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Publicaciones en la fuente Discrete Mathematics

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2021Regular graphs of girth 5 from elliptic semiplanes of type CDiscrete Mathematics
Artículo2021The Schur degree of additive setsDiscrete Mathematics
Artículo2020Refining invariants for computing autotopism groups of partial Latin rectanglesDiscrete Mathematics
Artículo2019Improving bounds on the order of regular graphs of girth 5Discrete Mathematics
Artículo2018Equation-regular sets and the Fox-Kleitman conjectureDiscrete Mathematics
Artículo2017New small regular graphs of girth 5Discrete Mathematics
Artículo2017On the finiteness of some n-color Rado numbersDiscrete Mathematics
Artículo2017Partial Latin rectangle graphs and autoparatopism groups of partial Latin rectangles with trivial autotopism groupsDiscrete Mathematics
Artículo2016Polynomial graph invariants from homomorphism numbersDiscrete Mathematics
Artículo2013The Menger number of the strong product of graphsDiscrete Mathematics
Artículo2013The set of autotopisms of partial Latin squaresDiscrete Mathematics
Artículo2010Outer-embeddability in certain pseudosurfaces arising from three spheresDiscrete Mathematics
Artículo2008Connectivity measures in matched sum graphsDiscrete Mathematics
Artículo2008Diameter-girth sufficient conditions for optimal extraconnectivity in graphsDiscrete Mathematics
Artículo2008On the girth of extremal graphs without shortest cyclesDiscrete Mathematics
Artículo2008On the order of ({r, m}; g)-cages of even girthDiscrete Mathematics
Artículo2007Connectivity of graphs with given girth pairDiscrete Mathematics
Artículo2007Counterexample to a conjecture of Gyori on C-2l-free bipartite graphsDiscrete Mathematics
Artículo2007Graphs without minor complete subgraphsDiscrete Mathematics
Artículo2007New exact values of the maximum size of graphs free of topological complete subgraphsDiscrete Mathematics
Artículo2007New results on the Zarankiewicz problemDiscrete Mathematics
Artículo2007On the restricted connectivity and superconnectivity in graphs with given girthDiscrete Mathematics
Artículo2005Rebuilding convex sets in graphsDiscrete Mathematics
Artículo2004Cooperative games on antimatroidsDiscrete Mathematics
Artículo2004Edge-connectivity in P-k-path graphsDiscrete Mathematics
Artículo2003Locally grid graphs: classification and Tutte uniquenessDiscrete Mathematics
Artículo2002Diagonal flips in outer-triangulations on closed surfacesDiscrete Mathematics
Artículo2002Specializations of MacMahon symmetric functions and the polynomial algebraDiscrete Mathematics
Artículo2001Miscellaneous properties of embeddings of line, total and middle graphsDiscrete Mathematics
Artículo2000Diagonal flips in outer-Klein-bottle triangulationsDiscrete Mathematics
Artículo2000Diagonal flips in outer-torus triangulationsDiscrete Mathematics
Artículo2000The selectope for games with partial cooperationDiscrete Mathematics
Artículo1999On the connectivity of infinite graphs and 2-complexesDiscrete Mathematics
Artículo1996The center of an infinite graphDiscrete Mathematics
Artículo1992Embedding of a separable locally pseudoconvex algebra into a locally pseudoconvex algebra with 2 generatorsDiscrete Mathematics