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Guillermo Santos Sanchez

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Artículo2024 A lupin protein hydrolysate protects the central nervous system from oxidative stress in WD-fed ApoE MOLECULAR NUTRITION & FOOD RESEARCH
Artículo2024 Characterisation and beneficial effects of a Lupinus angustifolius protein hydrolysate obtained by immobilisation of the enzyme alcalase® FOOD & FUNCTION
Artículo2024 Food-derived peptides with inhibitory capacity for HMG-CoA reductase activity: a potential nutraceutical for hypercholesterolemia Food Science and Human Wellness
Artículo2023 Antioxidant effect assessment and trans epithelial analysis of new hempseed protein hydrolysates. ANTIOXIDANTS
Artículo2023 Chemical and biological characterization of the DPP-IV inhibitory activity exerted by lupin (Lupinus angustifolius) peptides: From the bench to the bedside investigation. FOOD CHEMISTRY
Revisión2023 Pleiotropic biological effects of Lupinus spp. protein hydrolysates TRENDS IN FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2022 A lupin (Lupinus angustifolius) protein hydrolysate exerts anxiolytic-like effects in western diet-fed apoE−/− mice INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES
Artículo2022 A Lupinus angustifolius protein hydrolysate exerts hypocholesterolemic effects in Western diet-fed ApoE−/− mice through the modulation of LDLR and PCSK9 pathways FOOD & FUNCTION
Artículo2022 Alcoholic fermentation with Pichia kluyveri could improve the melatonin bioavailability of orange juice JOURNAL OF FUNCTIONAL FOODS
Artículo2022 Bioactive Peptides from Lupin (Lupinus angustifolius) Prevent the Early Stages of Atherosclerosis in Western Diet-Fed ApoE–/– Mice JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY
Artículo2022 Hempseed (Cannabis sativa) peptides WVSPLAGRT and IGFLIIWV exert anti-inflammatory activity in the LPS-stimulated human hepatic cell line

Artículo2022 Hempseed (Cannabis sativa) protein hydrolysates: A valuable source of bioactive peptides with pleiotropic health-promoting effects TRENDS IN FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2022 Investigation of the intestinal trans-epithelial transport and antioxidant activity of two hempseed peptides WVSPLAGRT (H2) and IGFLIIWV (H3) FOOD RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2021 Anxiolytic-Like Effects of Lupinus angustifolious Protein Hydrolysates in Alzheimer Model Mice Proceedings (MDPI)
Artículo2021 Body composition assessment and mediterranean diet adherence in U12 Spanish male professional soccer players: cross-sectional study NUTRIENTS
Artículo2021 Extra virgin olive oil phenolic extract on human hepatic HEPG2 and intestinal CACO-2 cells: assessment of the antioxidant activity and intestinal trans-epithelial transport ANTIOXIDANTS
Artículo2021 Lupinus angustifolius protein hydrolysates reduce abdominal adiposity and ameliorate metabolic associated fatty liver disease (Mafld) in western diet fed-apoe−/− mice ANTIOXIDANTS
Artículo2021 Safety and efficacy of a beverage containing lupine protein hydrolysates on the immune, oxidative and lipid status in healthy subjects: an intervention study (the lupine-1 trial). MOLECULAR NUTRITION & FOOD RESEARCH
Artículo2020 Immunomodulatory and antioxidant properties of wheat gluten protein hydrolysates in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells NUTRIENTS
Resumen congreso2020 Melatonin reduces disability in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis by impairing immune cells migration and entry into the CNS MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS
Revisión2020 Nutritional ergogenic aids in racquet sports: A systematic review NUTRIENTS
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