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Publicaciones en la fuente FOOD AND BIOPRODUCTS PROCESSING

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2021Scale-up and optimization of the spray drying conditions for the development of functional microparticles based on chia oilFOOD AND BIOPRODUCTS PROCESSING
Artículo2020Composites from by-products of the food industry for the development of superabsorbent biomaterialsFOOD AND BIOPRODUCTS PROCESSING
Artículo2020Deep eutectic solvents improve the biorefinery of alperujo by extraction of bioactive molecules in combination with industrial thermal treatmentsFOOD AND BIOPRODUCTS PROCESSING
Artículo2020Effect of ultrasound pretreatment and sequential hydrolysis on the production of Tenebrio molitor antidiabetic peptidesFOOD AND BIOPRODUCTS PROCESSING
Artículo2017Development of thermally processed bioactive pea protein gels: Evaluation of mechanical and antioxidant propertiesFOOD AND BIOPRODUCTS PROCESSING
Artículo2017Rheological properties and antioxidant activity of protein gels-like systems made from crayfish concentrate and hydrolysatesFOOD AND BIOPRODUCTS PROCESSING
Artículo2016Characterization of pea protein-based bioplastics processed by injection mouldingFOOD AND BIOPRODUCTS PROCESSING
Artículo2015Effect of plasticizer and storage conditions on thermomechanical properties of albumen/tragacanth based bioplasticsFOOD AND BIOPRODUCTS PROCESSING
Artículo2014Effect of aldehydes on thermomechanical properties of gluten-based bioplasticsFOOD AND BIOPRODUCTS PROCESSING
Artículo2013Linear viscoelasticity characterization of egg albumen/glycerol blends with applications in material moulding processesFOOD AND BIOPRODUCTS PROCESSING