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Arturo Morales Barroso

Profesor Sustituto Interino
Área de conocimiento: Química Orgánica
Departamento: Química Orgánica y Farmaceútica
Grupo: Sin Grupo
Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2018 Quantitative determination of major oxidation products in edible oils by direct NP-HPLC-DAD analysis JOURNAL OF CHROMATOGRAPHY A
Artículo2016 Inhibition of Hydroperoxy-, Keto- and Hydroxy-FAME by Alpha- and Delta-Tocopherol at Rancimat Conditions JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN OIL CHEMISTS SOCIETY
Artículo2015 Effect of temperature on the oxidation of soybean biodiesel GRASAS Y ACEITES
Artículo2015 New Analytical Evidence of Discontinuous Oxidation in Dried Microencapsulated Lipids JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN OIL CHEMISTS SOCIETY
Artículo2014 Formation of oxidation products in edible vegetable oils analyzed as FAME derivatives by HPLC-UV-ELSD FOOD RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2013 Spatio-temporal patterns of chlorophyll fluorescence and physiological and structural indices acquired from hyperspectral imagery as compared with carbon fluxes measured with eddy covariance REMOTE SENSING OF ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2012 Effects of water supply on carbon and water exchange of olive trees EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF AGRONOMY
Artículo2012 Evaporative light scattering detector in normal-phase high-performance liquid chromatography determination of FAME oxidation products JOURNAL OF CHROMATOGRAPHY A
Artículo2012 Formation of Hydroperoxy-, Keto- and Hydroxy-Dienes in FAME from Oils: Influence of Temperature and Addition of alpha-Tocopherol JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN OIL CHEMISTS SOCIETY
Artículo2012 Influence of fatty acid composition on chemical changes in blends of sunflower oils during thermoxidation and frying FOOD CHEMISTRY
Artículo2012 Quantitative analysis of hydroperoxy-, keto- and hydroxy-dienes in refined vegetable oils JOURNAL OF CHROMATOGRAPHY A
Revisión2010 Action and fate of natural and synthetic antioxidants during frying GRASAS Y ACEITES
Artículo2010 Headspace solid-phase microextraction of oil matrices heated at high temperature and phthalate esters determination by gas chromatography multistage mass spectrometry TALANTA
Artículo2010 Quantitation of Hydroperoxy-, Keto- and Hydroxy-Dienes During Oxidation of FAMEs from High-Linoleic and High-Oleic Sunflower Oils JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN OIL CHEMISTS SOCIETY
Artículo2009 Relationship between changes in peroxide value and conjugated dienes during oxidation of sunflower oils with different degree of unsaturation GRASAS Y ACEITES

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