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Artículo2024Design, tuning and in-field validation of energy harvesters for railway bridgesMECHANICAL SYSTEMS AND SIGNAL PROCESSING
Artículo2024Dual mode of action of IP3-dependent SR-Ca2+ release on local and global SR-Ca2+ release in ventricular cardiomyocytesJOURNAL OF MOLECULAR AND CELLULAR CARDIOLOGY
Artículo2024Homomorphisms between graphs embedded in surfacesEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF COMBINATORICS
Artículo2024Identification of age at death in red deer (Cervus elaphus) through the upper dentition: Eruption pattern, wear stage and crown heightsJOURNAL OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL SCIENCE
Artículo2024Livin' on the edge: reducing infanticide risk by maintaining proximity to potentially less infanticidal malesANIMAL BEHAVIOUR
Artículo2024Morphometric variations of two patellid limpets between artificial breakwaters and natural reefsESTUARINE COASTAL AND SHELF SCIENCE
Artículo2024Role of J-domain Proteins in Yeast Physiology and Protein Quality Control.JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR BIOLOGY
Artículo2024The romantic relationships of adopted adolescentsJOURNAL OF ADOLESCENCE
Artículo2024Treatment of landfill leachate by combined use of ultrasound and photocatalytic process using fly ash as catalystJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2024What does it take to renature cities? An expert-based analysis of barriers and strategies for the implementation of nature-based solutionsJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo20233D printed energy harvesters for railway bridges-Design optimisationMECHANICAL SYSTEMS AND SIGNAL PROCESSING
Artículo2023A comprehensive methodology to obtain electrical analogues of linear mechanical systemsMECHANICAL SYSTEMS AND SIGNAL PROCESSING
Artículo2023A frequency-domain approach to model vertical crowd-structure interaction in lightweight footbridgesJOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION
Artículo2023A sustainable-circular citrus closed-loop supply chain configuration: Pareto-based algorithmsJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2023Between grooves and pits: Trephic modifications resulting from air-scribe cleaning of archaeological boneJOURNAL OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL SCIENCE
Artículo2023Effects of freshet events on early life stages of fish and macroinvertebrates in a highly turbid estuary of Iberian PeninsulaESTUARINE COASTAL AND SHELF SCIENCE
Artículo2023Identification of potential invasive alien species in Spain through horizon scanningJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2023Key drivers of the textile and clothing industry decarbonisation within the EU-27JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2023Mapping environmental crime to characterize human impacts on islands: an applied and methodological research in Canary Islands.JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Letter2023Ocular microbiome evaluation in dry eye disease and meibomian gland dysfunction: Values of variables.EXPERIMENTAL EYE RESEARCH
Artículo2023Performance evaluation and users' perception of courtyards role in indoor areas of mediterranean social housing.JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2023Spatial and temporal variability of shorefaces: A morpho-hydrodynamic controlled systemESTUARINE COASTAL AND SHELF SCIENCE
Artículo2023Sport fishing and vessel pressure on the endangered cetacean Delphinus delphis. Towards an international agreement of micro-sanctuary for its conservationJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2023The Role of Ribosomal Proteins eL15 and eL36 in the Early Steps of Yeast 60S Ribosomal Subunit AssemblyJOURNAL OF MOLECULAR BIOLOGY
Artículo2023Validation of the Food Purchase Task (FPT) in a clinical sample of smokers with overweight and obesityAPPETITE
Artículo2022Antibiotic adsorption by natural and modified clay minerals as designer adsorbents for wastewater treatment: a comprehensive review.JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2022Climate- and fire-smart landscape scenarios call for redesigning protection regimes to achieve multiple management goalsJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2022Experimental measurement of track irregularities using a scaled track recording vehicle and Kalman filtering techniquesMECHANICAL SYSTEMS AND SIGNAL PROCESSING
Artículo2022Fire and land use impact soil properties in a Mediterranean dry sclerophyll woodlandJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2022Insight into the role of temperature, time and pH in the effective zirconium retention using clay mineralsJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2022Mechanisms for longitudinal transport on early life stages in benthic-pelagic fishes within a tide-dominated estuaryESTUARINE COASTAL AND SHELF SCIENCE
Artículo2022Modeling viscous damping for transverse oscillations in reeving systems using the Arbitrary Lagrangian–Eulerian Modal approachJOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION
Artículo2022Multi-objective forest restoration planning in Costa Rica: Balancing landscape connectivity and ecosystem service provisioning with sustainable developmentJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2022On certain polynomial systems involving Stirling numbers of second kindJOURNAL OF SYMBOLIC COMPUTATION
Artículo2022On the toxicity of e-cigarettes consumption: Focus on pathological cellular mechanisms.PHARMACOLOGICAL RESEARCH
Artículo2022Provisioning challenge: self-consumption versus nestling provisioning, an experimental studyANIMAL BEHAVIOUR
Artículo2022Sensitivity of environmental performance index based on stochastic dominance.JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2022The importance for wellbeing of having views of nature from and in the home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Results from the GreenCOVID studyJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY
Artículo2022Uptake-leak balance of SR Ca 2+ determines arrhythmogenic potential of Ry(R420Q+/- ) cardiomyocytesJOURNAL OF MOLECULAR AND CELLULAR CARDIOLOGY
Artículo2021A comprehensive feasibility study of effectiveness and environmental impact of PAH bioremediation using an indigenous microbial degrader consortium and a novel strain Stenotrophomonas maltophilia CPHE1 isolated from an industrial polluted soilJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2021A methodology to empower citizens towards a low-carbon economy. The potential of schools and sustainability indicatorsJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2021Adoptees facing adolescence: what accounts for their psychological well-being?JOURNAL OF ADOLESCENCE
Revisión2021Advances in lung cancer biomarkers: the role of (metal-) metabolites and selenoproteinsADVANCES IN CLINICAL CHEMISTRY, VOL 100
Artículo2021Alternative approaches to medium-long term sea level rise mapping in Southern Miami Beach (Florida, USA)ESTUARINE COASTAL AND SHELF SCIENCE
Artículo2021Assessment of electrooxidation as pre- and post-treatments for improving anaerobic digestion and stabilisation of waste activated sludgeJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2021Batch mesophilic anaerobic co-digestion of spent goat batch mesophilic anaerobic co-digestion of spent goat straw bedding and goat cheese whey: comparison with the mono-digestion of the two sole substratesJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2021Diversity of rhizobia isolated from Tunisian arid soils capable of forming nitrogen-fixing symbiosis with Anthyllis henonianaJOURNAL OF ARID ENVIRONMENTS
Artículo2021Echinomycin mitigates ocular angiogenesis by transcriptional inhibition of the hypoxia-inducible factor-1EXPERIMENTAL EYE RESEARCH
Artículo2021Ecological quality assessement of marinas: an integrative approach combining biological and environmental dataJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2021Effects of pine plantations on coastal gradients and vegetation zonation in SW SpainESTUARINE COASTAL AND SHELF SCIENCE
Artículo2021Energy harvesting analysis in railway bridges: an approach based on modal decompositionMECHANICAL SYSTEMS AND SIGNAL PROCESSING
Artículo2021Estimation of lateral track irregularity using a Kalman filter. Experimental validationJOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION
Artículo2021Fusing convolutional generative adversarial encoders for 3D printer fault detection with only normal condition signalsMECHANICAL SYSTEMS AND SIGNAL PROCESSING
Capítulo2021Grid-tied distributed generation with energy storage to advance renewables in the residential sector: tariffs analysis with energy sharing innovationsLOW CARBON ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES IN SUSTAINABLE ENERGY SYSTEMS
Capítulo2021Integrating green energy into the grid: how to engineer energy homeostaticity, flexibility and resiliency in electric power distribution systems and why should electric utilities careLOW CARBON ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES IN SUSTAINABLE ENERGY SYSTEMS
Artículo2021Isolation of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria from spartina densiflora and sarcocornia perennis in San Antonio polluted salt marsh, Patagonian ArgentinaESTUARINE COASTAL AND SHELF SCIENCE
Artículo2021Memories of hunger, continuities, and food choices: an ethnography of the elderly in Extremadura (Spain)APPETITE
Artículo2021Metals in commercial fish in the Galapagos Marine Reserve: Contribution to food security and toxic risk assessmentJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2021Monitoring of pharmaceuticals in aquatic biota (Procambarus clarkii) of the Donana National Park (Spain).JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2021Nebkha or not? -Climate control on foredune modeJOURNAL OF ARID ENVIRONMENTS
Artículo2021New signal location method based on signal-range data for proximity tracing toolsJOURNAL OF NETWORK AND COMPUTER APPLICATIONS
Artículo2021Occurrence of the main metabolites of the most recurrent pharmaceuticals and personal care products in Mediterranean soilsJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2021Promoting bioeconomy routes: From food waste to green biomethane. A profitability analysis based on a real case study in eastern GermanyJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2021Rehabilitation of waste rock piles: impact of acid drainage on potential toxicity by trace elements in plants and soilJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2021To the Mediterranean and beyond: an integrative approach to evaluate the spreading of Branchiomma luctuosum (Annelida: Sabellidae)ESTUARINE COASTAL AND SHELF SCIENCE
Artículo2021Wavelet analysis of static deflections for multiple damage identification in beamsMECHANICAL SYSTEMS AND SIGNAL PROCESSING
Artículo2020Anti-herbivory protection by mutualism in marine ecosystems: The case of kelps and hydroidsESTUARINE COASTAL AND SHELF SCIENCE
Artículo2020Assessing the viability of cyanobacteria pellets for application in arid land restorationJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2020Development of bioplastics from a microalgae consortium from wastewaterJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2020Distribution of metals in sediments of the Guadiamar river basin 20 years after the Aznalcóllar mine spill: bioavailability and risk assessmentJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Editorial2020Editorial: Fire in the environmentJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2020Effect of blend mixing and formulation on thermophysical properties of gluten-based plasticsJOURNAL OF CEREAL SCIENCE
Artículo2020Effects of removal of alien Spartina densiflora and restoration of native S. maritima on succession and zonation in European salt marshesESTUARINE COASTAL AND SHELF SCIENCE
Artículo2020From sessile to vagile: Understanding the importance of epifauna to assess the environmental impacts of coastal defence structuresESTUARINE COASTAL AND SHELF SCIENCE
Artículo2020Hilbert transform-based semi-analytic meta-model for maximum response envelopes in dynamics of railway bridgesJOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION
Artículo2020Making skull cups: Butchering traces on cannibalised human skulls from five European archaeological sitesJOURNAL OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL SCIENCE
Revisión2020Map kinase signaling as therapeutic target for neurodegenerationPHARMACOLOGICAL RESEARCH
Artículo2020Microbial strategies in non-target invasive Spartina densiflora for heavy metal clean up in polluted saltmarshesESTUARINE COASTAL AND SHELF SCIENCE
Artículo2020MOVA/MOSS: Two integrated software solutions for comprehensive Structural Health Monitoring of structuresMECHANICAL SYSTEMS AND SIGNAL PROCESSING
Revisión2020Oral microbiota and Alzheimer's disease: Do all roads lead to Rome?PHARMACOLOGICAL RESEARCH
Artículo2020RanBP2-Mediated SUMOylation Promotes Human DNA Polymerase Lambda Nuclear Localization and DNA RepairJOURNAL OF MOLECULAR BIOLOGY
Artículo2020Wheel-rail contact force measurement using strain gauges and distance lasers on a scaled railway vehicleMECHANICAL SYSTEMS AND SIGNAL PROCESSING
Artículo2019A novel nanoformulation of PLGA with high non-ionic surfactant content improves in vitro and in vivo PTX activity against lung cancerPHARMACOLOGICAL RESEARCH
Artículo2019Carbon footprint of dairy goat production systems: A comparison of three contrasting grazing levels in the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park (Southern Spain)JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2019Cocyclic Hadamard matrices over Latin rectanglesEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF COMBINATORICS
Revisión2019Dysregulation of the Hippo pathway signaling in aging and cancerPHARMACOLOGICAL RESEARCH
Artículo2019Facies analysis, foraminiferal record and chronostratigraphy of Holocene sequences from Saltes Island (Tinto-Odiel estuary, SW Spain): The origin of high-energy depositsESTUARINE COASTAL AND SHELF SCIENCE
Revisión2019Hydroxytyrosol protects from aging process via AMPK and autophagy; a review of its effects on cancer, metabolic syndrome, osteoporosis, immune-mediated and neurodegenerative diseasesPHARMACOLOGICAL RESEARCH
Artículo2019Inorganic soil amendments alter seedling performance of native plant species in post-mining arid zone rehabilitationJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2019Longitudinal relationships between sexting and involvement in both bullying and cyberbullyingJOURNAL OF ADOLESCENCE
Artículo2019Mercury in archaeological human bone: biogenic or diagenetic?JOURNAL OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL SCIENCE
Artículo2019Multibody model of railway vehicles with weakly coupled vertical and lateral dynamicsMECHANICAL SYSTEMS AND SIGNAL PROCESSING
Artículo2019Neutral and niche forces as drivers of species selectionJOURNAL OF THEORETICAL BIOLOGY
Artículo2019Nonlinear torsional wave propagation in cylindrical coordinates to assess biomechanical parametersJOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION
Artículo2019Phytoremediation of highly contaminated mining soils by Jatropha curcas L. and production of catalytic carbons from the generated biomassJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Revisión2019Research questions to facilitate the future development of European long-term ecosystem research infrastructures: A horizon scanning exerciseJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2019Rhodomyrtone decreases Staphylococcus aureus SigB activity during exponentially growing phase and inhibits haemolytic activity within membrane vesiclesMICROBIAL PATHOGENESIS
Artículo2019Soil hydraulic properties as the main driver in the establishment of biomass crops in contaminated soilsJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2019Spilled ink blots the mind: A reply to Merrit et al. (2018) on subjectivity and bone surface modificationsJOURNAL OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL SCIENCE
Revisión2019Targeting BDNF signaling by natural products: Novel synaptic repair therapeutics for neurodegeneration and behavior disordersPHARMACOLOGICAL RESEARCH
Revisión2019Targeting STATs in neuroinflammation: The road less traveled!PHARMACOLOGICAL RESEARCH
Artículo2019To whom the burden of soil degradation and management concernsSOIL DEGRADATION, RESTORATION AND MANAGEMENT IN A GLOBAL CHANGE CONTEXT
Artículo2019Torsional system dynamics of low speed diesel engines based on instantaneous torque: Application to engine diagnosisMECHANICAL SYSTEMS AND SIGNAL PROCESSING
Artículo2018Active percussion tools from the Oldowan site of Barranco Leon (Orce, Andalusia, Spain): The fundamental role of pounding activities in hominin lifewaysJOURNAL OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL SCIENCE
Artículo2018An investigation of multi-rate sound decay under strongly non-diffuse conditions: The crypt of the Cathedral of CadizJOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION
Revisión2018Apigenin as neuroprotective agent: Of mice and menPHARMACOLOGICAL RESEARCH
Artículo2018Assessing the effect of pruning and thinning on crown fire hazard in young Atlantic maritime pine forestsJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Revisión2018Cardiovascular diseases, NLRP3 inflammasome, and western dietary patternsPHARMACOLOGICAL RESEARCH
Revisión2018Challenges of scaling-up PHA production from waste streams. A reviewJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2018Gain of function mutation and inflammasome driven diseases in human and mouse modelsJOURNAL OF AUTOIMMUNITY
Artículo2018Grobner bases and cocyclic Hadamard matricesJOURNAL OF SYMBOLIC COMPUTATION
Artículo2018Landmark of the past in the Antequera megalithic landscape: A multi-disciplinary approach to the Matacabras rock art shelterJOURNAL OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL SCIENCE
Artículo2018Leaf thickness and density drive the responsiveness of photosynthesis to air temperature in Mediterranean species according to their leaf habitusJOURNAL OF ARID ENVIRONMENTS
Artículo2018Microalgae-derived oxylipins decrease inflammatory mediators by regulating the subcellular location of NF kappa B and PPAR-gammaPHARMACOLOGICAL RESEARCH
Artículo2018Novel synthetic clays for the adsorption of surfactants from aqueous mediaJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2018Numerical investigation of the effects of compressibility on the flutter of a cantilevered plate in an inviscid, subsonic, open flowJOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION
Artículo2018On the degree of regularity of a certain quadratic Diophantine equationEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF COMBINATORICS
Artículo2018Reintroduction of the highly endangered mollusk Patella ferruginea Gmelin, 1791 in an MPA: A novel approach to achieve high survival ratesESTUARINE COASTAL AND SHELF SCIENCE
Artículo2018Stabilization of Ca2+ signaling in cardiac muscle by stimulation of SERCAJOURNAL OF MOLECULAR AND CELLULAR CARDIOLOGY
Artículo2018Substratum type affects recruitment and development of marine assemblages over artificial substrata: A case study in the Alboran SeaESTUARINE COASTAL AND SHELF SCIENCE
Revisión2018Targeting mTORs by omega-3 fatty acids: A possible novel therapeutic strategy for neurodegeneration?PHARMACOLOGICAL RESEARCH
Artículo2018The Self-Efficacy Scale for Adherence to the Mediterranean Diet (SESAMeD): A scale construction and validationAPPETITE
Artículo2018Ultra-high resolution mass spectrometry of physical speciation patterns of organic matter in fire-affected soilsJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Capítulo2018Valuation of Guadalquivir River Basin Water Resources (Southern Spain) Using SEEA-WaterADVANCED TOOLS FOR INTEGRATED WATER RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
Artículo2017A new multisensor software architecture for movement detection: preliminary study with people with cerebral palsyINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMAN-COMPUTER STUDIES
Capítulo2017AMS in an Era of Multidrug-Resistant BacteriaANTIMICROBIAL STEWARDSHIP
Artículo2017Antidepressants induce autophagy dependent-NLRP3-inflammasome inhibition in Major depressive disorderPHARMACOLOGICAL RESEARCH
Artículo2017Antimicrobial Stewardship in SpainANTIMICROBIAL STEWARDSHIP
Artículo2017Bioremediation of diuron contaminated soils by a novel degrading microbial consortiumJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Revisión2017Church acoustics: A state-of-the-art review after several decades of researchJOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION
Editorial2017Developments in Emerging and Existing Infectious Diseases Antimicrobial Stewardship IntroductionANTIMICROBIAL STEWARDSHIP
Revisión2017Dwelling conditions and life satisfaction of older people through residential satisfactionJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY
Artículo2017Hydrodynamic numerical modelling of the water level decline in four temporary ponds of the Donana National Park (SW Spain)JOURNAL OF ARID ENVIRONMENTS
Artículo2017Kinect as an access device for people with cerebral palsy: A preliminary studyINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMAN-COMPUTER STUDIES
Artículo2017Long-term reliability and stability of behavioral measures among adolescents: The Delay Discounting and Stroop tasksJOURNAL OF ADOLESCENCE
Artículo2017Management effectiveness evaluation in protected areas of southern EcuadorJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2017Measuring geomorphological vulnerability on beaches using a set of indicators (GVI): A tool for managementJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2017Models for dynamic analysis of backup ball bearings of an AMB-systemMECHANICAL SYSTEMS AND SIGNAL PROCESSING
Artículo2017Non-linear vibrating systems excited by a nonideal energy source with a large slope characteristicMECHANICAL SYSTEMS AND SIGNAL PROCESSING
Artículo2017Performance of biomorphic Silicon Carbide as particulate filter in diesel boilersJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2017Runoff initiation, soil detachment and connectivity are enhanced as a consequence of vineyards plantationsJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2017The atheroma plaque secretome stimulates the mobilization of endothelial progenitor cells ex vivoJOURNAL OF MOLECULAR AND CELLULAR CARDIOLOGY
Artículo2017Tidal and subtidal hydrodynamics and energetics in a constricted estuaryESTUARINE COASTAL AND SHELF SCIENCE
Artículo2017Use and abuse of cut mark analyses: The Rorschach effectJOURNAL OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL SCIENCE
Artículo2017Valorization of the whole grains of Triticum aestivum L. and Triticum vulgare L. through the investigation of their biochemical composition and in vitro antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anticancer and anticalpain activitiesJOURNAL OF CEREAL SCIENCE
Capítulo2017Vinegars and Other Fermented CondimentsFERMENTED FOODS IN HEALTH AND DISEASE PREVENTION
Artículo2016Advances in the use of Halimione portulacoides stem cuttings for phytoremediation of Zn-polluted soilsESTUARINE COASTAL AND SHELF SCIENCE
Artículo2016Bell Beaker and the evolution of resource management strategies in the southwest of the Iberian PeninsulaJOURNAL OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL SCIENCE
Artículo2016Brain lateralization involved in visual recognition of conspecifics in coral reef fish at recruitmentANIMAL BEHAVIOUR
Artículo2016Development and evaluation of rheological and bioactive properties of rice protein-based gelsJOURNAL OF CEREAL SCIENCE
Artículo2016Effect of rice parboiling on the functional properties of an enzymatic extract from rice branJOURNAL OF CEREAL SCIENCE
Revisión2016Fibrate therapy and flow-mediated dilation: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized placebo-controlled trialsPHARMACOLOGICAL RESEARCH
Artículo2016Juvenile dispersal behaviour and conspecific attraction: an alternative approach with translocated Spanish imperial eaglesANIMAL BEHAVIOUR
Artículo2016Modelling the habitat of a wild ungulate in a semi-arid Mediterranean environment in southwestern Europe: Small cliffs are key predictors of the presence of Iberian wild goatJOURNAL OF ARID ENVIRONMENTS
Artículo2016Moonlight-like proteins of the cell wall protect sessile cells of Candida from oxidative stressMICROBIAL PATHOGENESIS
Artículo2016Recovery of Zn from acid mine water and electric arc furnace dust in an integrated processJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2016Reduction of CO2 diffuse emissions from the traditional ceramic industry by the addition of Si-Al raw materialJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2016Reusing UI elements with Model-Based User Interface DevelopmentINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMAN-COMPUTER STUDIES
Artículo2016The microbial food web in the Doriana marshland: Influence of trophic state and hydrologyESTUARINE COASTAL AND SHELF SCIENCE
Artículo2016The Sima de los Huesos Crania: analysis of the cranial breakage patternsJOURNAL OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL SCIENCE
Artículo2015A new method for determining the sources of airborne particlesJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2015Development of emotional autonomy from adolescence to young adulthood in SpainJOURNAL OF ADOLESCENCE
Artículo2015Enumeration and classification of self-orthogonal partial Latin rectangles by using the polynomial methodEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF COMBINATORICS
Artículo2015Facilitating the afforestation of Mediterranean polluted soils by nurse shrubsJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2015Filling gaps in a large reserve network to address freshwater conservation needsJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2015Hydrodynamics response to planned human interventions in a highly altered embayment: The example of the Bay of Cadiz (Spain)ESTUARINE COASTAL AND SHELF SCIENCE
Artículo2015Improving the mining soil quality for a vegetation cover after addition of sewage sludges: Inorganic ions and low-molecular-weight organic acids in the soil solutionJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2015Lipophilic antioxidants prevent lipopolysaccharide-induced mitochondrial dysfunction through mitochondrial biogenesis improvementPHARMACOLOGICAL RESEARCH
Artículo2015New objects in old structures. The Iron Age hoard of the Palacio III megalithic funerary complex (Almaden de la Plata, Seville, Spain)JOURNAL OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL SCIENCE
Artículo2015Numerical investigation of the influence of gravity on flutter of cantilevered pipes conveying fluidJOURNAL OF FLUIDS AND STRUCTURES
Artículo2014Amino acid profile of the quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Willd.) using near infrared spectroscopy and chemometric techniquesJOURNAL OF CEREAL SCIENCE
Artículo2014Avoidance of Cancer Cell Destruction by the Immune SystemPATHOBIOLOGY OF HUMAN DISEASE: A DYNAMIC ENCYCLOPEDIA OF DISEASE MECHANISMS
Artículo2014Cereals for developing gluten-free products and analytical tools for gluten detectionJOURNAL OF CEREAL SCIENCE
Artículo2014Cost-effective river rehabilitation planning: Optimizing for morphological benefits at large spatial scalesJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2014Effect of agro-industrial by-products on browsing of Rosmarinus officinalis by goatsJOURNAL OF ARID ENVIRONMENTS
Artículo2014Effect of grazing and season on the chemical composition of Mediterranean shrub species in Donana Natural Park, SpainJOURNAL OF ARID ENVIRONMENTS
Artículo2014Exploring trophic strategies of exotic caprellids (Crustacea: Amphipoda): Comparison between habitat types and native vs introduced distribution rangesESTUARINE COASTAL AND SHELF SCIENCE
Artículo2014JDER: A history-based forwarding scheme for delay tolerant networks using Jaccard distance and encountered rationJOURNAL OF NETWORK AND COMPUTER APPLICATIONS
Artículo2014Marine bioerosion in rocks of the prehistoric tholos of La Pastora (Valencina de la Concepcion, Seville, Spain): archaeological and palaeoenvironmental implicationsJOURNAL OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL SCIENCE
Artículo2014Measurement and analysis of instantaneous torque and angular velocity variations of a low speed two stroke diesel engineMECHANICAL SYSTEMS AND SIGNAL PROCESSING
Artículo2014Mineralogical changes in fossil bone from Cueva del Angel, Spain: archaeological implications and occurrence of whitlockiteJOURNAL OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL SCIENCE
Artículo2014On the number of B-flows of a graphEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF COMBINATORICS
Artículo2014Protecting effect of recycled urban wastes (sewage sludge and wastewater) on ryegrass against the toxicity of pesticides at high concentrationsJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2014Quantification of uncertainty in the prediction of railway induced ground vibration due to the use of statistical track unevenness dataJOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION
Artículo2014The role of wrack deposits for supralittoral arthropods: An example using Atlantic sandy beaches of Brazil and SpainESTUARINE COASTAL AND SHELF SCIENCE
Artículo2013Allochthonous red pigments used in burial practices at the Copper Age site of Valencina de la Concepcion (Sevilla, Spain): characterisation and social dimensionJOURNAL OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL SCIENCE
Artículo2013Application of the trajectory coordinate system and the moving modes method approach to railroad dynamics using Krylov subspacesJOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION
Artículo2013Continuous wavelet analysis of mode shapes differences for damage detectionMECHANICAL SYSTEMS AND SIGNAL PROCESSING
Revisión2013Cooperation and competition in the dynamics of tissue architecture during homeostasis and tumorigenesisSEMINARS IN CANCER BIOLOGY
Revisión2013Eukaryotic mRNA Decay: Methodologies, Pathways, and Links to Other Stages of Gene ExpressionJOURNAL OF MOLECULAR BIOLOGY
Artículo2013Feeding behaviour and taphonomic characterization of non-ingested rabbit remains produced by the Iberian lynx (Lynx pardinus)JOURNAL OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL SCIENCE
Artículo2013Green roof systems: A study of public attitudes and preferences in southern SpainJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2013Markoff-Rosenberger triples in arithmetic progressionJOURNAL OF SYMBOLIC COMPUTATION
Artículo2013Modeling tides and tsunami propagation in the former Gulf of Tartessos, as a tool for Archaeological ScienceJOURNAL OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL SCIENCE
Artículo2013Optimal control oriented to therapy for a free-boundary tumor growth modelJOURNAL OF THEORETICAL BIOLOGY
Artículo2013Range of bone modifications by human chewingJOURNAL OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL SCIENCE
Artículo2013Resolving sets for Johnson and Kneser graphsEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF COMBINATORICS
Artículo2013Understanding the joint effects of family and other developmental contexts on the sense of coherence (SOC): A person-focused analysis using the Classification TreeJOURNAL OF ADOLESCENCE
Artículo2012An ontology-based semantic service for cooperative urban equipmentsJOURNAL OF NETWORK AND COMPUTER APPLICATIONS
Artículo2012Dietary supplementation of an ellagic acid-enriched pomegranate extract attenuates chronic colonic inflammation in ratsPHARMACOLOGICAL RESEARCH
Artículo2012Distribution and temporal evolution of pharmaceutically active compounds alongside sewage sludge treatment. Risk assessment of sludge application onto soilsJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2012Effect of diinosine polyphosphates on intraocular pressure in normotensive rabbitsEXPERIMENTAL EYE RESEARCH
Artículo2012Evaluating the demand for carbon sequestration in olive grove soils as a strategy toward mitigating climate changeJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2012Fast and low-cost method for VBES bathymetry generation in coastal areasESTUARINE COASTAL AND SHELF SCIENCE
Artículo2012High urinary levels of resveratrol metabolites are associated with a reduction in the prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors in high-risk patientsPHARMACOLOGICAL RESEARCH
Artículo2012Intake of alcohol-free red wine modulates antioxidant enzyme activities in a human intervention studyPHARMACOLOGICAL RESEARCH
Artículo2012On the flexural vibration of cylinders under axial loads: Numerical and experimental studyJOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION
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Artículo2011Mediterranean saline streams in southeast Spain: What do we know?JOURNAL OF ARID ENVIRONMENTS
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Artículo2011Some algebraic methods for solving multiobjective polynomial integer programsJOURNAL OF SYMBOLIC COMPUTATION
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Artículo2010Fast on-line identification of instantaneous mechanical losses in internal combustion enginesMECHANICAL SYSTEMS AND SIGNAL PROCESSING
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Artículo2008An analytical, numerical, and experimental study of the axisymmetric vibrations of a short cylinderJOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION
Artículo2008Distribution of lateral acoustic energy in Mudejar-Gothic churchesJOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION
Artículo2008Environmental limitations on recruitment from seed in invasive Spartina densiflora on a southern European salt marshESTUARINE COASTAL AND SHELF SCIENCE
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Ponencia2008Positive inotropic effect of Urocortin on cardiomyocytes: Role of L-type calcium channelsJOURNAL OF MOLECULAR AND CELLULAR CARDIOLOGY
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Artículo2008Two steps to suicide in crickets harbouring hairwormsANIMAL BEHAVIOUR
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Artículo2007Relationship between the glass transition temperature and the melt flow behavior for gluten, casein and soyaJOURNAL OF CEREAL SCIENCE
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Artículo2006Grobner bases and logarithmic D-modulesJOURNAL OF SYMBOLIC COMPUTATION
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Artículo2006The smallest of all worlds: Pollination networksJOURNAL OF THEORETICAL BIOLOGY
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Artículo2005Assessing pollution levels in sediments of a harbour with two opposing entrances. Environmental implicationsJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2005Comparison of theoretical complexities of two methods for computing annihilating ideals of polynomialsJOURNAL OF SYMBOLIC COMPUTATION
Artículo2005Simplification techniques for maps in simplicial topologyJOURNAL OF SYMBOLIC COMPUTATION
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Artículo2003Measurement of the dynamic elastic constants of short isotropic cylindersJOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION
Artículo2003Redissolution and long-term transport of radionuclides released from a contaminated sediment: a numerical modelling studyESTUARINE COASTAL AND SHELF SCIENCE
Artículo2003Reference motion in deformable bodies under rigid body motion and vibration. Part I: theoryJOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION
Artículo2003Reference motion in deformable bodies under rigid body motion and vibration. Part II: evaluation of the coefficient of restitution for impactsJOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION
Letter2002A multiple frequency in the two lowest axisymmetric vibration modes of a short cylinderJOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION
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Editorial2002Iron oxides in the plumage of bearded vultures. Medicine or cosmetics?ANIMAL BEHAVIOUR
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