vapor-deposited amorphous selenium filmsTHIN SOLID FILMS
Artículo1982Thermal evolution of co-evaporated amorphous thin Ni-Ag filmsTHIN SOLID FILMS
Artículo1976The low temperature deposition of pyrolytic SiO2 for passivating semiconductor power diodesTHIN SOLID FILMS