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Artículo2023Analysis of the influence of the angular position of the cleat in kinematics and kineticsAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2023Dry Needling versus Diacutaneous Fibrolysis for the Treatment of the Mechanical Properties of the Teres Major Muscle: A Randomized Clinical TrialAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2023Effect of Cohesive Properties on Low-Velocity Impact Simulations of Woven Composite ShellsAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2023Evaluation of YOLO Object Detectors for Weed Detection in Different Turfgrass ScenariosAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2023Extending the Thermal Comfort Band in Residential Buildings: A Strategy towards a Less Energy-Intensive SocietyAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2023Hygro-Thermo-Mechanical Analysis of Brick Masonry Walls Subjected to Environmental ActionsAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2023Increased Tone and Stiffness of the Teres Major Muscle in Elite Handball Athletes: A Cross-Sectional StudyAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2023Innovative tool to determine radiative heat transfer inside spherical segmentsAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2023Integrative assessment of sediment quality in the São Francisco river (Mina Gerais, Brazil)APPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2023Inter-rater variability in the evaluation of lung ultrasound in videos acquired from COVID-19 patientsAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2023Online Adaptive Set of Virtual Voltage Vectors for Stator Current Regulation of a Six-Phase Induction Machine Using Finite State Model Predictive ControllersAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2023Post-quantum biometric authentication based on homomorphic encryption and classic McElieceAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2023Preparation of Nanoemulgels Containing Lemon Essential Oil and Pectin: Physical Stability and Rheological PropertiesAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Revisión2023Prevalence of root canal treatments among diabetic patients: systematic review and meta-analysisAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2023Recycling bio-based wastes into road-base binder: mechanical, leaching, and radiological implicationsAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2023Relationship between HLB number and predominant destabilization process in microfluidized nanoemulsions formulated with lemon essential oilAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Editorial2023Special issue “Fighting COVID-19: emerging techniques and aid systems for prevention, forecasting and diagnosis”APPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Editorial2023Special Issue on Electric Power ApplicationsAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2023Techno-Economic Assessment of an Innovative Small-Scale Solar-Biomass Hybrid Power PlantAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2023Technology-enhanced learning in health sciences: improving the motivation and performance of medical students with immersive realityAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2023The cyclic fatigue resistance of different lengths of CM gold wire and CM blue wire NiTi alloy endodontic rotary files: an in vitro studyAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Editorial2022Aerial Robotics for Inspection and Maintenance: Special Issue EditorialAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2022Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and apical periodontitis and other oral health variables: a case-control studyAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2022Clinical Outcomes of the Double Lateral Sliding Bridge Flap Technique with Simultaneous Connective Tissue Graft in Sextant V Recessions: Three-Year Follow-Up StudyAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2022Conducting Thermographic Inspections in Electrical Substations: A SurveyAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2022Directionally solidified cobalt-doped MgO-MgAl2O4 eutectic composites for selective emittersAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2022Does a previous segmentation improve the automatic detection of basal cell carcinoma using deep neural networks?APPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2022Dual-Boost Inverter for PV Microinverter Application-An Assessment of Control StrategiesAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2022Effect of particle size on compost analysis by portable X-ray fluorescenceAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2022Effects of sibling eggs contact on incubation length and hatching synchrony in red-legged partridge (alectoris rufa)APPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2022Energy Hybridization with Combined Heat and Power Technologies in Supercritical Water Gasification ProcessesAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2022Evaluation of a Vein Biometric Recognition System on an Ordinary SmartphoneAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2022Gamification in Engineering Education: The Use of Classcraft Platform to Improve Motivation and Academic PerformanceAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2022Gate-level hardware countermeasure comparison against power analysis attacksAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2022Hardware countermeasures benchmarking against fault attacksAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2022Identification of reference buildings in Mediterranean countries: the HAPPEN project approachAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2022Long-term sustainability of marble waste sludge in reducing soil acidity and heavy metal release in a contaminated mine technosolAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2022Measurement of the Speed of Induction Motors Based on Vibration with a SmartphoneAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2022Methodology to evaluate the state of conservation of historical plasterwork and its polychrome to promote its conservationAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2022Mixed-Layer Illite-Smectite Illitization under Supercritical CO2 ConditionsAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2022MOMIC: A multi-omics pipeline for data analysis, integration and interpretationAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2022On the detection capabilities of signature-based intrusion detection systems in the context of web attacksAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2022Optimizing the layout of run-of-river powerplants using cubic hermite splines and genetic algorithmsAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Editorial2022Passive planar microwave devicesAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2022Potential of energy savings in the public housing stock of Comunitat Valenciana region by applying the MedZEB cost-optimal methodologyAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2022Release of sterile mosquitoes with drones in urban and rural environments under the European drone regulationAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2022Thermal resilience of citizens: comparison between thermal sensation and objective estimation in outdoor spaces: a case study in Seville, SpainAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2022Towards the achievement of the sustainable development goals through engineering training for labor market reintegration of older workersAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2022Use of Low-Cost Devices for the Control and Monitoring of CO2 Concentration in Existing Buildings after the COVID EraAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2021Adaptative cover to achieve thermal comfort in open spaces of buildings: experimental assessment and modellingAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2021Aerial robotic solution for detailed inspection of viaductsAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2021An android and arduino based low-cost educational robot with applied intelligent control and machine learningAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2021Analyzing the Scientific Evolution of the Sustainable Development GoalsAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2021Anthropometric profile assessed by bioimpedance and anthropometry measures of male and female rugby players competing in the Spanish national leagueAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2021Anthropometric profiles in table tennis players: analysis of sex, age, and rankingAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2021Bio-inspired morphing tail for flapping-wings aerial robots using macro fiber compositesAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2021Biomechanics of trail running performance: quantification of spatio-temporal parameters by using low cost sensors in ecological conditionsAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2021Cartesian aerial manipulator with compliant armAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2021Cytochrome cM is probably a membrane protein similar to the C subunit of the bacterial nitric oxide reductaseAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2021Does two-class training extract real features? A COVID-19 case studyAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2021Dynamics of Changes in Climate Zones and Building Energy Demand. A Case Study in SpainAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2021Effectiveness of silicon platelet-rich fibrin and autologous bone on bone regeneration in rabbit calvarian defects: a radiological and histological studyAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2021Efficient reduction in the annual investment costs in ac distribution networks via optimal integration of solar pv sources using the newton metaheuristic algorithmAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2021Energy-efficient amplifiers based on quasi-floating gate techniquesAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2021Energy-efficient envelope design for apartment blocks-case study of a residential building in SpainAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2021Evolutionary 3D image segmentation of curve epithelial tissues of drosophila melanogasterAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2021Evolutionary analysis of the acoustics of the baroque church of San Luis de los Franceses (Seville)APPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Revisión2021Fiber bragg grating-based optical signal processing: Review and surveyAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2021Holonic reengineering to foster sustainable cyber-physical systems design in cognitive manufacturingAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Revisión2021HVdc circuit breakers: prospects and challengesAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2021Identification of a Human-Structure Interaction Model on an Ultra-Lightweight FRP FootbridgeAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2021Impact on the quality of life and physiological parameters in patients with diabetes mellitusAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2021Indoor environmental quality evaluation strategy as an upgrade (renovation) measure in a historic building located in the Mediterranean zone (Athens, Greece)APPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2021Influence of sex and acute beetroot juice supplementation on 2 km running performanceAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2021Installation of clip-type bird flight diverters on high-voltage power lines with aerial manipulation robot: prototype and testbed experimentationAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2021Mixed, augmented and virtual, reality applied to the teaching of mathematics for architectsAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2021Multi-criteria parametric verifications for stability diagnosis of rammed-earth historic urban ramparts working as retaining wallsAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2021Optimal renovation strategies through life-cycle analysis in a pilot building located in a mild Mediterranean climateAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2021Organizational factors that drive to BIM effectiveness: technological learning, collaborative culture, and senior management supportAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2021Parametric analysis of the edge capacitance of uniform slots and application to frequency-variation permittivity sensorsAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2021Partial Daylight Autonomy (DAp): a new lighting dynamic metric to optimize the design of windows for seasonal use spacesAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2021Performance analysis of direct torque controllers in five-phase electrical drivesAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2021Photogrammetry (SfM) vs. Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS) for archaeological excavations: mosaic of Cantillana (Spain) as a case studyAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2021Real-time quantification of crude protein and neutral detergent fibre in pastures under montado ecosystem using the portable nir spectrometerAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Revisión2021Reinforcement learning and physicsAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2021Reliability and agreement of three devices for measuring implant stability quotient in the animal ex vivo modelAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2021Robustness of PET radiomics features: Impact of co-registration with MRIAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2021Safe local aerial manipulation for the installation of devices on power lines: aerial-core first year results and designsAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2021Short-term power forecasting framework for microgrids using combined baseline and regression modelsAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2021Sustaining rice production through biofertilization with N2-fixing cyanobacteriaAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2021The enhanced naturally occurring radioactivity of negative ion clothing and attendant riskAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2021The radioactivity of thorium incandescent gas lantern mantlesAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2021The role of metal ions in the electron transport through azurin-based junctionsAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2021Thermogravimetry applicability in compost and composting research: a reviewAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2021Unmanned aerial traffic management system architecture for u-space in-flight servicesAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2021Use of bioceramics enhanced with effective microorganisms as an additive for construction. Study of physical and mechanical properties in cement mortars and gypsum plastersAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2021Use of deep learning architectures for day-ahead electricity price forecasting over different time periods in the Spanish electricity marketAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2021Use of granulated rubber tyre waste as lightweight backfill material for retaining wallsAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2021Weighting with life cycle assessment and cradle to cradle: a methodology for global sustainability designAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2021Workspace analysis of a mobile manipulator with obstacle avoidance in 3D printing tasksAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2020A bio-inspired manipulator with claw prototype for winged aerial robots: Benchmark for design and controlAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2020A multi-terminal HVdc grid topology proposal for offshore wind farmsAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2020A proposal of physical performance tests adapted as home workout options during the COVID-19 pandemicAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2020Acute effects of whole-body vibration exercise on pain level, functionality, and rating of exertion of elderly obese knee osteoarthritis individuals: A randomized studyAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2020Aerial physical interaction in grabbing conditions with lightweight and compliant dual armsAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2020Aerobic exercise with superimposed virtual reality improves cognitive flexibility and selective attention in young malesAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2020An Ontology-Based Framework for Publishing and Exploiting Linked Open Data: A Use Case on Water Resources ManagementAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2020An overview of the origins and effectiveness of commercial fitness equipment and sectoral corporate settings: A critical review of literatureAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2020Analysis of energy consumption in different European cities: The adaptive comfort control implemented model (ACCIM) considering representative concentration pathways (RCP) scenariosAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2020Ancillary services offered by distributed renewable energy sources at the distribution grid level: An attempt at proper definition and quantificationAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2020Angular dependence of photonic crystal coupled to photovoltaic solar cellAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2020Ankle taping eectiveness for the decreasing dorsiflexion range of motion in elite soccer and basketball players U18 in a single training session: A cross-sectional pilot studyAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2020Assessment of the lateral vibration serviceability limit state of slender footbridges including the postlock-in behaviourAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2020Augmented and virtual reality evolution and future tendencyAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2020Behavior and performance of bim users in a collaborative work environmentAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2020BIM approach to modeling a sports pavilion for university useAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Revisión2020Cellulose Nanofibers and Other Biopolymers for Biomedical Applications. A ReviewAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2020Computer-aided design and kinematic simulation of huygens's pendulum clockAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2020COVID-XNet: a custom deep learning system to diagnose and locate COVID-19 in chest x-ray imagesAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2020Deep learning system for COVID-19 diagnosis aid using X-ray pulmonary imagesAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2020Deposition of CAP/antioxidants systems on silica particles using the supercritical antisolvent processAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2020Director tools for autonomous media production with a team of dronesAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2020Dispersion analysis of periodically loaded transmission lines with twist symmetry using the mode-matching techniqueAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2020Effect of the combined intervention with passive whole-body vibration and auriculotherapy on the quality of life of individuals with knee osteoarthritis assessed by the whoqol-bref: A multi-arm clinical trialAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2020Effect of whole-body vibration on the functional responses of the patients with knee osteoarthritis by the electromyographic profile of the vastus lateralis muscles during the five-repetition chair stand test: A randomized crossover trialAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2020Environmental comfort as a sustainable strategy for housing integration: the AURA 1.0 prototype for social housingAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2020Evaluation of Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) and Remote Sensing (RS) for Estimating Pasture Quality in Mediterranean Montado EcosystemAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2020Evaporative mist cooling as heat dissipation technique: experimental assessment and modellingAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2020Frequent microalgae in the fountains of the Alhambra and Generalife: identification and creation of a culture collectionAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2020HBIM as support of preventive conservation actions in heritage architecture. experience of the renaissance quadrant facade of the cathedral of sevilleAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2020Histomorphometric and clinical analysis of ridge preservation procedures in extraction sockets with buccal bone defects (>5mm) using an in situ hardening biphasic calcium phosphate (HA/β-TCP) graft and a bioresorbable matrix: A human study at 6 monthsAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2020Improving school transition spaces microclimate to make them liveable in warm climatesAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2020Influence of the improvement in thermal expectation levels with adaptive setpoint temperatures on energy consumptionAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2020Influence of three dental implant surfaces on cell viability and bone behavior. An in vitro and a histometric study in a rabbit modelAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2020Life cycle engineering 4.0: A proposal to conceive manufacturing systems for industry 4.0 centred on the human factor (DfHFinI4.0)APPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2020Motion-based design of passive damping systems to reduce wind-induced vibrations of stay cables under uncertainty conditionsAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2020Multilayered balanced dual-band bandpass filter based on magnetically coupled open-loop resonators with intrinsic common-mode rejectionAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2020Multiscale analysis of the influence of steel fiber reinforcement on the shear strength of post-tensioned dry jointsAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2020Potential of supercritical carbon dioxide power cycles to reduce the levelised cost of electricity of contemporary concentrated solar power plantsAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2020Private label and macroeconomic indexes: An artificial neural networks applicationAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2020Qom-A New Hydrologic Prediction Model Enhanced with Multi-Objective OptimizationAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Editorial2020Recent advancement of thermal fluid engineering in the supercritical CO2 power cycleAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2020Semantic mapping with low-density point-clouds for service robots in indoor environmentsAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Editorial2020Special issue on "biomaterials for bone tissue engineering"APPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2020Temporal convolutional networks applied to energy-related time series forecastingAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2020Ultrasound-guided percutaneous neuromodulation in patients with unilateral anterior knee pain: A randomized clinical trialAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2020Varnishes with biocidal activity: a new approach to protecting artworksAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2020Wave Propagation in periodic metallic structures with equilateral triangular holesAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2020Winged aerial manipulation robot with dual arm and tailAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2019A fuzzy-based holistic approach for supply chain risk assessment and aggregation considering risk interdependenciesAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Revisión2019A Review of the Use of Artificial Neural Network Models for Energy and Reliability Prediction. A Study of the Solar PV, Hydraulic and Wind Energy SourcesAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2019Applying Renewable Energy Technologies in an Integrated Optimization Method for Residential Building's DesignAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Revisión2019Continuum modeling and simulation in bone tissue engineeringAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2019CyberSPL: A framework for the verification of cybersecurity policy compliance of system configurations using software product linesAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2019Design of the Refurbishment of Historic Buildings with a Cost-Optimal Methodology: A Case StudyAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2019Design optimization of the aeronautical sheet hydroforming process using the Taguchi methodAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2019Developing project managers' transversal competences using building information modelingAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2019Effect of Vinyl Flooring on the Modal Properties of a Steel FootbridgeAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Revisión2019Emotion AI-driven sentiment analysis: A survey, future research directions, and open issuesAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2019Haptic hybrid prototyping (HHP): An AR application for texture evaluation with semantic content in product designAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2019Influence of climate conditions on deficiencies of building roofsAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2019Integrative neuromuscular training in young athletes, injury prevention, and performance optimization: A systematic reviewAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2019Multiscale characterisation of cortical bone tissueAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2019Porous Titanium for Biomedical Applications: Evaluation of the Conventional Powder Metallurgy Frontier and Space-Holder TechniqueAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2019Smart footwear insole for recognition of foot pronation and supination using neural networksAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2019The Motivation of Technological Scenarios in Augmented Reality (AR): Results of Different ExperimentsAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2018Biomass District Heating Systems Based on Agriculture ResiduesAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2018Business Process Configuration According to Data Dependency SpecificationAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Artículo2018Influence of Thickness and Lateral Size of Graphene Nanoplatelets on Water Uptake in Epoxy/Graphene NanocompositesAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL