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Artículo2023A General-Purpose Distributed Analytic Platform Based on Edge Computing and Computational Intelligence Applied on Smart GridsSENSORS
Artículo2023A Robust Ensemble of Convolutional Neural Networks for the Detection of Monkeypox Disease from Skin ImagesSENSORS
Artículo2023Analysis of Connectome Graphs Based on Boundary ScaleSENSORS
Artículo2023Assessing the feasibility of replacing subjective questionnaire-based sleep measurement with an objective approach using a smartwatchSENSORS
Artículo2023Autonomous Underwater Vehicles: Identifying Critical Issues and Future Perspectives in Image AcquisitionSENSORS
Artículo2023Battery-Less Industrial Wireless Monitoring and Control System for Improved Operational EfficiencySENSORS
Artículo2023Data Acquisition for Condition Monitoring in Tactical Vehicles: On-Board Computer DevelopmentSENSORS
Artículo2023Evaluation of Geometric Data Registration of Small Objects from Non-Invasive Techniques: Applicability to the HBIM Field.SENSORS
Artículo2023Non-Fungible Tokens Based on ERC-4519 for the Rental of Smart Homes.SENSORS
Artículo2023On-Site Calibration of an Electric Drive: A Case Study Using a Multiphase SystemSENSORS
Artículo2023Optimizing time resolution electronics for DMAPsSENSORS
Artículo2023Pilot study: effect of Morton’s extension on the subtalar joint forces in subjects with excessive foot pronationSENSORS
Artículo2023Smart shoe insole based on polydimethylsiloxane composite capacitive sensorsSENSORS
Artículo2023Validating Force Sensitive Resistor Strip Sensors for Cardiorespiratory Measurement during Sleep: A Preliminary StudySENSORS
Artículo2023Wearable Health Devices for Diagnosis Support: Evolution and Future TendenciesSENSORS
Artículo2022A fully integrated, power-efficient, 0.07-2.08 mA, high-voltage neural stimulator in a standard CMOS processSENSORS
Artículo2022Architecture-level optimization on digital silicon photomultipliers for medical imagingSENSORS
Revisión2022Assistive technology to improve collaboration in children with ASD: state-of-the-art and future challenges in the smart products sectorSENSORS
Artículo2022Controlled electromagnetic field based safety system for handheld circular sawSENSORS
Artículo2022Convolutional Neural Network Applied to SARS-CoV-2 Sequence ClassificationSENSORS
Artículo2022Convolutional neural networks for segmenting cerebellar fissures from magnetic resonance imagingSENSORS
Artículo2022Coulometer from a digitally controlled galvanostat with photometric endpoint detectionSENSORS
Artículo2022Decision support system to classify and optimize the energy efficiency in smart buildings: a data analytics approachSENSORS
Artículo2022Design and evaluation of a heterogeneous lightweight blockchain-based marketplaceSENSORS
Artículo2022Evaluation of the Olfactory Quality of Roasted Coffee Beans Using a Digital NoseSENSORS
Artículo2022Flying chameleons: a new concept for minimum-deployment, multiple-target tracking dronesSENSORS
Artículo2022From perception to navigation in environments with persons: an indoor evaluation of the state of the artSENSORS
Artículo2022Improving tracking of trajectories through tracking rate regulation: application to UAVsSENSORS
Revisión2022Industry 4.0: a proposal of paradigm organization schemes from a systematic literature reviewSENSORS
Artículo2022Investigating a Dual-Channel Network in a Sustainable Closed-Loop Supply Chain Considering Energy Sources and Consumption TaxSENSORS
Artículo2022Kinematic effect on the navicular bone with the use of rearfoot varus wedgeSENSORS
Artículo2022Low-power transit time-based gas flow sensor with accuracy optimizationSENSORS
Artículo2022Multi-Unit Serial Polynomial Multiplier to Accelerate NTRU-Based Cryptographic Schemes in IoT Embedded Systems.SENSORS
Artículo2022Optimisation of maintenance policies based on right-censored failure data using a semi-Markovian approachSENSORS
Artículo2022Portable electronic nose based on digital and analog chemical sensors for 2,4,6-trichloroanisole discriminationSENSORS
Revisión2022Potential of near-infrared spectroscopy for the determination of olive oil qualitySENSORS
Artículo2022Study of ionization charge density-induced gain suppression in LGADsSENSORS
Artículo2022Total design in the design and development process of a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) with particular consideration of sensorizationSENSORS
Artículo2021A Bidirectional Versatile Buck-Boost Converter Driver for Electric Vehicle ApplicationsSENSORS
Artículo2021A bivariate volterra series model for the design of power amplifier digital predistortersSENSORS
Artículo2021A case-control study of the effects of chronic low back pain in spatiotemporal gait parametersSENSORS
Artículo2021A deep-learning based posture detection system for preventing telework-related musculoskeletal disordersSENSORS
Artículo2021A dimensional comparison between evolutionary algorithm and deep reinforcement learning methodologies for autonomous surface vehicles with water quality sensorsSENSORS
Artículo2021A low-cost non-intrusive method for in-field motor speed measurement based on a smartphoneSENSORS
Artículo2021A low-resources TDC for multi-channel direct ToF readout based on a 28-nm FPGASENSORS
Artículo2021A multimodal approach to improve performance evaluation of call center agentSENSORS
Artículo2021A sequential inspection procedure for fault detection in multistage manufacturing processesSENSORS
Artículo2021A track geometry measuring system based on multibody kinematics, inertial sensors and computer visionSENSORS
Artículo2021An assessment of balance through posturography in healthy about women: an observational studySENSORS
Artículo2021Ankfall—Falls, falling risks and daily-life activities dataset with an ankle-placed accelerometer and training using recurrent neural networksSENSORS
Artículo2021Assessment of selected spatio-temporal gait parameters on subjects with pronated foot posture on the basis of measurements using OptoGait. A case-control study.SENSORS
Artículo2021Autonomous UAV system for cleaning insulators in power line inspection and maintenanceSENSORS
Artículo2021Comparison of feature selection techniques for power amplifier behavioral modeling and digital predistortion linearizationSENSORS
Artículo2021Controlling a mouse pointer with a single-channel EEG sensorSENSORS
Artículo2021Cyber-physical system for environmental monitoring based on deep learningSENSORS
Artículo2021Design and validation of a device attached to a conventional bicycle to measure the three-dimensional forces applied to a pedalSENSORS
Artículo2021Detecting attention levels in adhd children with a video game and the measurement of brain activity with a single-channel bci headsetSENSORS
Artículo2021Experimental FIA methodology using clock and control signal modifications under power supply and temperature variationsSENSORS
Artículo2021Framework for the development of affective and smart manufacturing systems using sensorised surrogate modelsSENSORS
Artículo2021High-temperature monitoring in central receiver concentrating solar power plants with femtosecond-laser inscribed FBGSENSORS
Artículo2021Instantaneous disturbance index for power distribution networksSENSORS
Artículo2021Localization system for lightweight unmanned aerial vehicles in inspection tasksSENSORS
Artículo2021Model of a device‐level combined wireless network based on NB-IoT and IEEE 802.15.4 standards for low‐power applications in a diverse IoT frameworkSENSORS
Artículo2021Non-invasive method to detect infection with mycobacterium tuberculosis complex in wild boar by measurement of volatile organic compounds obtained from feces with an electronic nose systemSENSORS
Artículo2021OpenADR and agreement audit architecture for a complete cycle of a flexibility solutionSENSORS
Artículo2021Optimized design of neural networks for a river water level prediction systemSENSORS
Artículo2021Performance evaluation of deep learning-based prostate cancer screening methods in histopathological images: measuring the impact of the model’s complexity on its processing speedSENSORS
Artículo2021Secure combination of IoT and blockchain by physically binding IoT devices to smart non-fungible tokens using PUFs.SENSORS
Artículo2021Secured perimeter with electromagnetic detection and tracking with drone embedded and static camerasSENSORS
Artículo2021Soft-tentacle gripper for pipe crawling to inspect industrial facilities using UAVsSENSORS
Artículo2021Study of forward and backward modes in double-sided dielectric-filled corrugated waveguidesSENSORS
Artículo2021Study of the distortion of the indirect angular measurements of the calcaneus due to perspective: in vitro testingSENSORS
Artículo2021The maximum flywheel load: a novel index to monitor loading intensity of flywheel devicesSENSORS
Artículo2021Upgrading behavioral models for the design of digital predistortersSENSORS
Artículo2021Use of plantar pressure sensors to take weight‐bearing foot castsSENSORS
Artículo2021Wildlife monitoring on the edge: a performance evaluation of embedded neural networks on microcontrollers for animal behavior classification.SENSORS
Artículo20203D-printed sensors and actuators in cell culture and tissue engineering: framework and research challengesSENSORS
Artículo2020A comparison of local path planning techniques of autonomous surface vehicles for monitoring applications: The Ypacarai lake case-studySENSORS
Artículo2020A Weigh-in-Motion Characterization Algorithm for Smart Pavements Based on Conductive Cementitious MaterialsSENSORS
Artículo2020ADAPTS: an intelligent sustainable conceptual framework for engineering projectsSENSORS
Artículo2020Agent productivity modeling in a call center domain using attentive convolutional neural networksSENSORS
Artículo2020An efficient distributed area division method for cooperative monitoring applications with multiple uavsSENSORS
Artículo2020Analysis of the Functionality of the Feed Chain in Olive Pitting, Slicing and Stuffing Machines by IoT, Computer Vision and Neural Network DiagnosisSENSORS
Artículo2020Application and experimental validation of a multibody model with weakly coupled lateral and vertical dynamics to a scaled railway vehicleSENSORS
Artículo2020Assessing the best gap-filling technique for river stage data suitable for low capacity processors and real-time application using IoTSENSORS
Artículo2020Blockchain from the perspective of privacy and anonymisation: a systematic literature reviewSENSORS
Artículo2020Breaking trivium stream cipher implemented in ASIC using experimental attacks and DFASENSORS
Artículo2020Chaotic image encryption using hopfield and hindmarsh–rose neurons implemented on FPGASENSORS
Artículo2020Characterization and differentiation between olive varieties through electrical impedance spectroscopy, neural networks and iotSENSORS
Artículo2020Characterization and monitoring of titanium bone implants with impedance spectroscopySENSORS
Artículo2020Effects of Novel Inverted Rocker Orthoses for First Metatarsophalangeal Joint on Gastrocnemius Muscle Electromyographic Activity during Running: A Cross-Sectional Pilot StudySENSORS
Artículo2020EGNOS 1046 Maritime Service AssessmentSENSORS
Artículo2020Electrical modeling of the growth and differentiation of skeletal myoblasts cell cultures for tissue engineeringSENSORS
Revisión2020Electrochemical Biosensors Based on Membrane-Bound Enzymes in Biomimetic ConfigurationsSENSORS
Artículo2020Energy-efficient uavs deployment for qos-guaranteed vowifi serviceSENSORS
Artículo2020Event-based gesture recognition through a hierarchy of time-surfaces for FPGASENSORS
Revisión2020Feedback design in targeted exercise digital biofeedback systems for home rehabilitation: a scoping reviewSENSORS
Artículo2020Flexibility services based on OpenADR protocol for DSO levelSENSORS
Artículo2020Fully-actuated aerial manipulator for infrastructure contact inspection: Design, modeling, localization, and controlSENSORS
Artículo2020Influence of Strength Level on the Acute Post-Activation Performance Enhancement Following Flywheel and Free Weight Resistance TrainingSENSORS
Artículo2020Lessons Learned about the Design and Active Characterization of On-Body Antennas in the 2.4 GHz Frequency BandSENSORS
Artículo2020Monitoring of processing conditions of an ultrasonic vibration-assisted ball-burnishing processSENSORS
Artículo2020Prediction of Satellite Shadowing in Smart Cities with Application to IoTSENSORS
Artículo2020Proposal of the CAD System for Melanoma Detection Using Reconfigurable ComputingSENSORS
Artículo2020Real-time wireless platform for in vivo monitoring of bone regenerationSENSORS
Revisión2020Sensor technologies to manage the physiological traits of chronic pain: A reviewSENSORS
Artículo2020Smart Bioimpedance Spectroscopy Device for Body Composition EstimationSENSORS
Editorial2020Special Issue "Body Sensors Networks for E-Health Applications"SENSORS
Artículo2020Spectral analysis of electricity demand using hilbert–huang transformSENSORS
Artículo2020The validity and reliability of a new simple instrument for the measurement of first ray mobilitySENSORS
Artículo20192D Triangulation of Signals Source by Pole-Polar Geometric ModelsSENSORS
Artículo2019A distributed approach for estimating battery state-of-charge in solar farmsSENSORS
Artículo2019A Precise and GNSS-Free Landing System on Moving Platforms for Rotary-Wing UAVsSENSORS
Artículo2019A robust localization system for inspection robots in sewer networksSENSORS
Artículo2019Autonomous 3D exploration of large structures using an UAV equipped with a 2D LIDARSENSORS
Artículo2019Data fusion based on subspace decomposition for distributed state estimation in multi-hop networksSENSORS
Artículo2019Data-analytics modeling of electrical impedance measurements for cell culture monitoringSENSORS
Artículo2019Efficient Lazy Theta Path Planning over a Sparse Grid to Explore Large 3D Volumes with a Multirotor UAVSENSORS
Artículo2019Extracellular Electrophysiology in the Prostate Cancer Cell Model PC-3SENSORS
Artículo2019Heterogeneous LoRa-based wireless multimedia sensor network multiprocessor platform for environmental monitoringSENSORS
Artículo2019Iterl: A wireless adaptive system for efficient road lightingSENSORS
Artículo2019Low-Cost Three-Dimensional Modeling of Crop PlantsSENSORS
Artículo2019Monitoring and fault location sensor network for underground distribution linesSENSORS
Artículo2019Novel Aerial Manipulator for Accurate and Robust Industrial NDT Contact Inspection: A New Tool for the Oil and Gas Inspection IndustrySENSORS
Revisión2019Precision agriculture techniques and practices: from considerations to applicationsSENSORS
Artículo2019Robotic System for Inspection by Contact of Bridge Beams Using UAVsSENSORS
Artículo2019Sensor-Assisted Weighted Average Ensemble Model for Detecting Major Depressive DisorderSENSORS
Artículo2019Single-Board-Computer Clusters for Cloudlet Computing in Internet of ThingsSENSORS
Artículo2019Ultrasonography Features of the Plantar Fascia Complex in Patients with Chronic Non-Insertional Achilles Tendinopathy: A Case-Control StudySENSORS
Artículo2019Wearable fall detector using recurrent neural networksSENSORS
Artículo2018A PUF- and biometric-based lightweight hardware solution to increase security at sensor nodesSENSORS
Artículo2018An empirical-mathematical approach for calibration and fitting cell-electrode electrical models in bioimpedance testsSENSORS
Artículo2018Analytical Method to Estimate the Complex Permittivity of Oil SamplesSENSORS
Artículo2018Assessment of the Accuracy of a Multi-Beam LED Scanner Sensor for Measuring Olive CanopiesSENSORS
Artículo2018Compact Embedded Wireless Sensor-Based Monitoring of Concrete CuringSENSORS
Artículo2018Decentralized 3D collision avoidance for multiple UAVs in outdoor environmentsSENSORS
Artículo2018Dissimilarity Metric Based on Local Neighboring Information and Genetic Programming for Data Dissemination in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANETs)SENSORS
Artículo2018Estimation of Total Phenols, Flavanols and Extractability of Phenolic Compounds in Grape Seeds Using Vibrational Spectroscopy and Chemometric ToolsSENSORS
Artículo2018Evaluation of over-the-row harvester damage in a super-high-density olive orchard using on-board sensing techniquesSENSORS
Artículo2018Improving classification algorithms by considering score series in wireless acoustic sensor networksSENSORS
Artículo2018Optimal representation of anuran call spectrum in environmental monitoring systems using wireless sensor networksSENSORS
Artículo2018Passive RFID-based inventory of traffic signs on roads and urban environmentsSENSORS
Artículo2018Real-time processing library for open-source hardware biomedical sensorsSENSORS
Artículo2018Remote cell growth sensing using self-sustained bio-oscillationsSENSORS
Artículo2018Smart Vest for Respiratory Rate Monitoring of COPD Patients Based on Non-Contact Capacitive SensingSENSORS
Revisión2018Technology-Based Feedback and Its Efficacy in Improving Gait Parameters in Patients with Abnormal Gait: A Systematic ReviewSENSORS
Artículo2018Trusted cameras on mobile devices based on SRAM physically unclonable functionsSENSORS
Artículo2018VLSI Design of Trusted Virtual SensorsSENSORS
Artículo2017A wearable wireless sensor network for indoor smart environment monitoring in safety applicationsSENSORS
Artículo2017Characterizing computer access using a one-channel EEG wireless sensorSENSORS
Artículo2017Coastal Areas Division and Coverage with Multiple UAVs for Remote SensingSENSORS
Artículo2017Compensation of PVT Variations in ToF Imagers with In-Pixel TDCSENSORS
Artículo2017Detection, Location and Grasping Objects Using a Stereo Sensor on UAV in Outdoor EnvironmentsSENSORS
Artículo2017Off the Shelf Cloud Robotics for the Smart Home: Empowering a Wireless Robot through Cloud ComputingSENSORS
Artículo2017Optical gas sensing of ammonia and amines based on protonated porphyrin/TiO2 composite thin filmsSENSORS
Artículo2017Optical Sensing to Determine Tomato Plant Spacing for Precise Agrochemical Application: Two ScenariosSENSORS
Artículo2017Real-time electrical bioimpedance characterization of neointimal tissue for stent applicationsSENSORS
Artículo2017Robot-Beacon Distributed Range-Only SLAM for Resource-Constrained OperationSENSORS
Artículo2017Small UAS-Based Wind Feature Identification System Part 1: Integration and ValidationSENSORS
Artículo2016A Compact Forearm Crutch Based on Force Sensors for Aided Gait: Reliability and ValiditySENSORS
Artículo2016Evaluation of MPEG-7-based audio descriptors for animal voice recognition over wireless acoustic sensor networksSENSORS
Artículo2016Extracting Objects for Aerial Manipulation on UAVs Using Low Cost Stereo SensorsSENSORS
Artículo2015An Approach to Precise Nitrogen Management Using Hand-Held Crop Sensor Measurements and Winter Wheat Yield Mapping in a Mediterranean EnvironmentSENSORS
Artículo2015Analysis of android device-based solutions for fall detectionSENSORS
Artículo2015Design and Implementation of a Prototype with a Standardized Interface for Transducers in Ambient Assisted LivingSENSORS
Artículo2015Development of a Telemetry and Yield-Mapping System of Olive HarvesterSENSORS
Artículo2015Dynamic Reconfiguration of Security Policies in Wireless Sensor NetworksSENSORS
Artículo2015Low energy physical activity recognition system on smartphonesSENSORS
Artículo2015Role of edge inclination in an optical microdisk resonator for label-free sensingSENSORS
Artículo2015Testing Accuracy of Long-Range Ultrasonic Sensors for Olive Tree Canopy MeasurementsSENSORS
Artículo2014Active Optical Sensors for Tree Stem Detection and Classification in NurseriesSENSORS
Artículo2014An Adaptive Scheme for Robot Localization and Mapping with Dynamically Configurable Inter-Beacon Range MeasurementsSENSORS
Artículo2014Comparison and characterization of android-based fall detection systemsSENSORS
Artículo2014Design and Implementation of a Smart Sensor for Respiratory Rate MonitoringSENSORS
Artículo2014Focal-Plane Sensing-Processing: A Power-Efficient Approach for the Implementation of Privacy-Aware Networked Visual SensorsSENSORS
Artículo2014On the capability of smartphones to perform as communication gateways in medical wireless personal area networksSENSORS
Artículo2014Wi-Fi and Satellite-Based Location Techniques for Intelligent Agricultural Machinery Controlled by a Human OperatorSENSORS
Artículo2013A New Blondin System for Surveying and PhotogrammetrySENSORS
Artículo2013An automatic weighting system for wild animals based in an artificial neural network: how to weigh wild animals without causing stressSENSORS
Artículo2013Design of a Soil Cutting Resistance Sensor for Application in Site-Specific TillageSENSORS
Artículo2013Development and Evaluation of a Combined Cultivator and Band Sprayer with a Row-Centering RTK-GPS Guidance SystemSENSORS
Artículo2013Five years of designing wireless sensor networks in the Doñana Biological Reserve (Spain): an applications approachSENSORS
Artículo2013Improving Electronic Sensor Reliability by Robust Outlier ScreeningSENSORS
Artículo2013Neuro-Inspired Spike-Based Motion: From Dynamic Vision Sensor to Robot Motor Open-Loop Control through Spike-VITESENSORS
Artículo2012A neuro-inspired spike-based PID motor controller for multi-motor robots with low cost FPGAsSENSORS
Artículo2012A WSN-Based Tool for Urban and Industrial Fire-FightingSENSORS
Artículo2012Virtual Sensors for Designing Irrigation Controllers in GreenhousesSENSORS
Artículo2011An Integrated Testbed for Cooperative Perception with Heterogeneous Mobile and Static SensorsSENSORS
Artículo2011Automatic Forest-Fire Measuring Using Ground Stations and Unmanned Aerial SystemsSENSORS
Artículo2010Decentralized Sensor Fusion for Ubiquitous Networking Robotics in Urban AreasSENSORS
Artículo2010Virtual Sensor for Failure Detection, Identification and Recovery in the Transition Phase of a Morphing AircraftSENSORS
Artículo2009A Robust Head Tracking System Based on Monocular Vision and Planar TemplatesSENSORS
Artículo2009Multi-Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Cooperative Fault Detection Employing Differential Global Positioning (DGPS), Inertial and Vision SensorsSENSORS