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Artículo2024Revalorisation of a residue from the maize-snack industry through the development of bio-based materials. Effect of the plasticiserJOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING
Artículo2023Non-invasive prediction of mango quality using near-infrared spectroscopy: assessment on spectral interferences of different packaging materialsJOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING
Artículo2021A rheological approach to 3D printing of plasma protein based doughsJOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING
Artículo2021Relationship between interfacial and foaming properties of a Porphyra dioica seaweed protein concentrateJOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING
Artículo2019Evaluation of storage time and temperature on physicochemical properties of immersion vacuum cooled sausages stuffed in the innovative casings modified by surfactants and lactic acidJOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING
Artículo2019Influence of a shear post-treatment on rheological properties, microstructure and physical stability of emulgels formed by rosemary essential oil and a fumed silicaJOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING
Artículo2017Sorting olive oil based on alpha-tocopherol and total tocopherol content using near-infra-red spectroscopy (NIRS) analysisJOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING
Artículo2015Yield stress and onset of nonlinear time-dependent rheological behaviour of gellan fluid gelsJOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING
Artículo2014Development of albumen/soy biobased plastic materials processed by injection moldingJOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING
Artículo2014Large amplitude oscillatory shear of xanthan gum solutions. Effect of sodium chloride (NaCl) concentrationJOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING
Artículo2014Preliminary study on the use of near infrared hyperspectral imaging for quantitation and localisation of total glucosinolates in freeze-dried broccoliJOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING
Artículo2013Development of protein-based bioplastics with antimicrobial activity by thermo-mechanical processingJOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING
Artículo2013Evaluation of sensory parameters of grapes using near infrared spectroscopyJOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING
Artículo2013Industrial orange juice debittering: Impact on bioactive compounds and nutritional valueJOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING
Artículo2012Assessment of interfacial and foaming properties of bovine sodium caseinate glycated with galactoseJOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING
Artículo2012Effect of enzymatic hydrolysis and polysaccharide addition on the beta-lactoglobulin adsorption at the air-water interfaceJOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING
Artículo2012Foaming characteristics of beta-lactoglobulin as affected by enzymatic hydrolysis and polysaccharide addition: Relationships with the bulk and interfacial propertiesJOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING
Artículo2012Measuring the colour of virgin olive oils in a new colour scale using a low-cost portable electronic deviceJOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING
Artículo2011Feasibility of NIR spectroscopy for non-destructive characterization of table olive traitsJOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING
Artículo2010Linear viscoelasticity of carob protein isolate/locust bean gum blendsJOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING
Artículo2009Surface dilatational properties of whey protein and hydroxypropyl-methyl-cellulose mixed systems at the air-water interfaceJOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING
Artículo2009Texture evaluation in cheeses by NIRS technology employing a fibre-optic probeJOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING
Artículo2008Linear and non-linear viscoelasticity of emulsions containing carob protein as emulsifierJOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING
Artículo2008Model based predictive control of an olive oil millJOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING
Artículo2007Assessment of colour and aroma in white wines vinifications: Effects of grape maturity and soil typeJOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING
Artículo2007Development of engineering design tools to help reduce apple bruisingJOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING
Artículo2007Effects of prefermentative skin contact conditions on colour and phenolic content of white winesJOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING
Artículo2007Egg white-based bioplastics developed by thermomechanical processingJOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING
Artículo2007Evolution of colour and anthocyanin composition of Syrah wines elaborated with pre-fermentative cold macerationJOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING
Artículo2007Influence of xanthan gum and locust bean gum upon flow and thixotropic behaviour of food emulsions containing modified starchJOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING
Artículo2007Phenolic composition of white wines with a prefermentative maceration at experimental and industrial scaleJOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING
Artículo2007The effect of enzymatic treatment of a sunflower protein isolate on the rate of adsorption at the air-water interfaceJOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING
Artículo2006Use of Trichoderma enzymatic extracts on vinification of Palomino fino grapes in the sherry regionJOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING
Artículo2005Automation of an olive waste industrial rotary dryerJOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING
Artículo2005Biopolymers and emulsifiers at the air-water interface. Implications in food colloid formulationsJOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING
Artículo2005Computing shortest paths for transportation of hazardous materials in continuous spacesJOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING
Artículo2005Dilatational properties of soy globulin adsorbed films at the air-water interface from acidic solutionsJOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING
Artículo2005Industrial vinegar clarification by cross-flow microfiltration: effect on colour and polyphenol contentJOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING
Artículo2005Multivariate study of the decontamination process as function of time, pressure and quantity of water used in washing stage after evisceration in poultry meat productionJOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING
Artículo1999The drying of alpeorujo, a waste product of the olive oil mill industryJOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING
Artículo1999Transient flow of o w sucrose palmitate emulsionsJOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING