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Artículo2024Amplification of Supersonic Microjets by Resonant Inertial Cavitation-Bubble PairPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2024Boson sampling with ultracold atoms in a programmable optical latticePHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2024Certifying sets of quantum observables with any full-rank statePHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2024Digital-analog quantum computation with arbitrary two-body HamiltoniansPHYSICAL REVIEW RESEARCH
Artículo2024Eikonal calculation of (p,3p) cross sections for neutron-rich nucleiPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2024Elastic scattering and breakup reactions of the mirror nuclei B 12 and N 12 on Pb 208 using ab initio structure inputsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2024Elastic scattering of 8 B + nat Zr at the sub-barrier energy of 26.5 MeVPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2024Fate of Boltzmann's Breathers: Stokes Hypothesis and Anomalous ThermalizationPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2024Induced-charge electrophoresis of a tilted metal nanowire near an insulating wallPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2024Kinetic glass transition in granular gases and nonlinear molecular fluidsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2024Lifting noncontextuality inequalitiesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2024Long-distance entanglement sharing using hybrid states of discrete and continuous variablesPHYSICAL REVIEW APPLIED
Artículo2024Loophole-free Bell tests with randomly chosen subsets of measurement settingsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2024Magnetic switching of spin-scattering centers in Dresselhaus [110] circuitsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2024Mass, Spectroscopy, and Two-Neutron Decay of Be 16PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2024Measurement of the Ce 140 (n,γ) Cross Section at n_TOF and Its Astrophysical Implications for the Chemical Evolution of the UniversePHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2024New model comparison for semi-inclusive charged-current electron and muon neutrino scattering by Ar40 in the energy range of the MicroBooNE experimentPHYSICAL REVIEW D
Artículo2024Onset of collectivity for argon isotopes close to N=32PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2024Parametrized uncertainties in the spectral function model of neutrino charged-current quasielastic interactions for oscillation analysesPHYSICAL REVIEW D
Artículo2024Quantum ratchet with Lindblad rate equationsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2024Spatial quasiperiodic driving of a dissipative optical lattice and the origin of directed Brillouin modes in a randomly diffusing cold atom cloudPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2024Systematic optical potentials for reactions with cluster-structured nucleiPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2023Accelerating the heat diffusion: fast thermal relaxation of a microcantileverPHYSICAL REVIEW APPLIED
Artículo2023Active control of Alfvén eigenmodes by externally applied 3D magnetic perturbationsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2023Advancing the Ichimura-Austern-Vincent model with continuum-discretized coupled-channels wave functions for realistic descriptions of two-body projectile breakupPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2023At the borderline of shape coexistence: Mo and RuPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2023Beyond-mean-field description of octupolarity in dysprosium isotopes with the Gogny-D1M energy density functionalPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2023Brillouin propagation modes of cold atoms undergoing Sisyphus coolingPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2023Buckling in a rotationally invariant spin-elastic modelPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2023Chiral spin channels in curved graphene pn junctionsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2023Clustering effects in the Li 6 (p, He 3) He 4 reaction at astrophysical energiesPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2023Deterministic single-photon source in the ultrastrong-coupling regimePHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2023Discrete breathers in a mechanical metamaterialPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2023Dynamics of a silicone oil drop submerged in a stratified ethanol-water bathPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2023Effect of Epsilon-Near-Zero Modes on the Casimir Interaction between Ultrathin FilmsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Corrección2023Erratum: Measurement of the Ge 70 (n,γ) cross section up to 300 keV at the CERN n_TOF facility (Physical Review C (2019) 100 (045804) DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevC.100.045804)PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Corrección2023Erratum: Search for Cosmic-Ray Boosted Sub-GeV Dark Matter Using Recoil Protons at Super-Kamiokande [Phys. Rev. Lett. 130, 031802 (2023)PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2023Excited-state quantum phase transitions in the anharmonic Lipkin-Meshkov-Glick model: dynamical aspectsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2023Experimental test of high-dimensional quantum contextuality based on contextuality concentrationPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2023First measurement of muon neutrino charged-current interactions on hydrocarbon without pions in the final state using multiple detectors with correlated energy spectra at T2KPHYSICAL REVIEW D
Artículo2023Information in feedback ratchetsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2023Information-theoretical analysis of Dirac and nonrelativistic quantum oscillatorsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2023Insulating traveling-wave electrophoresisPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2023Least action description of dynamic pairing correlations in the fission of curium and californium isotopes based on the Gogny energy density functionalPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2023Measurement of the cosmogenic neutron yield in Super-Kamiokande with gadolinium loaded waterPHYSICAL REVIEW D
Artículo2023Measurement of the N 14 (n,p) C 14 cross section at the CERN n_TOF facility from subthermal energy to 800 keVPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2023Measurement of the neutron-induced fission cross section of Th 230 at the CERN n_TOF facilityPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2023Measurement of the Se 77 (n,γ) cross section up to 200 keV at the n_TOF facility at CERNPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2023Measurements of the νμ and ν ¯ μ -induced coherent charged pion production cross sections on C 12 by the T2K experimentPHYSICAL REVIEW D
Artículo2023Microscopic calculation of the pinning energy of a vortex in the inner crust of a neutron starPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2023Multiple mechanisms in proton-induced nucleon removal at ∼100 MeV/nucleonPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2023Neutron-induced fission cross sections of Th 232 and U 233 up to 1 GeV using parallel plate avalanche counters at the CERN n_TOF facilityPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2023Optimal and tight Bell inequalities for state-independent contextuality setsPHYSICAL REVIEW RESEARCH
Artículo2023Quantum contextuality provides communication complexity advantagePHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2023Quantum Emitter Formation Dynamics and Probing of Radiation-Induced Atomic Disorder in SiliconPHYSICAL REVIEW APPLIED
Artículo2023Quantum reinforcement learning in the presence of thermal dissipationPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2023Quantum thermometry with single molecules in nanoprobesPRX Quantum
Artículo2023Quasielastic scattering of Be 7 +natZr at sub- and near-barrier energiesPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2023Relaxation time as a control parameter for exploring dynamical phase diagramsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2023Search for cosmic-ray boosted sub-GeV dark matter using recoil protons at Super-KamiokandePHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2023Solitary wave billiardsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2023Standing and traveling waves in a model of periodically modulated one-dimensional waveguide arraysPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2023Superscaling in the resonance region for neutrino-nucleus scattering: The SuSAv2 dynamical coupled-channels modelPHYSICAL REVIEW D
Artículo2023Theory of the jets ejected after the inertial collapse of cavities with applications to bubble bursting jetsPhysical Review Fluids
Artículo2023Transfer reactions of exotic nuclei including core deformations: 11Be and 17CPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2023Understanding ice and water film formation on soil particles by combining density functional theory and Casimir-Lifshitz forcesPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2023Updated T2K measurements of muon neutrino and antineutrino disappearance using 3.6 x 10 21 protons on targetPHYSICAL REVIEW D
Artículo2022Adaptive random quantum eigensolverPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2022Anharmonicity-induced excited-state quantum phase transition in the symmetric phase of the two-dimensional limit of the vibron modelPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2022Assessing one-dimensional models for axisymmetric liquid columns through analysis of drop oscillationsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2022Bosonic indistinguishability-dependent contextualityPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2022Casimir Contribution to the Interfacial Hamiltonian for 3D Wetting.PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2022Chirality transitions in a system of active flat spinnersPHYSICAL REVIEW RESEARCH
Artículo2022Coherent description of elastic scattering and fusion at near-barrier energies for the Be 9 + Pb 208 and Be 9 + Au 197 reactionsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2022Consistent analysis of the B 11 + Sn 120 reaction channelsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2022Constraints on the dipole photon strength for the odd uranium isotopesPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2022Digital quantum simulation of an extended Agassi model: Using machine learning to disentangle its phase-diagramPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2022Effect of a soluble surfactant on the linear stability of two-phase flows in a finite-length channelPhysical Review Fluids
Artículo2022Effect of mixing the low-valence transition metal atoms Y = Co, Fe, Mn, Cr, V, Ti, or Sc on the properties of quaternary Heusler compounds Co2-xYx FeSi (0≤x≤1)PHYSICAL REVIEW MATERIALS
Artículo2022Elastic, inelastic, and one-neutron transfer angular distributions of Li 6 + Sn 120 at energies near the Coulomb barrierPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2022Electrically switchable Casimir forces using transparent conductive oxidesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2022Engineering Casimir interactions with epsilon-near-zero materialsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2022Excited-state quantum phase transitions in the anharmonic Lipkin-Meshkov-Glick model: Static aspectsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2022Exploring the halo character and dipole response in the dripline nucleus F 31PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2022Exponentially Decreasing Critical Detection Efficiency for Any Bell InequalityPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2022Final state interactions in semi-inclusive neutrino-nucleus scattering: Applications to the T2K and MINERνA experimentsPHYSICAL REVIEW D
Artículo2022Floquet solitons in square lattices: existence, stability, and dynamics.PHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2022Graph-theoretic approach for self-testing in Bell scenariosPRX Quantum
Artículo2022Irreducible magic sets for n -Qubit systemsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2022Kochen-Specker contextualityREVIEWS OF MODERN PHYSICS
Artículo2022Multichannel experimental and theoretical constraints for the Cd 116 (Ne 20, F 20) in 116 charge exchange reaction at 306 MeVPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2022Neutrino energy reconstruction from semi-inclusive samplesPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2022Observation of stochastic resonance in directed propagation of cold atomsPHYSICAL REVIEW RESEARCH
Artículo2022Pinch-off of liquid jets at the finite scale of an interfacePhysical Review Fluids
Artículo2022Radiative energy band gap of nanostructures coupled with quantum emitters around the epsilon-near-zero frequencyPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2022Role of dynamic pairing correlations in fission dynamics. II. Fermium and nobelium isotopesPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2022Role of liquid viscosity and of air entrapped on the splashing of drops impacting over superhydrophobic substratesPhysical Review Fluids
Artículo2022Ruling out real-valued standard formalism of quantum theoryPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2022Search for proton decay via p→μ+K0 in 0.37 megaton-years exposure of Super-KamiokandePHYSICAL REVIEW D
Artículo2022Simulating key properties of lithium-ion batteries with a fault-tolerant quantum computerPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2022Simultaneous description of β decay and low-lying structure of neutron-rich even- and odd-mass Rh and Pd nucleiPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2022SuSAv2 model for inelastic neutrino-nucleus scatteringPHYSICAL REVIEW D
Artículo2022Symmetry breaking of a parallel two-phase flow in a finite length channelPhysical Review Fluids
Artículo2022Thermal versus entropic Mpemba effect in molecular gases with nonlinear dragPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2022Transient Joule- A nd (ac) Josephson-like photon emission in one- A nd two-nucleon tunneling processes between superfluid nuclei: Blackbody and coherent spectral functionsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2022Wall Repulsion of Charged Colloidal Particles during Electrophoresis in Microfluidic ChannelsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2022Zr 92 (n,?) and (n,tot) measurements at the GELINA and n_TOF facilitiesPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2021Converting contextuality into nonlocalityPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2021Destruction of the cosmic γ -ray emitter Al 26 in massive stars: Study of the key Al 26 (n,p) reactionPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2021Destruction of the cosmic γ -ray emitter Al 26 in massive stars: study of the key Al 26 (n,α) reactionPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2021Device-independent quantum key distribution based on Bell inequalities with more than two inputs and two outputsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2021Diffuse supernova neutrino background search at Super-KamiokandePHYSICAL REVIEW D
Artículo2021Direction of the microjet produced by the collapse of a cavitation bubble located in a corner of a wall and a free surfacePhysical Review Fluids
Artículo2021Effective-periodicity effects in Fibonacci slot arraysPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2021Elastic scattering and breakup reactions of the proton drip-line nucleus B 8 on Pb 208 at 238 MeVPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2021Elastic scattering measurements for the C 10 + Pb 208 system at Elab=66 MeVPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2021Evidence of the effect of strong stripping channels on the dynamics of the Li 8 + Ni 58 reactionPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2021Evolution of octupole deformation and collectivity in neutron-rich lanthanidesPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2021Experimental study of the nature of the 1(-) and 2(-) excited excited states in Be-10 using the Be-11(p, d) reaction in inverse kinematicsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2021First T2K measurement of transverse kinematic imbalance in the muon-neutrino charged-current single- π+ production channel containing at least one protonPHYSICAL REVIEW D
Artículo2021Improved constraints on neutrino mixing from the T2K experiment with 3.13×1021 protons on targetPHYSICAL REVIEW D
Artículo2021Inclusive electron scattering and the genie neutrino event generatorPHYSICAL REVIEW D
Artículo2021Investigation of the ground-state spin inversion in the neutron-rich isotopesPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2021Large impact velocities suppress the splashing of micron-sized dropletsPhysical Review Fluids
Artículo2021Lifetime measurements to investigate γ softness and shape coexistence in Mo 102PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2021Linear response in the uniformly heated granular gasPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2021Measurement of the 76 Ge (n,γ) cross section at the n_TOF facility at CERNPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2021Measurement of the 72Ge(n,γ) cross section over a wide neutron energy range at the CERN n_TOF facilityPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2021Microscopic description of quadrupole-octupole coupling in neutron-rich actinides and superheavy nuclei with the Gogny-D1M energy density functionalPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2021Multidimensional entanglement generation with multicore optical fibersPHYSICAL REVIEW APPLIED
Artículo2021Neutral theory for competing attention in social networksPHYSICAL REVIEW RESEARCH
Artículo2021Nonmonotonic quantum phase gathering in curved spintronic circuitsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2021Numerical analysis of electrohydrodynamic instability in dielectric-liquid-gas flows subjected to unipolar injectionPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2021O 18 -induced single-nucleon transfer reactions on Ca 40 at 15.3A MeV within a multichannel analysisPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2021One-photon solutions to the multiqubit multimode quantum rabi model for fast W-state generationPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2021Opening angle and dineutron correlations in knockout reactions with Borromean two-neutron halo nucleiPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2021Optimizing the relaxation route with optimal controlPHYSICAL REVIEW RESEARCH
Artículo2021Phenomenological model for long-wavelength optical modes in transition metal dichalcogenide monolayerPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2021Possible half-metallic behavior of Co2-xCrxFeGe Heusler alloys: theory and experimentPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2021Primordial perturbations in kinetically dominated regimes of general relativity and hybrid quantum cosmologyPHYSICAL REVIEW D
Artículo2021Pseudo-two-dimensional dynamics in a system of macroscopic rolling spheresPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2021Quadrupole-octupole coupling and the evolution of collectivity in neutron-deficient Xe, Ba, Ce, and Nd isotopesPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2021Quadrupole-octupole coupling and the onset of octupole deformation in actinidesPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2021Quantum entanglement in nuclear Cooper-pair tunneling with γ raysPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2021Quantum network approach to spin interferometry driven by Abelian and non-Abelian fieldsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2021Reaction-diffusion spatial modeling of COVID-19: Greece and Andalusia as case examplesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2021Role of continuum in nuclear direct reactions with one-neutron halo nuclei: a one-dimensional modelPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2021Self-stimulated capillary jetPHYSICAL REVIEW APPLIED
Artículo2021Spin dynamics under the influence of elliptically rotating fields: extracting the field topology from time-averaged quantitiesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2021Stationary electro-osmotic flow driven by AC fields around insulatorsPHYSICAL REVIEW APPLIED
Artículo2021Statistical physics of DNA hybridizationPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2021Strong nonexponential relaxation and memory effects in a fluid with nonlinear dragPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2021System size synchronizationPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2021Systematic calculations of reactions with exotic and stable nuclei to establish a unified theoretical approachPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2021Taming the time evolution in overdamped systems: shortcuts elaborated from fast-forward and time-reversed protocolsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2021Theoretical description of semi-inclusive T2K, MINERνA and MicroBooNE neutrino-nucleus data in the relativistic plane wave impulse approximationPHYSICAL REVIEW D
Artículo2021Theory of magnetism in the van der Waals magnet CrI3PHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2021Toward pricing financial derivatives with an IBM quantum computerPHYSICAL REVIEW RESEARCH
Artículo2021Understanding the mechanisms of nuclear collisions: a complete study of the B 10 + Sn 120 reactionPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2021Vibrational mechanics in higher dimension: tuning potential landscapesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2021Visualization of Fast Ion Phase-Space Flow Driven by Alfven InstabilitiesPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2020Asymmetric stochastic resetting: modeling catastrophic eventsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2020Bell nonlocality with intensity information onlyPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2020Benchmarking Faddeev and transfer-to-the-continuum calculations for (p,pN) reactionsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2020beta decay of even-A nuclei within the interacting boson model with input based on nuclear density functional theoryPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2020beta decay of odd-A nuclei with the interacting boson-fermion model based on the Gogny energy density functionalPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2020Breakup of an electrified viscoelastic liquid bridgePhysical Review E: Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics
Artículo2020Comment on "from Coulomb excitation cross sections to nonresonant astrophysical rates in three-body systems: The Ne 17 case"PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2020Constraints in modeling the quasielastic response in inclusive lepton-nucleus scatteringPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2020Dielectrophoretic force equilibrium of complex particlesPHYSICAL REVIEW APPLIED
Artículo2020Digital-analog quantum algorithm for the quantum Fourier transformPHYSICAL REVIEW RESEARCH
Artículo2020Digital-analog quantum computationPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2020Dispersive optical model description of nucleon scattering on Pb and Bi isotopesPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2020Electric dipole response of low-lying excitations in the two-neutron halo nucleus F-29PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2020Electronic properties and topological phases of a two-dimensional allotrope of nitrogenated carbonPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Corrección2020Erratum: Experimental certification of sustained entanglement and nonlocality after sequential measurements (Physical Review Applied (2020) 13 (044008) DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevApplied.13.044008)PHYSICAL REVIEW APPLIED
Artículo2020Erratum: Nucleon scattering on actinides using a dispersive optical model with extended couplings [Phys. Rev. C 94, 064605 (2016)]PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2020Experimental certification of sustained entanglement and nonlocality after sequential measurementsPHYSICAL REVIEW APPLIED
Artículo2020Exploring two-neutron halo formation in the ground state of F-29 within a three-body modelPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2020Finite-time adiabatic processes: Derivation and speed limitPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2020General Bayesian theories and the emergence of the exclusivity principlePHYSICAL REVIEW RESEARCH
Artículo2020Geometric driving of two-level quantum systemsPHYSICAL REVIEW RESEARCH
Artículo2020Global scaling of the heat transport in fusion plasmasPHYSICAL REVIEW RESEARCH
Artículo2020Global study of Be 9 + p at 2.72A MeV GLOBAL STUDY of BE 9 +p at 2.72A MEV V. SOUKERAS et al.PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2020Implementation of the SuSAv2-meson exchange current 1p1h and 2p2h models in GENIE and analysis of nuclear effects in T2K measurementsPHYSICAL REVIEW D
Artículo2020Investigation of the fusion process for B-10+Au-197 at near-barrier energiesPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2020Investigation of the Pu 240 (n,f) reaction at the n_TOF/EAR2 facility in the 9 meV-6 MeV rangePHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2020Investigation of the reaction mechanisms for B 10 + Au 197 at near-barrier energiesPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2020Li-9(d, p) reaction as a specific probe of Li-10, the paradigm of parity-inverted nuclei around the N=6 closed shellPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2020Linear polar molecule in a two-color cw laser field: A symmetry analysisPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2020Measurement of the α ratio and (n,γ) cross section of U 235 from 0.2 to 200 eV at n_TOF MEASUREMENT of the α RATIO and ... J. BALIBREA-CORREA et al.PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2020Neutron Capture on the s-Process Branching Point Tm 171 via Time-of-Flight and ActivationPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2020New evaluation of the axial nucleon form factor from electron- and neutrino-scattering data and impact on neutrino-nucleus cross sectionsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2020Octupole correlations in light actinides from the interacting boson model based on the Gogny energy density functionalPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2020Optical interference effects on the Casimir-Lifshitz force in multilayer structuresPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2020Oscillatory behavior in a system of swarmalators with a short-range repulsive interactionPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2020Probabilistic eigensolver with a trapped-ion quantum processorPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2020Quantifying Photon Recycling in Solar Cells and Light-Emitting Diodes: Absorption and Emission Are Always KeyPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2020Quantum advantage in cryptography with a low-connectivity quantum annealerPHYSICAL REVIEW APPLIED
Artículo2020Quantum algorithm for solving linear differential equations: Theory and experimentPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2020Selective interactions in the quantum Rabi modelPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2020Self-diffusion in a quasi-two-dimensional gas of hard spheresPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2020Self-motility of an active particle induced by correlations in the surrounding solutionPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2020Semi-inclusive charged-current neutrino-nucleus cross sections in the relativistic plane-wave impulse approximationPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2020Sequential Nature of (p,3p) Two-Proton Knockout from Neutron-Rich NucleiPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2020Small worlds and clustering in spatial networksPHYSICAL REVIEW RESEARCH
Artículo2020Structure of odd-odd Cs isotopes within the interacting boson-fermion-fermion model based on the Gogny-D1M energy density functionalPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2020Three-body structure of B-19: finite-range effects in two-neutron halo nucleiPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2020Tracking the Dynamics of an Ideal Quantum MeasurementPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2020Transition densities and form factors in the triangular alpha-cluster model of C-12 with application to C-12 + alpha scatteringPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2020Work fluctuations and jarzynski equality in stochastic resettingPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2020Zero-gravity thermal convection in granular gasesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2019Aerodynamically stabilized Taylor cone jetsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2019All-electron product basis set: application to plasmon anisotropy in simple metalsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2019Analysis of the MINERvA antineutrino double-differential cross sections within the SuSAv2 model including meson-exchange currentsPHYSICAL REVIEW D
Artículo2019Angle-resolved secondary photoelectron emission from graphene interfacesPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2019Atomic transitions and the first ionization potential of promethium determined by laser spectroscopyPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2019Breakup mechanisms in the He-6+Zn-64 reaction at near-barrier energiesPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2019Complex behavior very close to the pinching of a liquid free surfacePhysical Review Fluids
Artículo2019Derivation of a Langevin equation in a system with multiple scales: The case of negative temperaturesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2019Device-independent tests of structures of measurement incompatibilityPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2019Double flat bands in kagome twisted bilayersPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2019Efficient lattice Boltzmann method for electrohydrodynamic solid-liquid phase changePHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2019Elastic scattering for the B 8 and Be 7 + Pb 208 systems at near-Coulomb barrier energiesPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2019Electrokinetics of metal cylindersPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2019Electrorotation of semiconducting microspheresPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2019Electrospray cone-jet mode for weakly viscoelastic liquidsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2019Evolution of Gaussian wave packets in capillary jetsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2019Experimental and numerical observation of dark and bright breathers in the band gap of a diatomic electrical latticePHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2019Experimental observation of quantum contextuality beyond Bell nonlocalityPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2019Experimental test of maximal tripartite nonlocality using an entangled state and local measurements that are maximally incompatiblePHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2019Exploring the solution landscape enables more reliable network community detectionPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2019Geometry-assisted topological transitions in spin interferometryPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2019Identifying structures in the continuum: Application to Be-16PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2019In-beam gamma-ray spectroscopy of Te-136 at relativistic energiesPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2019Inhomogeneous cooling state of a strongly confined granular gas at low densityPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2019Large Mpemba-like effect in a gas of inelastic rough hard spheresPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2019Lifetime measurements and shape coexistence in Sr 97PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2019Mean-field and two-body nuclear effects in inclusive electron scattering on argon, carbon, and titanium: The superscaling approachPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2019Measurement of the Ge-70(n, gamma) cross section up to 300 keV at the CERN n_TOF facilityPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2019Micron-sized double emulsions and nematic shells generated via tip streamingPhysical Review Fluids
Artículo2019Ne-20 +Ge- 76 elastic and inelastic scattering at 306 MeVPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2019Necessary and sufficient condition for contextuality from incompatibilityPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2019Observation of N-15 + alpha resonant structures in F-19 using the thick target in inverse kinematics scattering methodPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2019Optimal work in a harmonic trap with bounded stiffnessPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2019Pterobreathers in a model for a layered crystal with realistic potentials: Exact moving breathers in a moving framePHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2019Puzzle of Complete Fusion Suppression in Weakly Bound Nuclei: A Trojan Horse Effect?PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2019Quantum correlations from simple assumptionsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2019Realistic spectral function model for charged-current quasielastic-like neutrino and antineutrino scattering cross sections on C-12PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2019Robust self-testing of quantum systems via noncontextuality InequalitiesPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2019Scale-invariant avalanche dynamics in the temperature-driven martensitic transition of a Cu-Al-Be single crystalPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2019Scaling Laws of an Exploding Liquid Column under an Intense Ultrashort X-Ray PulsePHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2019Spectroscopy of odd-odd nuclei within the interacting boson-fermion-fermion model based on the Gogny energy-density functionalPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2019Speed-of-light pulses in a massless nonlinear Dirac equationPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2019Stability analysis of electroconvection with a solid-liquid interface via the lattice Boltzmann methodPhysical Review Fluids
Artículo2019Stability of a jet moving in a rectangular microchannelPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2019Systematic study of optical potential strengths in reactions on Sn-120 involving strongly bound, weakly bound, and exotic nucleiPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2019Thermal (n, gamma) cross section and resonance integral of Tm-171PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2019Towards the Limits of Existence of Nuclear Structure: Observation and First Spectroscopy of the Isotope K-31 by Measuring Its Three-Proton DecayPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2019Two-neutron transfer in Be 7 + Be 9 collisionsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2019Two-neutron transfer in the He-6 + Sn-120 reactionPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Revisión2019Ultrastrong coupling regimes of light-matter interactionREVIEWS OF MODERN PHYSICS
Artículo2019Understanding an instability in vibrated granular monolayersPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2019Unraveling the Reaction Mechanisms Leading to Partial Fusion of Weakly Bound NucleiPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2018Accuracy of the Heyd-Scuseria-Ernzerhof hybrid functional to describe many-electron interactions and charge localization in semiconductorsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2018Analog quantum simulation of generalized Dicke models in trapped ionsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2018Asymmetric relativistic Fermi gas model for quasielastic lepton-nucleus scatteringPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2018Asymptotic theory of quasiperiodically driven quantum systemsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2018Automated quantum operations in photonic qutritsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2018Avoided crossing and sub-Fourier-sensitivity in driven quantum systemsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2018Be-7 (n,p)Li-7 Reaction and the Cosmological Lithium Problem: Measurement of the Cross Section in a Wide Energy Range at n_TOF at CERNPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2018Be-9+Sn-120 scattering at near-barrier energies within a four-body modelPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2018Beam-Ion Acceleration during Edge Localized Modes in the ASDEX Upgrade TokamakPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2018Benchmarking theoretical formalisms for (p, pn) reactions: The C-15(p, pn) C-14 casePHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2018Chiral Majorana interference as a source of quantum entanglementPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Corrección2018Comment on "Revision of Bubble Bursting: Universal Scaling Laws of Top Jet Drop Size and Speed"PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Editorial2018Comment on "Revision of Bubble Bursting: Universal Scaling Laws of Top Jet Drop Size and Speed" ReplyPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2018Cooling of many-body systems via selective interactionsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2018Curvature corrections to the nonlocal interfacial model for short-ranged forcesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2018Deep excursion beyond the proton dripline. I. Argon and chlorine isotope chainsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2018Deep excursion beyond the proton dripline. II. Toward the limits of existence of nuclear structurePHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2018Description of neutron-rich odd-mass krypton isotopes within the interacting boson-fermion model based on the Gogny energy density functionalPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2018Device-independent certification of two bits of randomness from one entangled bit and Gisin's elegant Bell inequalityPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2018Dirac Equation in (1+1)-Dimensional Curved Spacetime and the Multiphoton Quantum Rabi ModelPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2018Directed motion of spheres induced by unbiased driving forces in viscous fluids beyond the Stokes' law regimePHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2018Elastic scattering, inelastic excitation, and 1n pick-up transfer cross sections for B-10 + Sn-120 at energies near the Coulomb barrierPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2018Elastic, inelastic, and 1n transfer cross sections for the B-10+Sn-120 reactionPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2018Electroconvection in a dielectric liquid between two concentric half-cylinders with rigid walls: Linear and nonlinear analysisPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2018Gate-controlled anisotropy in Aharonov-Casher spin interference: Signatures of Dresselhaus spin-orbit inversion and spin phasesPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2018High-resolution tungsten spectroscopy relevant to the diagnostic of high-temperature tokamak plasmasPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2018Hydrodynamics and two-dimensional dark lump solitons for polariton superfluidsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2018Hydrodynamics of granular particles on a linePHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2018Hysteretic growth and decay of a waterspout columnPhysical Review Fluids
Corrección2018Influence of the Surface Viscosity on the Breakup of a Surfactant-Laden Drop (vol 118, 024501, 2017)PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2018Interaction of He-8 with Pb-208 at near-barrier energies: He-4 and He-6 productionPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2018Least action description of spontaneous fission in fermium and nobelium nuclei based on the Gogny energy density functionalPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2018Measurement and analysis of the Am-241 neutron capture cross section at the n_TOF facility at CERNPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2018Measurement and resonance analysis of the S-33(n,alpha)Si-30 cross section at the CERN n_TOF facility in the energy region from 10 to 300 keVPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2018Measurement-based adaptation protocol with quantum reinforcement learningPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2018Microstructural and magnetic characterization of Fe- and Ir-based multilayersPHYSICAL REVIEW MATERIALS
Artículo2018Minimal formulation of the linear spatial analysis of capillary jets: validity of the two-mode approachPhysical Review Fluids
Artículo2018Minimal true-implies-false and true-implies-true sets of propositions in noncontextual hidden-variable theoriesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2018Noncontextual wiringsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2018Nonlinear quantum Rabi model in trapped ionsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2018Observation of Stronger-than-Binary Correlations with Entangled Photonic QutritsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2018One-way quantum computing in superconducting circuitsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2018Optimal Classical Simulation of State-Independent Quantum ContextualityPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2018Phase diagram of an extended Agassi modelPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2018Post-prior equivalence for transfer reactions with complex potentialsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2018Pressure-Driven Filling of Closed-End Microchannel: Realization of Comb-Shaped Transducers for AcoustofluidicsPHYSICAL REVIEW APPLIED
Artículo2018Pressure-driven filling of liquid metal in closed-end microchannelsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2018Probing the limits of correlations in an indivisible quantum systemPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2018Prolate-to-oblate shape phase transitions in neutron-rich odd-mass nucleiPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2018Quantum predictions for an unmeasured system cannot be simulated with a finite-memory classical systemPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2018Quantum Simulation of the Quantum Rabi Model in a Trapped IonPHYSICAL REVIEW X
Artículo2018Quasifree (p, pN) scattering of light neutron-rich nuclei near N=14PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2018Radiative neutron capture on Pu-242 in the resonance region at the CERN n_TOF-EAR1 facilityPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2018Reduced sensitivity of the (d, p) cross sections to the deuteron model beyond the adiabatic approximationPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2018Scaling laws of top jet drop size and speed from bubble bursting including gravity and inviscid limitPhysical Review Fluids
Corrección2018Scaling laws of top jet drop size and speed from bubble bursting including gravity and inviscid limit (vol 3, 091601, 2018)Physical Review Fluids
Artículo2018Soap-film flow induced by electric fields in asymmetric framesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2018Spectroscopy of excited states of unbound nuclei Ar-30 and Cl-29PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2018Spectroscopy of high-lying resonances in Be-9 by the measurement of (p, p), (p, d), and (p, alpha) reactions with a radioactive Li-8 beamPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2018Spin interferometry in anisotropic spin-orbit fieldsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2018Spin-1 models in the ultrastrong-coupling regime of circuit QEDPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2018Structural properties of the Jagla fluidPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2018Sustained Sate-Independent Quantum Contextual Correlations from a Single IonPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2018Theory of anomalous collective diffusion in colloidal monolayers on a spherical interfacePHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2018Theory of single-charge exchange heavy-ion reactionsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2018Two-nucleon emitters within a pseudostate method: the case of Be-6 and Be-16PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2018Viscous Effects on Inertial Drop FormationPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2017beta-decay half-lives and beta-delayed neutron emission probabilities for several isotopes of Au, Hg, Tl, Pb, and Bi, beyond N=126PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2017Bifurcation analysis and phase diagram of a spin-string model with buckled statesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2017Boltzmann kinetic equation for a strongly confined gas of hard spheresPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2017Boundary-layer effects in droplet splashingPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2017Breakup and n -transfer effects on the fusion reactions Li 6,7 + Sn 120,119 around the Coulomb barrierPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2017Breakup of Li 6 +p at near-barrier energies and the effect on elastic scatteringPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2017Charge state of vacancy defects in Eu-doped GaNPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2017Combining the AFLOW GIBBS and elastic libraries to efficiently and robustly screen thermomechanical properties of solidsPHYSICAL REVIEW MATERIALS
Artículo2017Comprehensive analysis of large alpha yields observed in Li-6-induced reactionsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2017Cross-section geometry effects in the subband structure and spin-related properties of a HgTe/CdTe nanowirePHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2017Density dependence of 2p-2h meson-exchange currentsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2017Description of odd-mass nuclei within the interacting boson-fermion model based on the Gogny energy density functionalPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2017Digital Quantum Simulation of Minimal AdS/CFTPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2017Elastic scattering, inelastic excitation, and neutron transfer for Li-7+Sn-120 at energies around the Coulomb barrierPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2017Evidence for O-15 + alpha resonance structures in Ne-19 via direct measurementPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2017Excited-state quantum phase transitions in a two-fluid Lipkin modelPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2017Extracting three-body breakup observables from continuum-discretized coupled-channels calculations with core excitationsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2017Floquet analysis of Kuznetsov-Ma breathers: a path towards spectral stability of rogue wavesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2017From bare to renormalized order parameter in gauge space: Structure and reactionsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2017From thermal to excited-state quantum phase transition: The Dicke modelPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2017Geometric vector potentials from nonadiabatic spin dynamicsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2017Global stability and H theorem in lattice models with nonconservative interactionsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2017Influence of target deformation and deuteron breakup in (d, p) transfer reactionsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2017Influence of the Surface Viscosity on the Breakup of a Surfactant-Laden DropPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2017Interplay of projectile breakup and target excitation in reactions induced by weakly bound nucleiPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2017Investigating neutron-proton pairing in sd -shell nuclei via (p, He 3) and (He 3,p) transfer reactionsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2017Mean flow produced by small-amplitude vibrations of a liquid bridge with its free surface covered with an insoluble surfactantPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2017Measurement of Pb-208(N, gamma) Pb-209 Maxwellian averaged neutron capture cross sectionPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2017Measurement of the U-238(n,gamma) cross section up to 80 keV with the Total Absorption Calorimeter at the CERN n_TOF facilityPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2017Neutron capture cross section measurement of U-238 at the CERN n_TOF facility in the energy region from 1 eV to 700 keVPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2017Numerical study of soap-film flow by nonuniform alternating electric fieldsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2017One-way transport in laser-illuminated bilayer graphene: a Floquet isolatorPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2017Onset of anomalous diffusion in colloids confined to quasimonolayersPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2017Platinum atomic contacts: From tunneling to contactPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2017Proposed experiment to test fundamentally binary theoriesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2017Pumping of electrolytes by electrical forces induced on the diffusion layer: A weakly nonlinear analysisPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2017Quantum correlations with a gap between the sequential and spatial casesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2017Revision of Bubble Bursting: Universal Scaling Laws of Top Jet Drop Size and SpeedPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2017Robust state preparation in quantum simulations of Dirac dynamicsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2017Scattering of the Halo Nucleus Be-11 on Au-197 at Energies around the Coulomb BarrierPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2017Self-compensation in phosphorus-doped CdTePHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2017Self-testing properties of Gisin's elegant Bell inequalityPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2017Shape transitions in odd-mass gamma-soft nuclei within the interacting boson-fermion model based on the Gogny energy density functionalPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2017Simulating superluminal physics with superconducting circuit technologyPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Corrección2017Simulating superluminal physics with superconducting circuit technology (vol 96, 032121, 2017)PHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2017Speed-of-light pulses in the massless nonlinear Dirac equation with a potentialPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2017Structural dynamics during laser-induced ultrafast demagnetizationPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2017Structural evolution in germanium and selenium nuclei within the mapped interacting boson model based on the Gogny energy density functionalPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2017Structure and Reactions of Be-11: Many-Body Basis for Single-Neutron HaloPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2017Structure of krypton isotopes within the interacting boson model derived from the Gogny energy density functionalPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2017Switchable particle statistics with an embedding quantum simulatorPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2017Theoretical and experimental exploration of finite sample size effects on the propagation of surface waves supported by slot arraysPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2017Topology and stability of a water-soybean-oil swirling flowPhysical Review Fluids
Artículo2017Unifying perspective: solitary traveling waves as discrete breathers in Hamiltonian lattices and energy criteria for their stabilityPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2017Universal scaling relations for the energies of many-electron Hooke atomsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2017When the Hotter Cools More Quickly: Mpemba Effect in Granular FluidsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2017Wideband analytical equivalent circuit for coupled asymmetrical nonaligned slit arraysPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2016Applicability of scaling behavior and power laws in the analysis of the magnetocaloric effect in second-order phase transition materialsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2016Avalanche criticalities and elastic and calorimetric anomalies of the transition from cubic Cu-Al-Ni to a mixture of 18R and 2H structuresPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2016Backscattering measurement of He-6 on Bi-209: Critical interaction distancePHYSICAL REVIEW C
Corrección2016Backscattering measurement of He-6 on Bi-209: Critical interaction distance (vol 93, 064607, 2016)PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2016Be-7(n,alpha)He-4 Reaction and the Cosmological Lithium Problem: Measurement of the Cross Section in a Wide Energy Range at n_TOF at CERNPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2016beta-decay rates of (121-131) Cs in the microscopic interacting boson-fermion modelPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2016Certifying the Presence of a Photonic Qubit by Splitting It in TwoPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2016Charged-current neutrino-nucleus reactions within the superscaling meson-exchange current approachPHYSICAL REVIEW D
Artículo2016Classical Physics and the Bounds of Quantum CorrelationsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2016Computationally efficient analysis of extraordinary optical transmission through infinite and truncated subwavelength hole arraysPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2016Crafting zero-bias one-way transport of charge and spinPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2016Determining astrophysical three-body radiative capture reaction rates from inclusive Coulomb break-up measurementsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2016Device-Independent Certification of a Nonprojective Qubit MeasurementPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2016Dosimetric response of radiochromic films to protons of low energies in the Bragg peak regionPHYSICAL REVIEW ACCELERATORS AND BEAMS
Artículo2016Effective Interaction between Active Colloids and Fluid Interfaces Induced by Marangoni FlowsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Corrección2016Effective Interaction between Active Colloids and Fluid Interfaces Induced by Marangoni Flows (vol 116, 078301, 2016)PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2016Elastic scattering and breakup of Be-11 on deuterons at 26.9A MeVPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2016Elastic scattering and breakup of Be-11 on protons at 26.9A MeVPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2016Emission of neutron-proton and proton-proton pairs in electron scattering induced by meson-exchange currentsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2016Energy criterion for the spectral stability of discrete breathersPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2016Energy localization and shape transformations in semiflexible polymer ringsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2016Evidence of strong dynamic core excitation in C-19 resonant break-upPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2016Experimental demonstration of the connection between quantum contextuality and graph theoryPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2016First Measurement of Several beta-Delayed Neutron Emitting Isotopes Beyond N=126PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2016First-principles DFT plus GW study of oxygen-doped CdTePHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2016Guiding Catalytically Active Particles with Chemically Patterned SurfacesPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2016Hidden symmetries, instabilities, and current suppression in brownian ratchetsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2016Impulse-induced generation of stationary and moving discrete breathers in nonlinear oscillator networksPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2016Impulse-induced localized control of chaos in starlike networksPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2016Inclusive electron scattering within the SuSAv2 meson-exchange current approachPHYSICAL REVIEW D
Artículo2016Investigation of the U-238(d, p) surrogate reaction via the simultaneous measurement of gamma-decay and fission probabilitiesPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2016Kinetic equation and nonequilibrium entropy for a quasi-two-dimensional gasPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2016Kink ratchet induced by a time-dependent symmetric field potentialPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2016Maximum nonlocality in the (3,2,2) scenarioPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2016Measurement of fragmentation cross sections of C-12 ions on a thin gold target with the FIRST apparatusPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2016Monosized dripping mode of axisymmetric flow focusingPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2016Neutron-induced fission cross section of Np-237 in the keV to MeV range at the CERN n_TOF facilityPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Corrección2016Nonlinear Dirac equation solitary waves in external fields (vol 86, 046602, 2012)PHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2016Nonlocality from Local ContextualityPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2016Nuclear excitations as coupled one and two random-phase-approximation modesPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2016Nucleon scattering on actinides using a dispersive optical model with extended couplingsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2016O 17 + Ni 58 scattering and reaction dynamics around the Coulomb barrierPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2016Optical find of hypersonic surface acoustic waves in bulk transparent materialsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2016Optimal control with nonadiabatic molecular dynamics: application to the Coulomb explosion of sodium clustersPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2016Phase diagram of the two-fluid Lipkin model: A "butterfly" catastrophePHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2016Precise measurement of near-barrier He-8+Pb-208 elastic scattering: Comparison with He-6PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2016Quantum Correlations Are Stronger Than All Nonsignaling Correlations Produced by n-Outcome MeasurementsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2016Quantum nonlocality via local contextuality with qubit-qubit entanglementPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2016Radiative capture reaction for Ne-17 formation within a full three-body modelPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2016Renormalized jellium model for colloidal mixturesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2016Shaped electric fields for fast optimal manipulation of electron spin and position in a double quantum dotPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2016Simple method for experimentally testing any form of quantum contextualityPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2016SO(2)- induced breathing patterns in multicomponent Bose-Einstein condensatesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2016Soliton dynamics in optical fibers using the generalized traveling-wave methodPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2016Spatial modes in one-dimensional models for capillary jetsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2016Stability analysis of the homogeneous hydrodynamics of a model for a confined granular gasPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2016Stability of solitary waves and vortices in a 2D nonlinear Dirac modelPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2016Stationary Zonal Flows during the Formation of the Edge Transport Barrier in the JET TokamakPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2016STM-driven transition from rippled to buckled graphene in a spin-membrane modelPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2016Structural evolution in A approximate to 100 nuclei within the mapped interacting boson model based on the Gogny energy density functionalPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2016Thermodynamical cost of some interpretations of quantum theoryPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2016Two-neutron transfer analysis of the O 16 (O 18, O 16) O 18 reactionPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2016Wideband analytical equivalent circuit for one-dimensional periodic stacked arraysPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2015Anomalous self-diffusion in a freely evolving granular gas near the shearing instabilityPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2015Approaching Tsirelson's Bound in a Photon Pair ExperimentPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2015Be-9 elastic scattering on Pb-208 and Al-27 within a four-body reaction frameworkPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2015Beta-delayed three-proton decay of Ar-31PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2015Convective-to-absolute instability transition in a viscoelastic capillary jet subject to unrelaxed axial elastic tensionPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2015Digital Quantum Simulation of Spin Models with Circuit Quantum ElectrodynamicsPHYSICAL REVIEW X
Artículo2015Direct and compound-nucleus reaction mechanisms in the Be 7 + Ni 58 system at near-barrier energiesPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2015Edge states of moire structures in graphitePHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2015Effects of coupling to breakup in the Li-6,Li-7+Zn-64 systems at near-barrier energiesPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2015Electrorotation of a metal sphere immersed in an electrolyte of finite Debye lengthPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2015Estimate of the theoretical uncertainty of the cross sections for nucleon knockout in neutral-current neutrino-oxygen interactionsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Corrección2015Evidence for a Smooth Onset of Deformation in the Neutron-Rich Kr Isotopes (vol 108, 062701, 2012)PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2015Evolution of E2 transition strength in deformed hafnium isotopes from new measurements on Hf-172, Hf-174, and Hf-176PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2015Experimental Validation of a Filament Transport Model in Turbulent Magnetized PlasmasPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2015Fermion-Fermion Scattering in Quantum Field Theory with Superconducting CircuitsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2015General approach for dealing with dynamical systems with spatiotemporal periodicitiesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2015Heisenberg-like and Fisher-information-based uncertainty relations for N-electron d-dimensional systemsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2015High-accuracy determination of the U-238/U-235 fission cross section ratio up to approximate to 1 GeV at n_TOF at CERNPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2015Hydrodynamics for a model of a confined quasi-two-dimensional granular gasPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2015Interplay between parity-time symmetry, supersymmetry, and nonlinearity: an analytically tractable case examplePHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2015Interweaving of elementary modes of excitation in superfluid nuclei through particle-vibration coupling: Quantitative account of the variety of nuclear structure observablesPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2015Investigation of Coulomb dipole polarization effects on reactions involving exotic nucleiPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2015Irreversible transformation of ferromagnetic ordered stripe domains in single-shot infrared-pump/resonant-x-ray-scattering-probe experimentsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2015Meson-exchange currents and quasielastic predictions for charged-current neutrino-C-12 scattering in the superscaling approachPHYSICAL REVIEW D
Artículo2015Microscopic nuclear form factors for the pygmy dipole resonancePHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2015Necessary and Sufficient Condition for Quantum State-Independent ContextualityPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2015Neutral current quasielastic (anti)neutrino scattering beyond the Fermi gas model at MiniBooNE and BNL kinematicsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Corrección2015Ni-62(n,gamma) and Ni-63(n,gamma) cross sections measured at the n_TOF facility at CERN (vol 89, 025810, 2014)PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2015Non-Abelian SU(2) Lattice Gauge Theories in Superconducting CircuitsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2015Nonsinusoidal current and current reversals in a gating ratchetPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Corrección2015Nuclear effects in neutrino and antineutrino charged-current quasielastic scattering at MINERvA kinematics (vol 89, 093002, 2014)PHYSICAL REVIEW D
Artículo2015Nuclear fusion as a probe for octupole deformation in Ra 224PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2015Numerical assessment of post-prior equivalence for inclusive breakup reactionsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2015Observation and Spectroscopy of New Proton-Unbound Isotopes Ar-30 and Cl-29: An Interplay of Prompt Two-Proton and Sequential DecayPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2015Paramagnetic colloidal ribbons in a precessing magnetic fieldPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2015Parity violation and dynamical relativistic effects in (e,e'N) reactionsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2015Parity violation in quasielastic electron-nucleus scattering within the relativistic impulse approximationPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2015Periodic arrays of intercalated atoms in twisted bilayer graphene: an ab initio investigationPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2015Postselection-Loophole-Free Bell Test Over an Installed Optical Fiber NetworkPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2015Power-law decay of the velocity autocorrelation function of a granular fluid in the homogeneous cooling statePHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2015Pulled Polymer Loops as a Model for the Alignment of Meiotic ChromosomesPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2015Quantum theory allows for absolute maximal contextualityPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2015Reexamination of Li 6 +p elastic scattering in inverse kinematicsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2015Reexamining closed-form formulae for inclusive breakup: Application to deuteron-and Li-6-induced reactionsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2015Relativistic motion with superconducting qubitsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2015Resonant transport and electrostatic effects in single-molecule electrical junctionsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2015Simple Explanation of the Quantum Limits of Genuine n-Body NonlocalityPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2015Simultaneous analysis of the elastic scattering and breakup channel for the reaction Li-11+Pb-208 at energies near the Coulomb barrierPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2015Soliton stability criterion for generalized nonlinear Schrodinger equationsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2015Spectral collapse via two-phonon interactions in trapped ionsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2015Spectroscopy of quadrupole and octupole states in rare-earth nuclei from a Gogny forcePHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2015Tachyon physics with trapped ionsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2015Testing noncontextuality inequalities that are building blocks of quantum correlationsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2015Theory of force-extension curves for modular proteins and DNA hairpinsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2015Three-body model for the analysis of quasifree scattering reactions in inverse kinematicsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2015Time and spatial parity operations with trapped ionsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2015Topological transitions in spin interferometersPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2015Transfer induced by core excitation within an extended distorted-wave Born approximation methodPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2015Ultradiscrete kinks with supersonic speed in a layered crystal with realistic potentialsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2014Angular distribution in two-particle emission induced by neutrinos and electronsPHYSICAL REVIEW D
Artículo2014Applying the Simplest Kochen-Specker Set for Quantum Information ProcessingPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2014Astrophysical reaction rate for Be-9 formation within a three-body approachPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2014Bell scenarios in which nonlocality and entanglement are inversely relatedPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2014Bounding the quantum dimension with contextualityPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2014Charged-current quasielastic neutrino scattering cross sections on C-12 with realistic spectral and scaling functionsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2014Collective coordinates theory for discrete soliton ratchets in the sine-Gordon modelPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2014Continuum-discretized coupled-channels calculations with core excitationPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2014Critical quasienergy states in driven many-body systemsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2014Cs2NaAl1-xCrxF6: A family of compounds presenting magnetocaloric effectPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2014Device-Independent Certification of High-Dimensional Quantum SystemsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2014Digital Quantum Simulation of Spin Systems in Superconducting CircuitsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2014Direct imaging of rare-earth ion clusters in Yb:CaF2PHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2014Direct Observation of Depth-Dependent Atomic Displacements Associated with Dislocations in Gallium NitridePHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2014Dynamic versus static fission paths with realistic interactionsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2014Dynamical Casimir Effect Entangles Artificial AtomsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2014Dynamics of an axisymmetric liquid bridge close to the minimum-volume stability limitPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2014Electro-orientation of a metal nanowire counterbalanced by thermal torquesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2014Electronic properties of twisted bilayer nanoribbonsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2014Enhanced subbarrier fusion for proton halo nucleiPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Corrección2014Erratum: Experiments of drops impacting a smooth solid surface: A model of the critical impact speed for drop splashing (Physical Review Letters (2014) 113 (024507))PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2014Exclusivity principle and the quantum bound of the Bell inequalityPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2014Exclusivity principle forbids sets of correlations larger than the quantum setPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2014Experimental implementation of an eight-dimensional Kochen-Specker set and observation of its connection with the Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger theoremPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2014Experimental neutron capture data of Ni-58 from the CERN n_TOF facilityPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2014Experimental Observation of Hardy-Like Quantum ContextualityPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2014Experimental Unconditionally Secure Bit CommitmentPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2014Experiments of Drops Impacting a Smooth Solid Surface: A Model of the Critical Impact Speed for Drop SplashingPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2014Extensions of superscaling from relativistic mean field theory: The SuSAv2 modelPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2014Fundamental Monogamy Relation between Contextuality and NonlocalityPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2014Global analysis of parity-violating asymmetry data for elastic electron scatteringPHYSICAL REVIEW D
Artículo2014Graph-Theoretic Approach to Quantum CorrelationsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2014High-precision prompt-gamma-ray spectral data from the reaction Pu-241(n(th), f)PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2014High-throughput computational screening of thermal conductivity, Debye temperature, and Gruneisen parameter using a quasiharmonic Debye modelPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2014Homogeneous hydrodynamics of a collisional model of confined granular gasesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2014Investigating nuclear pairing correlations via microscopic two-particle transfer reactions: The cases of Sn 112, Mg 32, and Ni 68PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2014Irrationality and quasiperiodicity in driven nonlinear systemsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2014Kink topology control by high-frequency external forces in nonlinear Klein-Gordon modelsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2014Kochen-Specker set with seven contextsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2014Kovacs effect in the one-dimensional Ising model: A linear response analysisPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2014Kovacs-Like Memory Effect in Driven Granular GasesPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2014Many-Body Interactions with Tunable-Coupling Transmon QubitsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2014Measurement and analysis of the Am-241(n,gamma) cross section with liquid scintillator detectors using time-of-flight spectroscopy at the n_TOF facility at CERNPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2014Measurement and analysis of the Am-243 neutron capture cross section at the n_TOF facility at CERNPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2014Measurement of the C-12(n, p)B-12 cross section at n_TOF at CERN by in-beam activation analysisPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2014Memory effect in uniformly heated granular gasesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2014Memory effects in the relaxation of a confined granular gasPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2014Microscopic description of fission in uranium isotopes with the Gogny energy density functionalPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2014Multireference symmetry-projected variational approximation for the ground state of the doped one-dimensional Hubbard modelPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2014Neutron-induced fission cross section of U-234 measured at the CERN n_TOF facilityPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2014Ni-62(n,gamma) and Ni-63(n,gamma) cross sections measured at the n_TOF facility at CERNPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2014Nuclear effects in neutrino and antineutrino charged-current quasielastic scattering at MINER nu A kinematicsPHYSICAL REVIEW D
Artículo2014Optimal control of high-harmonic generation by intense few-cycle pulsesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2014Orbital entanglement and electron localization in quantum wiresPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2014Production of microbubbles from axisymmetric flow focusing in the jetting regime for moderate Reynolds numbersPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2014Quantum contextuality in a Young-type interference experimentPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2014Quantum Criticality and Dynamical Instability in the Kicked-Top ModelPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2014Quantum phase transitions of atom-molecule Bose mixtures in a double-well potentialPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2014Relativistic effects in two-particle emission for electron and neutrino reactionsPHYSICAL REVIEW D
Artículo2014Relativistic global and local divergences in hydrogenic systems: A study in position and momentum spacesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2014Scaling in the correlation energies of atomic ionsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2014Self-consistent relativistic band structure of the CH3NH3PbI3 perovskitePHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2014Semi-microscopic folding model for the description of two-body halo nucleiPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2014Shape evolution and shape coexistence in Pt isotopes: comparing interacting boson model configuration mixing and Gogny mean-field energy surfacesPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2014Signature of time-dependent hydrodynamic interactions on collective diffusion in colloidal monolayersPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2014Stability of solitary waves in the nonlinear Dirac equation with arbitrary nonlinearityPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2014Sterile neutrino dark matter bounds from galaxies of the Local GroupPHYSICAL REVIEW D
Artículo2014Symmetry-projected wave functions in quantum Monte Carlo calculationsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2014Two-Level Systems and Boson Peak Remain Stable in 110-Million-Year-Old Amber GlassPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2014Variational description of the ground state of the repulsive two-dimensional Hubbard model in terms of nonorthogonal symmetry-projected Slater determinantsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2013All noncontextuality inequalities for the n-cycle scenarioPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2013Analytical transformed harmonic oscillator basis for three-body nuclei of astrophysical interest: Application to He-6PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2013Basic exclusivity graphs in quantum correlationsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2013Bell inequalities for the simplest exclusivity graphPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2013Bell tests with random measurements require very high detection efficienciesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Revisión2013Comment on "ratchet universality in the presence of thermal noise"PHYSICAL REVIEW E
Editorial2013Comment on "State-Independent Experimental Test of Quantum Contextuality in an Indivisible System"PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2013Coupled backward- and forward-propagating solitons in a composite right- and left-handed transmission linePHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2013Detection efficiency for loophole-free Bell tests with entangled states affected by colored noisePHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2013Deterministic generation of arbitrary symmetric states and entanglement classesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2013Dispersive coupled-channels optical-model potential with soft-rotator couplings for Cr, Fe, and Ni isotopesPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2013Dual capacitive-inductive nature of periodic graphene patches: Transmission characteristics at low-terahertz frequenciesPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2013Electric-field-induced rotation of Brownian metal nanowiresPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2013Electro-orientation and electrorotation of metal nanowiresPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2013Electronic properties of twisted trilayer graphenePHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2013Experimental Implementation of a Kochen-Specker Set of Quantum TestsPHYSICAL REVIEW X
Artículo2013Hardy's paradox for high-dimensional systemsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2013Homogeneous steady state of a confined granular gasPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2013Li-11 Breakup on Pb-208 at Energies Around the Coulomb BarrierPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2013Linear hydrodynamics for driven granular gasesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2013Multireference symmetry-projected variational approaches for ground and excited states of the one-dimensional Hubbard modelPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2013Neutron Capture Cross Section of Unstable Ni-63: Implications for Stellar NucleosynthesisPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2013Nonlinear localized modes in two-dimensional electrical latticesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2013Nonlinear Schrodinger solitons oscillate under a constant external forcePHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2013Off-axis vortex breakdown in a shallow whirlpoolPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2013Onset of convection in a finite two-dimensional container due to unipolar injection of ionsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2013Propulsion efficiency of a dynamic self-assembled helical ribbonPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2013PT-symmetric dimer of coupled nonlinear oscillatorsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2013Quantitative study of coherent pairing modes with two-neutron transfer: Sn isotopesPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2013Quantum contextuality for a relativistic spin-1/2 particlePHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2013Quantum Simulation of Noncausal Kinematic TransformationsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2013Quasi-elastic processes of the Ca-48+Sn-120 system and the Ca-48 nuclear matter densityPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2013Relativistic description of final-state interactions in neutral-current neutrino and antineutrino cross sectionsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2013Role of critical spin fluctuations in ultrafast demagnetization of transition-metal rare-earth alloysPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2013Sawtooth patterns in force-extension curves of biomolecules: An equilibrium-statistical-mechanics theoryPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2013Shape evolution and the role of intruder configurations in Hg isotopes within the interacting boson model based on a Gogny energy density functionalPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2013Shearing instability of a dilute granular mixturePHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2013Simple Explanation of the Quantum Violation of a Fundamental InequalityPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2013Simple Hardy-Like Proof of Quantum ContextualityPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2013Spin-orbit thermal entanglement in a rare-earth-metal ion: Susceptibility witnessPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2013State-independent contextuality with identical particlesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2013Structure of B-8 from elastic and inelastic Be-7 + p scatteringPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2013The Zr-93(n, gamma) reaction up to 8 keV neutron energyPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2013Theoretical investigation of a technique to produce microbubbles by a microfluidic T junctionPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2013Theory of Carrier-Mediated Magnonic SuperlatticesPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2013Thermal equilibrium in Einstein's elevatorPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2013Time-shift invariance determines the functional shape of the current in dissipative rocking ratchetsPHYSICAL REVIEW X
Artículo2013Twin inequality for fully contextual quantum correlationsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2013Typical and rare fluctuations in nonlinear driven diffusive systems with dissipationPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2013Universal asymptotic behavior in nonlinear systems driven by a two-frequency forcingPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2013Unpaired Floquet Majorana fermions without magnetic fieldsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2012Ab initio study of the thermopower of biphenyl-based single-molecule junctionsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2012Aharon-Vaidman quantum game with a Young-type photonic qutritPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2012Behavior of a single element in a finite stochastic arrayPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Corrección2012Bell's theorem with and without inequalities for the three-qubit Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger and W states (vol 65, 032108, 2002)PHYSICAL REVIEW A
Corrección2012Calculation of the Transition from Pairing Vibrational to Pairing Rotational Regimes between Magic Nuclei Sn-100 and Sn-132 via Two-Nucleon Transfer Reactions (vol 107, 092501, 2011)PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2012Control of transport in two-dimensional systems via dynamical decoupling of degrees of freedom with quasiperiodic driving fieldsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2012Core excitation effects in the breakup of the one-neutron halo nucleus Be-11 on a proton targetPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2012Digital Quantum Simulation of the Holstein Model in Trapped IonsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2012Do Halo Nuclei Follow Rutherford Elastic Scattering at Energies Below the Barrier? The Case of Li-11PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2012Encoding relativistic potential dynamics into free evolutionPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2012Enhanced transmission with a graphene-dielectric microstructure at low-terahertz frequenciesPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2012Evidence for a smooth onset of deformation in the neutron-rich Kr isotopesPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Corrección2012Evidence for a Smooth Onset of Deformation in the Neutron-Rich Kr Isotopes (vol 108, 062701, 2012)PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2012Exclusive breakup of F-17 on Ni-58 and Pb-208 within the continuum-discretized coupled-channels methodPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2012Experimental fully contextual correlationsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2012Experimental Observation of Impossible-to-Beat Quantum Advantage on a Hybrid Photonic SystemPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2012Experimental study of the collision Be-11+Zn-64 around the Coulomb barrierPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2012Femtosecond Single-Shot Imaging of Nanoscale Ferromagnetic Order in Co/Pd Multilayers Using Resonant X-Ray HolographyPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2012Forced nonlinear Schrodinger equation with arbitrary nonlinearityPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2012Fully nonlocal quantum correlationsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2012Fully Nonlocal, Monogamous, and Random Genuinely Multipartite Quantum CorrelationsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2012Generalized Berreman's model of the elastic surface free energy of a nematic liquid crystal on a sawtoothed substratePHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2012Generation of localized modes in an electrical lattice using subharmonic drivingPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2012Internal energy fluctuations of a granular gas under steady uniform shear flowPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2012Interplay Between Valence and Core Excitation Mechanisms in the Breakup of Halo NucleiPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2012Loophole-Free Bell Test Based on Local Precertification of Photon's PresencePHYSICAL REVIEW X
Artículo2012Low-temperature thermal and elastoacoustic properties of butanol glasses: Study of position isomerism effects around the boson peakPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2012Measurement and resonance analysis of the Np-237 neutron capture cross sectionPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2012Measurement of resolved resonances of Th-232(n, gamma) at the n_TOF facility at CERNPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Corrección2012Measurement of resolved resonances of Th-232(n, gamma) at the n_TOF facility at CERN (vol 85, 064601, 2012)PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2012Measurements of noninterceptive fluorescence profile monitor prototypes using 9 MeV deuteronsPHYSICAL REVIEW ACCELERATORS AND BEAMS
Artículo2012Meson-Exchange Currents and Quasielastic Antineutrino Cross Sections in the Superscaling ApproximationPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2012Microscopic description of quadrupole-octupole coupling in Sm and Gd isotopes with the Gogny energy density functionalPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2012N-electron Slater determinants from nonunitary canonical transformations of fermion operatorsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2012Nematic wetting and filling of crenellated surfacesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2012Neutron-induced fission cross section of Cm-245: New results from data taken at the time-of-flight facility n_TOFPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2012New states in Na-18 and Mg-19 observed in the two-proton decay of Mg-19PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2012Nonlinear Dirac equation solitary waves in external fieldsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2012Nonlinear driven diffusive systems with dissipation: Fluctuating hydrodynamicsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2012Numerical simulation of electrospray in the cone-jet modePHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2012Optimal Inequalities for State-Independent ContextualityPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2012Output factor determination for dose measurements in axial and perpendicular planes using a silicon strip detectorPHYSICAL REVIEW ACCELERATORS AND BEAMS
Artículo2012Particle motion in a deformed potential using a transformed oscillator basisPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2012Proposed experiments of qutrit state-independent contextuality and two-qutrit contextuality-based nonlocalityPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2012Quantifying Dirac hydrogenic effects via complexity measuresPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2012Quantum correlations in nanostructured two-impurity Kondo systemsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2012Quantum Simulation of Interacting Fermion Lattice Models in Trapped IonsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2012Quasiparticle renormalization and pairing correlations in spherical superfluid nucleiPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2012Radiation effects on the electronic properties of bilayer graphenePHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2012Resonance neutron-capture cross sections of stable magnesium isotopes and their astrophysical implicationsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2012Rheological effects in the linear response and spontaneous fluctuations of a sheared granular gasPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2012Ripples in a string coupled to Glauber spinsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2012Shape coexistence in lead isotopes in the interacting boson model with a Gogny energy density functionalPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2012Spin-oscillator model for the unzipping of biomolecules by mechanical forcePHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2012Symmetry-projected variational approach for ground and excited states of the two-dimensional Hubbard modelPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2012Tests of Bell inequality with arbitrarily low photodetection efficiency and homodyne measurementsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2012Theoretical study of the charge transport through C-60-based single-molecule junctionsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2012Thermal segregation of intruders in the Fourier state of a granular gasPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2012Time-resolved x-ray magnetic circular dichroism study of ultrafast demagnetization in a CoPd ferromagnetic film excited by circularly polarized laser pulsePHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2012Ultrathin carbon nanotube with single, double, and triple bondsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2012Universal reference state in a driven homogeneous granular gasPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2012Vibrational mechanics in an optical lattice: controlling transport via potential renormalizationPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2011Au-197(n,gamma) cross section in the unresolved resonance regionPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2011Bell experiments with random destination sourcesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2011Calculation of the Transition from Pairing Vibrational to Pairing Rotational Regimes between Magic Nuclei Sn-100 and Sn-132 via Two-Nucleon Transfer ReactionsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2011Charge redistribution and interlayer coupling in twisted bilayer graphene under electric fieldsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2011Circuit modeling of multiband high-impedance surface absorbers in the microwave regimePHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2011Collective structural evolution in neutron-rich Yb, Hf, W, Os, and Pt isotopesPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2011Cooling rates and energy partition in inhomogeneous fluidized granular mixturesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2011Core excitation contributions to the breakup of the one-neutron halo nucleus Be-11 on a protonPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2011Crystal defects and related stress in Y2O3 thin films: Origin, modeling, and consequence on the stability of the C-type structurePHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2011Current reversals in a rocking ratchet: the frequency domainPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2011Dark-bright gap solitons in coupled-mode one-dimensional saturable waveguide arraysPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2011Development of a swirling double counterflowPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Corrección2011Development of a swirling double counterflow (vol 83, 056322, 2011)PHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2011Development of colliding swirling counterflowsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2011Discrete breathers in a nonlinear electric line: modeling, computation, and experimentPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2011Elastic scattering and alpha-particle production in He-6+Pb-208 collisions at 22 MeVPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2011Electronic transport through single noble gas atomsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Corrección2011Emergence of the N = 16 shell gap in O-21 (vol 84, 011301, 2011)PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2011Emergence of the N=16 shell gap in O-21PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2011Entropy of Continuous Mixtures and the Measure ProblemPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2011Exactly solvable pairing Hamiltonian for heavy nucleiPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2011Excitations of pygmy dipole resonances in exotic and stable nuclei via Coulomb and nuclear fieldsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2011Excited-state phase transition and onset of chaos in quantum optical modelsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2011Experimental study of He-6 + Be-9 elastic scattering at low energiesPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2011Filling and wetting transitions of nematic liquid crystals on sinusoidal substratesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2011Finite-size corrections in the bosonic algebraic approach to two-dimensional systemsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2011Fluctuating Navier-Stokes equations for inelastic hard spheres or disksPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2011Global stability of the focusing effect of fluid jet flowsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2011Hybrid ququart-encoded quantum cryptography protected by Kochen-Specker contextualityPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2011Intrinsic toroidal rotation, density peaking, and turbulence regimes in the core of tokamak plasmasPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2011Ion Crystal Transducer for Strong Coupling between Single Ions and Single PhotonsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2011Large Fluctuations in Driven Dissipative MediaPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2011Measurement of the U-236(n, f) cross section from 170 meV to 2 MeV at the CERN n_TOF facilityPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2011Neutron capture on Zr-94: Resonance parameters and Maxwellian-averaged cross sectionsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2011Neutron-induced fission cross section of Pb-nat and Bi-209 from threshold to 1 GeV: An improved parametrizationPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2011Nonlinear excitations, stability inversions, and dissipative dynamics in quasi-one-dimensional polariton condensatesPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2011Odd-even Pm147-153 isotopes within the neutron-proton interacting boson-fermion modelPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2011Optimal preparation of graph statesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2011Origin of the magnetic anomaly and tunneling effect of europium on the ferromagnetic ordering in Eu8-xSrxGa16Ge30 (x=0,4) type-I clathratesPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2011Phase diagram for a cubic-Q interacting boson model Hamiltonian: Signs of triaxialityPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2011Proposal of a Two-Qutrit Contextuality Test Free of the Finite Precision and Compatibility LoopholesPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Corrección2011Proposal of a Two-Qutrit Contextuality Test Free of the Finite Precision and Compatibility Loopholes, (vol 106, 190401, 2011)PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2011Quantum quench influenced by an excited-state phase transitionPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2011Quantum Simulation of Quantum Field Theories in Trapped IonsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2011Quasidiscrete microwave solitons in a split-ring-resonator-based left-handed coplanar waveguidePHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2011Reaction-rate theory with account of the crystal anharmonicityPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2011Refined empirical stability criterion for nonlinear Schrodinger solitons under spatiotemporal forcingPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2011Relativistic analyses of quasielastic neutrino cross sections at MiniBooNE kinematicsPHYSICAL REVIEW D
Artículo2011Relativistic Descriptions of Final-State Interactions in Charged-Current Quasielastic Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering at MiniBooNE KinematicsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2011Relativistic descriptions of quasielastic charged-current neutrino-nucleus scattering: Application to scaling and superscaling ideasPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2011Resonant breakup of C-19 on a proton targetPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2011Scaling function, spectral function, and nucleon momentum distribution in nucleiPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2011Shape evolution in yttrium and niobium neutron-rich isotopesPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2011ShockWaves in Capillary Collapse of Colloids: A Model System for Two-Dimensional Screened Newtonian GravityPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2011Spectroscopic calculations of the low-lying structure in exotic Os and W isotopesPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2011Structural evolution in Pt isotopes with the interacting boson model Hamiltonian derived from the Gogny energy density functionalPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2011Taylor cones in a leaky dielectric liquid under an ac electric fieldPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2011Testing Hardy's nonlocality proof with genuine energy-time entanglementPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2011The Li-8 + H-2 reaction studied in inverse kinematics at 3.15 MeV/nucleon using the REX-ISOLDE post-acceleratorPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2011Zr-96(n,gamma) measurement at the n_TOF facility at CERNPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2010All-versus-nothing proofs with n qubits distributed between m partiesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2010alpha-particle production in He-6+Sn-120 collisionsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2010Approximate quantum mechanical method for describing excitations and related properties of finite single-walled carbon nanotubesPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2010Au-197(n,gamma) cross section in the resonance regionPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2010Avalanche criticality in the martensitic transition of Cu67.64Zn16.71Al15.65 shape-memory alloy: A calorimetric and acoustic emission studyPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2010Bell inequality tests of four-photon six-qubit graph statesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2010Breakdown of hydrodynamics in the inelastic Maxwell model of granular gasesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2010Characterization of spin-state tuning in thermally annealed semiconductor quantum dotsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Editorial2010Comment on "Chemical versus van der Waals Interaction: The Role of the Heteroatom in the Flat Absorption of Aromatic Molecules C6H6, C5NH5, and C4N2H4 on the Cu(110) Surface''PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2010Compatibility and noncontextuality for sequential measurementsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2010Convective and Diffusive Energetic Particle Losses Induced by Shear Alfven Waves in the ASDEX Upgrade TokamakPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2010Critical behavior of two freely evolving granular gases separated by an adiabatic pistonPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2010Current reversals in a rocking ratchet: dynamical versus symmetry-breaking mechanismsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2010Dynamics of colloidal particles with capillary interactionsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2010Effect of the combined action of Faradaic currents and mobility differences in ac electro-osmosisPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2010Effects of periodic perturbations on the oscillatory behavior in the NO+H-2 reaction on Pt(100)PHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2010Elastic Scattering and Reaction Mechanisms of the Halo Nucleus Be-11 around the Coulomb BarrierPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2010Elastic scattering and total reaction cross section of He-6+Sn-120PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2010Electrothermally driven flows in ac electrowettingPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2010Entanglement equivalence of N-qubit symmetric statesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2010Evidence for Phonon Mediated Pairing Interaction in the Halo of the Nucleus Li-11PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2010Experimental Bell-inequality violation without the postselection loopholePHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2010Experimental Realization of a Controlled-NOT Gate with Four-Photon Six-Qubit Cluster StatesPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2010Exploring continuum structures with a pseudo-state basisPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2010Finite-size effects and collective vibrations in the inner crust of neutron starsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2010Flat bands in slightly twisted bilayer graphene: tight-binding calculationsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2010Generalized traveling-wave method, variational approach, and modified conserved quantities for the perturbed nonlinear Schrodinger equationPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2010Improved deuteron elastic breakup energy dependence via the continuum-discretized coupled-channels methodPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2010Linear response strength functions with iterative Arnoldi diagonalizationPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2010Low-lying states in B-8PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2010Mean field study of structural changes in Pt isotopes with the Gogny interactionPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2010Measurement of the Li-8 half-lifePHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2010Meson-exchange currents and final-state interactions in quasielastic electron scattering at high momentum transfersPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2010Multiparty multilevel energy-time entanglementPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2010Neutron physics of the Re/Os clock. I. Measurement of the (n, gamma) cross sections of Os-186,Os-187,Os-188 at the CERN n_TOF facilityPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2010Neutron physics of the Re/Os clock. III. Resonance analyses and stellar (n, gamma) cross sections of Os-186,Os-187,Os-188PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2010Neutron-induced fission cross section of U-234 and Np-237 measured at the CERN Neutron Time-of-Flight (n_TOF) facilityPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2010Nonlinear Schrodinger equation with spatiotemporal perturbationsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2010Pionic correlations and meson-exchange currents in two-particle emission induced by electron scatteringPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2010Probing nucleon-nucleon interactions in breakup of the one-neutron halo nucleus Be-11 on a proton targetPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2010Proposal for Revealing Quantum Nonlocality via Local ContextualityPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2010Proposed test of macroscopic quantum contextualityPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2010Quantitative local environment characterization in amorphous oxidesPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2010Realistic metamaterial lenses: Limitations imposed by discrete structurePHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2010Regular and chaotic transport of discrete solitons in asymmetric potentialsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2010Relationship between X(5) models and the interacting boson modelPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2010Reversed polarized emission in highly strained a-plane GaN/AlN multiple quantum wellsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2010Scaling function and nucleon momentum distributionPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2010Scaling of the elastic contribution to the surface free energy of a nematic liquid crystal on a sawtoothed substratePHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2010Search for critical-point nuclei in terms of the sextic oscillatorPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2010Shape phase transition in odd-even nuclei: From spherical to deformed gamma-unstable shapesPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2010SiCCSi antisite pairs in SiC identified as paramagnetic defects with strongly anisotropic orbital quenchingPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2010Signatures of shape transitions in odd-A neutron-rich rubidium isotopesPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2010Spectroscopy of proton-unbound nuclei by tracking their decay products in-flight: One- and two-proton decays of F-15, Ne-16, and Na-19PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2010State-independent quantum contextuality for continuous variablesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2010Structural and optical changes induced by incorporation of antimony into InAs/GaAs(001) quantum dotsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Corrección2010Structural and optical changes induced by incorporation of antimony into InAs/GaAs(001) quantum dots (vol 82, 235316, 2010)PHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2010Supersonic Air Flow due to Solid-Liquid ImpactPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2010Surface nanostructuring of TiO2 thin films by high energy ion irradiationPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2010Symmetries shape the current in ratchets induced by a biharmonic driving forcePHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2010Systematics of one-quasiparticle configurations in neutron-rich odd Sr, Zr, and Mo isotopes with the Gogny energy density functionalPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2010The Zr-92(n,gamma) reaction and its implications for stellar nucleosynthesisPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2010Towards electron-electron entanglement in Penning trapsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2010Traveling and stationary intrinsic localized modes and their spatial control in electrical latticesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2010Universal behavior for magnetic entropy change in magnetocaloric materials: An analysis on the nature of phase transitionsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2010Volume fluctuations and compressibility of a vibrated granular gasPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2009Ab initio molecular dynamics study of amorphous CdTeOx alloys: structural propertiesPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2009Analytical transformed harmonic oscillator basis for continuum discretized coupled channels calculationsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2009Astrophysical S-17(0) factor extraction from breakup of B-8 on Ni-58 at energies near the Coulomb barrierPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2009Changing the physical and chemical properties of titanium oxynitrides TiN1-xOx by changing the compositionPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2009Coherent state approach to the interacting boson model: Test of its validity in the transitional regionPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2009Compact set of invariants characterizing graph states of up to eight qubitsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2009Constrained optimization of sequentially generated entangled multiqubit statesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2009Decoherence due to an excited-state quantum phase transition in a two-level boson modelPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2009Diffusion-driven superplasticity in ceramics: Modeling and comparison with available dataPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2009Discrete breathers in a forced-damped array of coupled pendula: modeling, computation, and experimentPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2009Divergence analysis of atomic ionization processes and isoelectronic seriesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2009Driven and damped double sine-Gordon equation: The influence of internal modes on the soliton ratchet mobilityPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2009Elastic scattering and total reaction cross sections for the Li-8+C-12 systemPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2009Electromechanics of fluidized beds of nanoparticlesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2009Electronic entanglement via quantum Hall interferometry in analogy to an optical methodPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2009Entanglement and Bell's inequality violation above room temperature in metal carboxylatesPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2009Experimental Entanglement and Nonlocality of a Two-Photon Six-Qubit Cluster StatePHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2009Experimental Test of Quantum Contextuality in Neutron InterferometryPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2009Finite-size analysis of a two-dimensional Ising model within a nonextensive approachPhysical Review E: Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics
Artículo2009Fluctuating hydrodynamics for dilute granular gasesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2009Four-body continuum-discretized coupled-channels calculationsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2009High-accuracy U-233(n, f) cross-section measurement at the white-neutron source n_TOF from near-thermal to 1 MeV neutron energyPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2009High-Speed Jet Formation after Solid Object ImpactPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2009Hydrodynamic character of the nonequipartition of kinetic energy in binary granular gasesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2009Longitudinal and transverse scaling functions within the coherent density fluctuation modelPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2009Magnetofluidization of fine magnetite powderPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2009Minimum detection efficiency required for a loophole-free violation of the Braunstein-Caves chained Bell inequalitiesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2009Multiphonon excitations and pygmy resonances in tin isotopesPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2009Nucleation of breathers via stochastic resonance in nonlinear latticesPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2009Observation of narrow states in nuclei beyond the proton drip line: F-15 and Ne-16PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2009Operational Determination of Multiqubit Entanglement Classes via Tuning of Local OperationsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2009Operational Families of Entanglement Classes for Symmetric N-Qubit StatesPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2009Ordering of hard spheres inside hard cylindrical poresPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2009Percolation processes and spin-reorientation of PrNi5-xCoxPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2009Proposed Bell Experiment with Genuine Energy-Time EntanglementPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2009Pull-off force of coated fine powders under small consolidationPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2009Relativistic descriptions of inclusive quasielastic electron scattering: Application to scaling and superscaling ideasPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2009Revision of capillary cone-jet physics: Electrospray and flow focusingPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Corrección2009Revision of capillary cone-jet physics: Electrospray and flow focusing (vol 79, 066305, 2009)PHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2009Rocking feedback-controlled ratchetsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2009Shape of Ar-44: onset of deformation in neutron-rich nuclei near Ca-48PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2009Solitons in quasi-one-dimensional Bose-Einstein condensates with competing dipolar and local interactionsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2009Spectroscopy of unbound states under quasifree scattering conditions: One-neutron knockout reaction of Be-14PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2009State-Independent Quantum Contextuality with Single PhotonsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2009Superscaling of non-quasielastic electron-nucleus scatteringPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2009Theory of (d,p) and (p,d) reactions including breakup: Comparison of methodsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2009U-BF (5) to SUBF (3) shape phase transition in odd nuclei for j=1/2, 3/2, and 5/2 orbits: The role of the odd particle at the critical pointPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2009Universality of State-Independent Violation of Correlation Inequalities for Noncontextual TheoriesPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2009Vibrated granular gas confined by a pistonPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo20083D short-range wetting and nonlocalityPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Corrección20083D short-range wetting and nonlocality (vol 100, artn 136105, 2008)PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2008Absolute instability of a liquid jet in a coflowing streamPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2008Brownian motion under annihilation dynamicsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2008Continuum discretization methods in a composite particle scattering off a nucleus: Benchmark calculationsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2008Decoherence as a signature of an excited-state quantum phase transitionPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2008Dynamics of annihilation. I. Linearized Boltzmann equation and hydrodynamicsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2008Dynamics of annihilation. II. Fluctuations of global quantitiesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2008Effect of on-site Coulomb repulsion term U on the band-gap states of the reduced rutile (110) TiO(2) surfacePHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2008Effective shell model Hamiltonians from density functional theory: quadrupolar and pairing correlationsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2008Evolution of nuclear shapes in medium mass isotopes from a microscopic perspectivePHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2008Experimental demonstration of a quantum protocol for byzantine agreement and liar detectionPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2008Experimental determination of thermal entanglement in spin clusters using magnetic susceptibility measurementsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2008Experimental study of the (91)Zr(n, gamma) reaction up to 26 keVPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2008Experimentally Testable State-Independent Quantum ContextualityPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2008Fast-ion losses due to high-frequency MHD perturbations in the ASDEX upgrade tokamakPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2008Final-state interactions in the superscaling analysis of neutral-current quasielastic neutrino scatteringPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2008Finite-size fluctuations and stochastic resonance in globally coupled bistable systemsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2008Four-body continuum-discretized coupled-channels calculations using a transformed harmonic oscillator basisPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Editorial2008Gaertner et al. ReplyPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2008Generalized Ardehali-Bell inequalities for graph statesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2008Influence of the strong magnetocrystalline anisotropy on the magnetocaloric properties of MnP single crystalPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2008Linear response and hydrodynamics for granular fluidsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2008Liquid flow focused by a gas: Jetting, dripping, and recirculationPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2008Mermin inequalities for perfect correlationsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2008Microcanonical quantum fluctuation theoremsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2008Microscopic calculation and local approximation of the spatial dependence of the pairing field with bare and induced interactionsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2008Multichannel architecture for electronic quantum Hall interferometryPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2008Multiple scattering effects in quasifree scattering from halo nuclei: A test of the distorted-wave impulse approximationPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2008Multipole expansion of the electrostatic interaction between charged colloids at interfacesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2008Nanofluidization electrostaticsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2008Necessary and sufficient detection efficiency for the Mermin inequalitiesPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2008Neutron capture cross section of Zr-90: Bottleneck in the s-process reaction flowPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2008Periodic arrangements of chiral scatterers providing negative refractive index bi-isotropic mediaPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2008Population of mixed-symmetry states via alpha transfer reactionsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2008Proposed experiment for testing quantum contextuality with neutronsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2008Proton-proton correlations observed in two-proton decay of (19)Mg and (16)NePHYSICAL REVIEW C
Editorial2008Quantum key distribution in the Holevo limit - ReplyPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2008Relation between E(5) models and the interacting boson modelPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2008Role of fluctuations in the response of coupled bistable units to weak time-periodic driving forcesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2008Sequential Implementation of Global Quantum OperationsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2008Shape transitions in neutron-rich Yb, Hf, W, Os, and Pt isotopes within a Skyrme Hartree-Fock plus BCS approachPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2008Shear state of freely evolving granular gasesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2008Solitons in one-dimensional nonlinear Schrödinger lattices with a local inhomogeneityPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2008Spatiotemporal instability of a confined capillary jetPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2008Stability of coflowing capillary jets under nonaxisymmetric perturbationsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2008Statistics of orbital entanglement production in quantum-chaotic dotsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2008Superscaling and charge-changing neutrino scattering from nuclei in the Delta region beyond the relativistic Fermi gas modelPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2008Superscaling predictions for neutral current quasielastic neutrino-nucleus scatteringPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2008Tailoring of magnetocaloric response in nanostructured materials: Role of anisotropyPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2008Theoretical study of the conductance of ferromagnetic atomic-sized contactsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2008Theory of excitonic states in medium-sized quantum dotsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2008Transport coefficients for the hard-sphere granular fluidPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2008Turbulence in pneumatic flow focusing and flow blurring regimesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2008Two-body scattering without angular-momentum decompositionPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2008Unconditional jettingPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2008Unified homogenization theory for magnetoinductive and electromagnetic waves in split-ring metamaterialsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2008Universality in the energy spectrum of medium-sized quantum dotsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2007Ab initio calculations of elastic properties of compressed PtPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2007Absolute instability of a viscous hollow jetPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2007Angular distributions of protons scattered by Ar-40 nuclei with excitation of the 2(+)(1.46 MeV) and 3(-)(3.68 MeV) collective levels for incident energies of 25.1, 32.5, and 40.7 MeVPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2007Approximate Lane consistency of the dispersive coupled-channels potential for actinidesPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2007Bipartite all-versus-nothing proofs of Bell's theorem with single-qubit measurementsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2007Characterizing electron entanglement in multiterminal mesoscopic conductorsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2007Continuum description with pseudostate wave functionsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2007Critical-point symmetries in boson-fermion systems: The case of shape transitions in odd nuclei in a multiorbit modelPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2007Dirac equation and quantum relativistic effects in a single trapped ionPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2007Dynamics of the Davydov-Scott monomer in a thermal bath: comparison of the full quantum and semiclassical approachesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2007E(5) and X(5) shape phase transitions within a Skyrme-Hartree-Fock plus BCS approachPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2007Electro-flow focusing: The high-conductivity low-viscosity limitPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Corrección2007Electro-flow focusing: The high-conductivity low-viscosity limit (vol 98, art no 134503, 2007)PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2007Experimental quantum "Guess my Number" protocol using multiphoton entanglementPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2007Few-body multiple scattering calculations for He-6 on protonsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2007Final-state interactions and superscaling in the semi-relativistic approach to quasielastic electron and neutrino scatteringPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2007How much entanglement can be generated between two atoms by detecting photons?PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2007Improved di-neutron cluster model for He-6 scatteringPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2007Inductive entanglement classification of four qubits under stochastic local operations and classical communicationPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2007Influence of spacer layer morphology on the exchange-bias properties of reactively sputtered Co/Ag multilayersPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2007Influence of temperature on the interaction between Pd clusters and the TiO2(110) surfacePHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2007Magnetocaloric effect due to spin reorientation in the crystalline electrical field: Theory applied to DyAl2PHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2007Measurement of the neutron capture cross section of the s-only isotope Pb-204 from 1 eV to 440 keVPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2007Measurement of the radiative neutron capture cross section of Pb-206 and its astrophysical implicationsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2007Minimum detection efficiency for a loophole-free atom-photon bell experimentPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2007Nuclear polarizability of helium isotopes in atomic transitionsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2007Observation of two-proton radioactivity of Mg-19 by tracking the decay productsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2007Polarization observables in the elastic scattering of protons from (4,6,8)HePHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2007Quantum calculation of vortices in the inner crust of neutron starsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2007Quasielastic charged-current neutrino-nucleus scatteringPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2007Relationship between scaling behavior and porosity of plasma-deposited TiO(2) thin filmsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2007Rescattering effects in proton elastic scattering from halo nuclei: A test of the Glauber approximationPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2007Satellites in the inviscid breakup of bubblesPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2007Scaling behavior and mechanism of formation of SiO2 thin films grown by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor depositionPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2007Semiclassical calculation of heavy-ion scattering in the chaotic regimePHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2007Sequential quantum cloningPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2007Shape phase transition in odd nuclei in a multi-j model: The U-B(6)circle times U-F(12) casePHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2007Shape-phase transitions and two-particle transfer intensitiesPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2007Sine-Gordon ratchets with general periodic, additive, and parametric driving forcesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2007Six-qubit permutation-based decoherence-free orthogonal basisPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2007Spreading in narrow channelsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2007Superscaling and neutral current quasielastic neutrino-nucleus scattering beyond the relativistic Fermi gas modelPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2007The La-139(n,gamma) cross section: Key for the onset of the s-processPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2007Thermal equilibrium and statistical thermometers in special relativityPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2007Three-body description of direct nuclear reactions: Comparison with the continuum discretized coupled channels methodPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2007Towards a systematic design of isotropic bulk magnetic metamaterials using the cubic point groups of symmetryPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2007Two-dimensional discrete solitons in rotating latticesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2007Two-level interacting boson models beyond the mean fieldPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2007Types of gas fluidization of cohesive granular materialsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2007Use of Parsons-Lee and onsager theories to predict nematic and demixing behavior in binary mixtures of hard rods and hard spheresPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2007Very large stochastic resonance gains in finite sets of interacting identical subsystems driven by subthreshold rectangular pulsesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo200695 MeV neutron scattering on hydrogen, deuterium, carbon, and oxygenPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2006Bipartite bell inequalities for hyperentangled statesPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2006Bubbling in unbounded coflowing liquidsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2006Coulomb breakup in a transformed harmonic oscillator basisPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2006Dislocation patterns and the similitude principle: 2.5D mesoscale simulationsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2006Domain wall dynamics in expanding spacesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2006Dynamics of momentum entanglement in lowest-order QEDPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2006Effect of compaction history on the fluidization behavior of fine cohesive powdersPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Corrección2006Effective capillary interaction of spherical particles at fluid interfaces (vol 71, pg 051401, 2005)Physical Review E: Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics
Artículo2006Electronic Hong-Ou-Mandel interferometer for multimode entanglement detectionPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2006Enhancing the violation of the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen local realism by quantum hyperentanglementPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2006Entanglement production in chaotic quantum dots subject to spin-orbit couplingPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Corrección2006Erratum: Bubbling in unbounded coflowing liquids (vol 96, art no 124504, 2006)PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2006Excitation modes of He-6 from proton collisionsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2006Existence of bound states of a polaron with a breather in soft potentialsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2006Experimental determination of the nonextensive entropic parameter qPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2006Experimental noise-resistant Bell-inequality violations for polarization-entangled photonsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2006Experimental violation of Bell's inequality beyond Tsirelson's boundPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2006First-principles calculations of structural and electronic properties of monoclinic hafnia surfacesPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2006First-principles periodic calculation of four-body spin terms in high-T-c cuprate superconductorsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2006Flux reversal in a simple random-walk model on a fluctuating symmetric latticePHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2006gamma spectroscopy of Ne-25,Ne-27 and Na-26,Na-27PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2006General study of superscaling in quasielastic (e, e ') and (v, mu) reactions using the relativistic impulse approximationPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2006Generation of bipartite spin entanglement via spin-independent scatteringPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2006High viscosity gas fluidization of fine particles: an extended window of quasihomogeneous flowPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2006High-frequency effects in the FitzHugh-Nagumo neuron modelPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2006Homometallic ferrimagnetism in the zig-zag chain compound Na2Cu5Si4O14PHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2006Hydrodynamic profiles for an impurity in an open vibrated granular gasPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2006Inductive classification of multipartite entanglement under stochastic local operations and classical communicationPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2006Influence of the angular distribution function of incident particles on the microstructure and anomalous scaling behavior of thin filmsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2006Isotope shift of the 3 S-2(1/2)-2 S-2(1/2) transition in lithium and the nuclear polarizabilityPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2006Macroscopic pairing vibrational model, self-consistent pairing coupling constant, and the fifth term of von Weizsacker's semiempirical formulaPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2006Magnetic and microstructural analysis of palladium nanoparticles with different capping systemsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2006Measurement of the Sm-151(n, gamma) cross section from 0.6 eV to 1 MeV via the neutron time-of-flight technique at the CERN n_TOF facilityPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2006Measurements of the Mg-25(B-11,C-12)Na-24 and Mg-25(B-11,Be-10)Al-26 proton transfer reactionsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2006Mechanism of GaN quantum dots capped with AlN: an AFM, electron microscopy, and x-ray anomalous diffraction studyPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2006Medium polarization isotopic effects on nuclear binding energiesPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2006Mesoscopic theory of critical fluctuations in isolated granular gasesPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2006Microscopic calculations of double and triple giant resonance excitations in heavy ion collisionsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2006Neutron capture cross section of Th-232 measured at the n_TOF facility at CERN in the unresolved resonance region up to 1 MeVPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2006New measurement of neutron capture resonances in Bi-209PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2006O-18+Pd-110: Measurements and realistic coupled-channel analysis in a transitional regionPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2006One-particle spectroscopic intensities as a signature of shape phase transition: The y-unstable casePHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2006Proposal for a modified Moller-Plesset perturbation theoryPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2006Quantum stochastic synchronizationPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2006Radiationless traveling waves in saturable nonlinear Schrödinger latticesPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2006Ratchet effect in a damped sine-Gordon system with additive and parametric ac driving forcesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2006Relativistic Coulomb excitation of the giant dipole resonance in nuclei: How to calculate transition probabilities without invoking the Lienard-Wiechert relativistic scalar and vector potentialsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2006Relativity and lorentz invariance of entanglement distillabilityPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Letter2006Reply to "Comment on 'Existence of internal modes of sine-Gordon kinks' "PHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2006Resonance capture cross section of Pb-207PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2006Scalar two-level boson model to study the interacting boson model phase diagram in the Casten trianglePHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2006Spin entanglement loss by local correlation transfer to the momentumPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2006Spin entanglement loss by local correlation transfer to the momentumPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2006Stabilization from chaotic to periodical states in a model of cellular automaton for oxidation of COPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2006Stochastic resonance of collective variables in finite sets of interacting identical subsystemsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2006Structural explanation of the rheology of a colloidal suspension under high dc electric fieldsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2006Superscaling analysis of inclusive electron scattering and its extension to charge-changing neutrino-nucleus cross sections beyond the relativistic Fermi gas approachPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2006Superscaling and neutral current quasielastic neutrino-nucleus scatteringPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2006Time-dependent aspects of the semiclassical approach in the analysis of heavy ion reactionsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2006Transport coefficients for dense hard-disk systemsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2006Two-player quantum pseudotelepathy based on recent all-versus-nothing violations of local realismPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2005Ab initio x-ray absorption study of copper K-edge XANES spectra in Cu(II) compoundsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2005Aharonov-Bohm effect for an exciton in a finite-width nanoringPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2005Analytical approach to soliton ratchets in asymmetric potentialsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2005Anisotropy-induced polarization mixture of surface acoustic waves in GaN/c-sapphire heterostructuresPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2005Attractive and repulsive contributions of medium fluctuations to nuclear superfluidityPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2005Axisymmetric bubble pinch-off at high Reynolds numbersPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2005Bell's inequalities with realistic noise for polarization-entangled photons - art. no. 0521112PHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2005beta(4) potential at the U(5)-O(6) critical point of the interacting boson modelPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2005Comment on “Soliton ratchets induced by excitation of internal modes”PHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2005Continuous unitary transformations in two-level boson systemsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2005Dispersive coupled-channel analysis of nucleon scattering from Th-232 up to 200 MeVPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2005Effective capillary interaction of spherical particles at fluid interfacesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2005Electronic properties of bulk gamma-Al2O3PHYSICAL REVIEW B
Corrección2005Electronic properties of bulk gamma-Al2O3 (vol. 72, pág. 035116, 2005)PHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2005Electronic structure of CaCu2O3: Spin ladder versus one-dimensional spin chainPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2005Energy partition and segregation for an intruder in a vibrated granular system under gravity - art. no. 0978001PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2005Exact numerical solutions for dark waves on the discrete nonlinear Schrödinger equationPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2005Finite-size scaling exponents in the interacting boson modelPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2005Formal derivation of dissipative particle dynamics from first principlesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2005General behavior of the effective nucleon-nucleon interaction as a function of the relative velocityPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2005Geometric phases and Andreev reflection in hybrid ringsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2005How much larger quantum correlations are than classical onesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2005Hydrodynamic modes for a granular gas from kinetic theoryPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2005Influence of the excited states on the electron-energy distribution function in low-pressure microwave argon plasmasPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2005Is a global coupled-channel dispersive optical model potential for actinides feasible?PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2005Level densities of transitional Sm nucleiPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2005Loophole-free Bell's experiments and two-photon all-versus-nothing violations of local realismPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2005Magnetic entropy change of Pr1-xCaxMnO3 manganites (0.2 <= x <= 0.95)PHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2005Mechanism of Cu deposition on the alpha-Al2O3 (0001) surfacePHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2005Motion of discrete solitons assisted by nonlinearity managementPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2005Near-perfect tunneling and amplification of evanescent electromagnetic waves in a waveguide filled by a metamaterial: Theory and experimentsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2005One nucleon transfer operator and nuclear supersymmetryPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2005Pairing matrix elements and pairing gaps with bare, effective, and induced interactionsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2005Phase transitions in the interacting boson fermion model: The gamma-unstable casePHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2005Physics of compaction of fine cohesive particlesPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2005Proposed experiment for the quantum "Guess My Number" protocolPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2005Quality of the restricted variation after projection method with angular momentum projectionPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2005Quantum mechanical description of Stern-Gerlach experimentsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2005Random initial condition in small Barabasi-Albert networks and deviations from the scale-free behaviorPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2005Relationship between coercivity and magnetic moment of superparamagnetic particles with dipolar interactionPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2005Role of orbital dynamics in spin relaxation and weak antilocalization in quantum dotsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2005Role of vacancies in the structural stability of alpha-TiO: A first-principles study based on density-functional calculationsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2005Scaling and universality of critical fluctuations in granular gasesPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2005Semiclassical theory of weak antilocalization and spin relaxation in ballistic quantum dotsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2005Semirelativistic description of quasielastic neutrino reactions and superscaling in a continuum shell modelPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2005Signatures of spin-related phases in transport through regular polygonsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2005Stronger two-observer all-versus-nothing violation of local realismPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2005Superscaling in charged current neutrino quasielastic scattering in the relativistic impulse approximationPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2005Theory of frequency and phase synchronization in a rocked bistable stochastic systemPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2005Three-body continuum discretization in a basis of transformed harmonic oscillator statesPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2005Three-body continuum-discretized coupled-channel calculations for He-6 scattering from heavy nucleiPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2005Three-dimensional superresolution in metamaterial slab lenses: Experiment and theoryPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2005Using electron scattering superscaling to predict charge-changing neutrino cross sections in nucleiPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2004A((e)over-right-arrow,e '(p)over-right-arrow)B responses: From bare nucleons to complex nucleiPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2004Aharonov-Bohm physics with spin. I. Geometric phases in one-dimensional ballistic ringsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2004Aharonov-Bohm physics with spin. II. Spin-flip effects in two-dimensional ballistic systemsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2004Analysis of polarized /sup 16/o(e,e'p) observables within the relativistic distorted wave impulse approximationPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2004Anisotropic diffusion-limited aggregationPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2004Artificial magnetic metamaterial design by using spiral resonatorsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2004Asymptotic capture number and island size distributions for one-dimensional irreversible submonolayer growthPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2004Babinet principle applied to the design of metasurfaces and metamaterialsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2004Beyond mean field description of shape coexistence in neutron-deficient Pb isotopesPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2004Breather statics and dynamics in Klein-Gordon chains with a bendPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2004Bright and dark breathers in Fermi-Pasta-Ulam latticesPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2004Bubble generation in a twisted and bent DNA-like modelPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Nota2004Comment on "Bell's theorem without inequalities and without alignments"PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Editorial2004Comment on "Bell's theorem without inequalities and without alignments" - ReplyPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Editorial2004Comment on "Electrodynamics of metallic photonic crystals and the problem of left-handed materials"PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Letter2004Comment on "Electrodynamics of Metallic Photonic Crystals and the Problem of Left-Handed Materials" [1]PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2004Decoherence-free quantum information processing with four-photon entangled statesPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2004Describing resonances in a discrete basisPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2004Diffusion-limited aggregation with power-law pinningPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2004Effects of additive noise on vibrational resonance in a bistable systemPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Corrección2004Effects of additive noise on vibrational resonance in a bistable system (vol E 69, art no 046108, 2004)PHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2004Electric-field and exciton structure in CdSe nanocrystalsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2004Electronic structure of crystalline binary and ternary Cd-Te-O compoundsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2004Energy fluctuations in the homogeneous cooling state of granular gasesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2004Energy funneling in a bent chain of Morse oscillators with long-range couplingPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Corrección2004Erratum: Effects of additive noise on vibrational resonance in a bistable system (Physical Review E (2004) 69 (046108))Physical Review E: Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics
Artículo2004Exactly solvable model of monomer-monomer reactions on a two-dimensional random catalytic substratePHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2004Global and consistent analysis of the heavy-ion elastic scattering and fusion processesPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2004Higher order effects in the O-16(d,p) and O-16 (d,n)F-17 transfer reactionsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2004Induced nucleon polarization and meson-exchange currents in (e,e(')p) reactionsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2004Inelastic electron-nucleus scattering and scaling at high inelasticityPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2004Interfacial structure at a two-dimensional wedge filling transition: Exact results and a renormalization group studyPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2004Jamming threshold of dry fine powdersPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2004Model for spreading of liquid monolayersPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2004Neutron capture cross section measurement of Sm-151 at the CERN neutron time of flight facility (n_TOF)PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2004Nonlinear stochastic resonance with subthreshold rectangular pulsesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2004Nonlocality and short-range wetting phenomenaPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2004Origin and evaluation of the four-spin operators in magnetic latticesPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2004Parity inversion and breakdown of shell closure in Be isotopesPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2004Perfectly monodisperse microbubbling by capillary flow focusing: An alternate physical description and universal scalingPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2004Phase diagram of the proton-neutron interacting boson modelPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2004Proposed experiment to test the bounds of quantum correlationsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2004Relativistic Coulomb excitation of the giant dipole resonance in nuclei: A straightforward approachPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2004Simulation study of the Green-Kubo relations for dilute granular gasesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2004Spin interference effects in ring conductors subject to Rashba couplingPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2004Steady-state representation of the homogeneous cooling state of a granular gasPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2004Tensor analyzing powers for Li-7 induced transfer breakup reactionsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2004The sextic oscillator as a γ-independent potentialPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2004Theory of spin waves in diluted-magnetic-semiconductor quantum wellsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2004Unveiling the origin of shape coexistence in lead isotopesPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2004Validity of the Boltzmann equation to describe low-density granular systemsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2003Analytical expressions for the dispersive contributions to the nucleon-nucleus optical potentialPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2003Bell's theorem without inequalities and without alignmentsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2003Breakup and core coupling in N-14(Be-7,B-8)C-13PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2003Cellular automaton model for the simulation of laser dynamicsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2003Closed model for granular compaction under weak tappingPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Editorial2003Comment on "Bell's theorem without inequalities and without probabilities for two observers" - ReplyPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Letter2003Comment on "bell's theorem without inequalities and without probabilities for two observers" (multiple letter)PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Editorial2003Comment on "Left-Handed-Media simulation and transmission of EM waves in subwavelength split-ring-resonator-loaded metallic waveguides" - ReplyPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Letter2003Comment on "left-handed-media simulation and transmission of EM waves in subwavelength split-ring-resonator-loaded metallic waveguides" (multiple letters)PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2003Conditions for adiabatic spin transport in disordered systemsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2003Continuum discretization using orthogonal polynomialsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2003Effect of particle size and interparticle force on the fluidization behavior of gas-fluidized bedsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2003Elastic neutron scattering at 96 MeV from C-12 and Pb-208PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2003Equilibrium properties of a monomer-monomer catalytic reaction on a one-dimensional chainPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Corrección2003Erratum: Two qubits of a W state violate Bell's inequality beyond Cirel'son's bound (Phys. Rev. A (2002) 66 (042114))PHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2003Experimental determination of the surface density for the 6He exotic nucleusPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2003Experimental evidence, numerics, and theory of vibrational resonance in bistable systemsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2003Experimental study on the dynamics of gas-fluidized bedsPhysical Review E: Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics
Artículo2003Ferromagnetism in fcc twinned 2.4 nm size Pd nanoparticlesPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2003Fluid adsorption near an apex: Covariance between complete and critical wettingPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2003Four-spin cyclic exchange in spin ladder cupratesPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2003Gain in stochastic resonance: Precise numerics versus linear response theory beyond the two-mode approximationPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2003Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger-like proof of Bell's theorem involving observers who do not share a reference framePHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2003Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger-like proof of Bell's theorem involving observers who do not share a reference framePHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2003Hydrodynamic modes for granular gasesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2003Hydrodynamic modes for granular gasesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2003Internal mode mechanism for collective energy transport in extended systemsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2003Kochen-Specker theorem for a single qubit using positive operator-valued measuresPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2003Kochen-Specker theorem for a single qubit using positive operator-valued measuresPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2003Liquid crystal behavior of the kihara fluidPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2003Magnetic phase diagram for a nonextensive system: Experimental connection with manganitesPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2003Meson-exchange currents in (e,e ' p) recoil polarization observablesPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2003Model of high-temperature plastic deformation of nanocrystalline materials: Application to yttria tetragonal zirconiaPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2003Nuclear model effects in charged-current neutrino-nucleus quasielastic scatteringPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2003Phase switching in a system of two noisy Hodgkin-Huxley neurons coupled by a diffusive interactionPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2003Phase transitions and critical points in the rare-earth regionPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2003Pumping of liquids with ac voltages applied to asymmetric pairs of microelectrodesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2003Quantum phase transitions in the interacting boson model: Integrability, level repulsion, and level crossingPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2003Reaction mechanisms in the scattering of Li-8 on Pb-208 around the Coulomb barrierPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2003Richardson's pair diffusion and the stagnation point structure of turbulencePHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2003Rotationally invariant proof of Bell's theorem without inequalitiesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2003Semirelativistic meson-exchange currents in (e,e(')) and (e,e(')p) reactionsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Editorial2003Singularities and spatial fluctuations in submonolayer epitaxy - ReplyPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Letter2003Singularities and spatial fluctuations in submonolayer epitaxy (multiple letters)PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2003Solving the liar detection problem using the four-qubit singlet statePHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2003Strong spatial dispersion in wire media in the very large wavelength limitPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2003Subthreshold stochastic resonance: Rectangular signals can cause anomalous large gainsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2003Surface and capillary transitions in an associating binary mixture modelPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2003Systematical study of the optical potential for systems like A+58Ni from sub-barrier data analysesPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Corrección2003Two qubits of a W state violate Bell's inequality beyond Cirel'son's bound (vol A 66, art no 042114, 2002)PHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2003Two-state theory of nonlinear stochastic resonancePHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2003U(5)-O(6) transition in the interacting boson model and the E(5) critical point symmetryPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2003Using the finite domain remnant of the continuous spectrum to examine integrability: effect of boundary conditionsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2003Using the finite domain remnant of the continuous spectrum to examine integrability: effect of boundary conditionsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2003Velocity distribution of fluidized granular gases in the presence of gravityPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2003Vortex breakdown control by adding near-axis swirl and temperature gradientsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2003Vortex breakdown control by adding near-axis swirl and temperature gradientsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2002A K=3 two-quasiparticle isomer in Sr-98PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2002B-8 breakup in elastic and transfer reactionsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2002Bell's inequality for n spin-s particlesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2002Bell's theorem with and without inequalities for the three-qubit Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger and W statesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2002Boson-conserving one-nucleon transfer operator in the interacting boson modelPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2002Breathers in a system with helicity and dipole interactionPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2002Chemical isomerism as a key to explore free-energy landscapes in disordered matterPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2002Conformal map modeling of the pinning transition in Laplacian growthPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2002Continuum coupling in one-dimensional scattering using a transformed harmonic oscillator basisPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2002Coupling to breakup channels using a transformed harmonic oscillator basisPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2002Determination of the C-12 nuclear density through heavy-ion elastic scattering experimentsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2002Diffusion in a granular fluid. I. TheoryPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2002Diffusion in a granular fluid. II. SimulationPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2002Dipolar origin of the gas-liquid coexistence of the hard-core 1 : 1 electrolyte modelPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Corrección2002Disorder induced diffusive transport in ratchets (vol 85, pg 3321, 2000)PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2002Dispersive spherical optical model of neutron scattering from Al-27 up to 250 MeVPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2002Effective dynamics and steady state of an Ising model submitted to tapping processesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2002Fine cohesive powders in rotating drums: transition from rigid- plastic flow to gas-fluidized regimePHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2002Finite-precision measurement does not nullify the Kochen-Specker theoremPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2002Fluid flow induced by nonuniform ac electric fields in electrolytes on microelectrodes. III. Observation of streamlines and numerical simulationPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2002Gas heating in low-pressure microwave argon dischargesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2002Ginzburg-Landau expansion in non-Fermi-liquid superconductors: effect of the mass renormalization factorPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2002High-temperature evolution of coercivity in nanocrystalline alloysPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2002Hydrodynamic Maxwell demon in granular systemsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2002Interaction of Pd with alpha-Al2O3(0001): a case study of modeling the metal-oxide interface on complex substratesPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2002Interplay of nonlinearity and geometry in a DNA-related, Klein-Gordon model with long-range dipole-dipole interactionPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2002Left-handed-media simulation and transmission of EM waves in subwavelength split-ring-resonator-loaded metallic waveguidesPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2002Magnetic behavior of a nonextensive S-spin system: Possible connections to manganitesPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2002Microscopic description of Coulomb and nuclear excitation of multiphonon states in Ca-40+Ca-40 collisionsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2002N-particle N-level singlet states: Some properties and applicationsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2002N-particle N-level singlet states: Some properties and applicationsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2002Noise-induced resonances in the Hindmarsh-Rose neuronal modelPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2002Precise nuclear matter densities from heavy-ion collisionsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2002Quadrupole collectivity in N ≈ 28 nuclei with the angular momentum projected generator coordinate methodPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2002Resonance Raman scattering in semiconductor quantum dots: adiabatic versus time-dependent perturbation theoryPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2002Resonant Raman scattering off neutral quantum dotsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2002Role of bianisotropy in negative permeability and left-handed metamaterialsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2002Search for E(5) symmetry in nuclei: The Ru isotopesPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2002Self-rotation in electrocapillary flowsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2002Soliton ratchetsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2002Stability and bifurcations of the figure-8 solution of the three-body problemPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2002Surface effects in nuclear Cooper pair formationPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2002Tensor representation of the nucleon-nucleon amplitudePHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2002Toward a global description of the nucleus-nucleus interactionPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2002Transversal inhomogeneities in dilute vibrofluidized granular fluidsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2002Two qubits of a W state violate Bell's inequality beyond Cirel'son's boundPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2002Two qubits of a W state violate Bell's inequality beyond Cirel'son's boundPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2002Vibrational resonance in a noise-induced structurePHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2002Violating bell's inequality beyond Cirel'son's boundPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2001"All versus nothing" inseparability for two observersPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2001Addendum to "Quantum key distribution without alternative measurements"PHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2001Aggregation and sedimentation in gas-fluidized beds of cohesive powdersPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2001Anomalies of ac driven solitary waves with internal modes: Nonparametric resonances induced by parametric forcesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2001Bell's theorem without inequalities and without probabilities for two observersPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2001Combination of XANES spectroscopy and molecular dynamics to probe the local structure in disordered systemsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2001Continuum discretization in a basis of transformed harmonic-oscillator statesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2001Correlation between bulk stresses and interparticle contact forces in fine powdersPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2001Dynamical mean-field solution of coupled quantum wells: A bifurcation analysisPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2001E2 transitions and quadrupole moments in the E(5) symmetryPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2001Effect of vibration on the stability of a gas-fluidized bed of fine powderPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2001Electromagnetic transitions and structure in the Z=N nucleus V-46PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2001Glasslike dynamical behavior in hierarchical models submitted to continuous cooling and heating processesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2001Hydrodynamics of an open vibrated granular systemPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2001Linear response of vibrated granular systems to sudden changes in the vibration intensityPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2001Looking for self-organized critical behavior in avalanches of slightly cohesive powdersPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2001Molecular-dynamics-based investigation of scattering path contributions to the EXAFS spectrum: The Cr3+ aqueous solution casePHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2001Multiparty multilevel Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger statesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2001Nonequivalence of phonon modes in the sine-Gordon equationPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2001Orientational transitions in a nematic liquid crystal confined by competing surfacesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2001Perfectly monodisperse microbubbling by capillary flow focusingPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2001Proposal of an extended t-J Hamiltonian for high-T-c cuprates from ab initio calculations on embedded clustersPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2001Quantum transport in nonuniform magnetic fields: Aharonov-Bohm ring as a spin switchPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2001Rate-equation approach to island capture zones and size distributions in epitaxial growthPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2001Rate-equation approach to island size distributions and capture numbers in submonolayer irreversible growthPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2001Relativistic mean field approximation to the analysis of O-16(e,e ' p) N-15 data at vertical bar Q(2)vertical bar <= 0.4 (GeV/c)(2)PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Letter2001Reply to "Comment on 'Quantum key distribution without alternative measurements'" [Phys. Rev. A 63, 036301 (2001)]PHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2001Self-diffusion in a gas-fluidized bed of fine powderPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2001Semiclassical description of Stern-Gerlach experimentsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2001Slow logarithmic relaxation in models with hierarchically constrained dynamicsPhysical Review E: Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics
Artículo2000Anharmonic double-phonon excitations in the interacting boson modelPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2000Anharmonic double-γ vibrations in nuclei and their description in the interacting boson modelPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2000Anomalous resonance phenomena of solitary waves with internal modesPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2000Avalanches in fine, cohesive powdersPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2000Boundary conditions and normal state for a vibrated granular fluidPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2000Closed-loop phase equilibria of a symmetrical associating mixture of square-well molecules examined by Gibbs ensemble Monte Carlo simulationPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2000Coexistence and criticality in size-asymmetric hard-core electrolytesPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2000Comparison between quantum and approximate semiclassical dynamics of an externally driven spin-harmonic oscillator systemPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Corrección2000Cone-jet analytical extension of Taylor's electrostatic solution and the asymptotic universal scaling laws in electrospraying (vol 79, pg 217, 1997)PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2000Configuration localized wave functions: General formalism and applications to vibrational spectroscopy of diatomic moleculesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2000Description of quadrupole collectivity in N ≈ 20 nuclei with techniques beyond the mean fieldPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2000Disorder induced diffusive transport in ratchetsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2000Distribution of escape times for a deterministically driven bistable systemPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2000Existence of internal modes of sine-Gordon kinksPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2000Fluid flow induced by nonuniform ac electric fields in electrolytes on microelectrodes. I. Experimental measurementsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2000Fluid flow induced by nonuniform ac electric fields in electrolytes on microelectrodes. II. A linear double-layer analysisPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2000High-spin state spectroscopy of Dy-143PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2000Hydrodynamic approach to the evolution of cosmological structuresPHYSICAL REVIEW D
Artículo2000Intrinsic state for an extended version of the interacting boson modelPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2000Multiphonon resonant Raman scattering in nanocrystalsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2000Nonlocality without inequalities has not been proved for maximally entangled statesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2000Pronounced shape change induced by quasiparticle alignmentPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2000Properties of the predicted superdeformed band in S-32PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo2000Quantum key distribution in the Holevo limitPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo2000Quantum key distribution without alternative measurementsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo2000Resonances in the dynamics of phi(4) kinks perturbed by ac forcesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2000Role of low-frequency vibrations on sound propagation in glasses at intermediate temperaturePHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2000Rotational dynamics in the plastic-crystal phase of ethanol: Relevance for understanding the dynamics during the structural glass transitionPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo2000The pi h(11/2)circle times nu h(11/2) yrast band in odd-odd Tb-140PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo1999Analysis of meson exchange and isobar currents in (e,e ' p) reactions from O-16PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo1999Analytic evaluation of Franck-Condon integrals for anharmonic vibrational wave functionsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo1999Brownian motion in a granular gasPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Letter1999Comment on '"Pairing interaction and Galilei invariance"PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo1999Comment on '"rapid granular flows as mesoscopic systems"PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo1999Configuration localized Morse wave functions: Application to vibrational transitions in anharmonic diatomic moleculesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo1999Coulomb excitation of a damped oscillator and the Brink-Axel mechanismPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo1999Dipole polarizability in the scattering of Li-11 below the Coulomb barrierPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo1999Effects of nonstoichiometry in the melting process of Y2O3 from molecular dynamics simulationsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo1999Evolving three-dimensional cellular automata to perform a quasiperiod-3 collective behavior taskPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo1999Excited states in Cd-104 described with the interacting boson model plus broken pairsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo1999Flow regimes in fine cohesive powdersPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo1999High energy tail in the velocity distribution of a granular gasPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo1999High-spin state spectroscopy in Tb-143PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo1999High-spin states in doubly odd Re-176 and signature inversion in pi h(9/2)circle times vi(13/2) structuresPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo1999Interplay between anchoring and wetting at a nematic-substrate interfacePHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo1999Isospin structure of one- and two-phonon giant dipole resonance excitationsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo1999Lobe dynamics and space charge distribution in nonsteady electroconvectionPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo1999Local character of magnetic coupling in ionic solidsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo1999Origin of density clustering in a freely evolving granular gasPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo1999Overdamped sine-Gordon kink in a thermal bathPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo1999Purely dynamical signature of the orientational glass transitionPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo1999Quadrupole moment of the yrast superdeformed band in Gd-144PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo1999Quantum correlations are not contained in the initial statePHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo1999Quantum correlations are not local elements of realityPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo1999Quasielastic scattering from relativistic bound nucleons: Transverse-longitudinal responsePHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo1999Resonant hyper-Raman scattering in spherical quantum dotsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo1999Resonant Raman scattering in self-assembled quantum dotsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo1999Simple model with facilitated dynamics for granular compactionPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo1999Simulation study of the link between molecular association and reentrant miscibility for a mixture of molecules with directional interactionsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo1999Surface vibrations and the pairing interaction in nucleiPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo1999Thermodynamic study of commensurate-incommensurate phase transitions in Rb2ZnCl4PHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo1999Transition quadrupole moments at high spin in Nd-133 rotational bandsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo1998Accurate path integral representations of the Fokker-Planck equation with a linear reference system: Comparative study of current theoriesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo1998Accurate quantum and statistical mechanics from system-specific operator expansionsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo1998Anharmonic dynamics in crystalline, glassy, and supercooled-liquid glycerol: A case study on the onset of relaxational behaviorPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo1998Anomalous hypersonic behavior of CuGeO3 prior to the spin-Peierls transitionPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo1998Dispersion of the prehistory distribution: Analog experiments and numerical resultsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo1998External-field effects on molecular electronic transitions in charge-transfer systemsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo1998Generation of steady liquid microthreads and micron-sized monodisperse sprays in gas streamsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo1998Hartree-Bose mean-field approximation for the interacting boson model (IBM-3)PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo1998Hydrodynamics for granular flow at low densityPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo1998Influence of valence neutron configuration on quadrupole deformation in doubly-odd Pr-134PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo1998Kinetic model for the hard-sphere fluid and solidPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo1998Ladder proof of nonlocality without inequalities and without probabilitiesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo1998Lifetime measurements of highly deformed bands in Nd-134,Nd-135 and Ce-131PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Letter1998Limit cycles of polynomial Lienard systemsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo1998Low and high Reynolds number flows inside Taylor conesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo1998Low-temperature specific heat and glassy dynamics of a polymorphic molecular solidPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo1998Molecular-dynamics simulations of (NaO2)(x)(SiO2)(1-x) glasses: Relation between distribution and diffusive behavior of Na atomsPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo1998Molecular-dynamics simulations of liquid aluminum oxidePHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo1998Molecular-dynamics simulations of premelting processes in Cr2O3PHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo1998Operator expansions in stochastic dynamicsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo1998Optical absorption and nonradiative decay mechanism of E ' center in silicaPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo1998Optical vibrons in CdSe dots and dispersion relation of the bulk materialPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo1998Proposed experimental tests of the Bell-Kochen-Specker theoremPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo1998Quenched disorder enhances chaotic diffusionPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Editorial1998Reply to "Comment on 'Model kinetic equation for low-density granular flow'"PHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo1998Rotational bands in Nd-133PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo1998Scattering of low-energy electrons by polar molecules: An analytic approachPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo1998Self-consistent rate-equation approach to transitions in critical island size in metal (100) and metal (111) homoepitaxyPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo1998Semiclassical approximation to neutron star superfluidity corrected for proximity effectsPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo1998Steady state of a fluidized granular medium between two walls at the same temperaturePHYSICAL REVIEW E
Letter1997Boson-realization model for the vibrational spectra of tetrahedral molecules - CommentPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo1997Brownian dynamics simulation of the prehistory problemPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo1997Cone-jet analytical extension of Taylor's electrostatic solution and the asymptotic universal scaling laws in electrosprayingPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo1997Delta E-gamma=30 keV ridge observed in the Cl-37+Sn-120 reactionPHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo1997Dispersion cancellation and quantum eraser experiments analyzed in the Wigner function formalismPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo1997Exact results for the lower critical solution in the asymmetric model of an interacting binary mixture - CommentPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS
Artículo1997Fourth-order interference in the Wigner representation for parametric down-conversion experimentsPHYSICAL REVIEW A
Artículo1997Glassy behavior in a simple model with entropy barriersPHYSICAL REVIEW B
Artículo1997High-spin states in doubly odd Lu-162,Lu-164PHYSICAL REVIEW C
Artículo1997No-hidden-variables proof for two spin-1/2 particles preselected and postselected in unentangled statesPHYSICAL REVIEW A
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Revisión1989Pairing fluctuations in rapidly rotating nucleiREVIEWS OF MODERN PHYSICS
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