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Sergio Lopez Martin

Profesor Contratado Doctor
Área de conocimiento: Biología Celular
Departamento: Biología Celular
Grupo: Expresión Génica en Eucariontes (BIO-271)
Instituto de Inv.: IBIS
Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2023 Immediate-release niacin and a monounsaturated fatty acid-rich meal on postprandial inflammation and monocyte characteristics in men with metabolic syndrome CLINICAL NUTRITION
Artículo2023 Impact of Gastrointestinal Digestion In Vitro Procedure on the Characterization and Cytotoxicity of Reduced Graphene Oxide NANOMATERIALS
Artículo2023 Toxic effects of the cylindrospermopsin and chlorpyrifos combination on the differentiated SH-SY5Y human neuroblastoma cell line TOXICON
Artículo2022 CD4+ and CD8+ T-cell responses in bone marrow to fatty acids in high-fat diets JOURNAL OF NUTRITIONAL BIOCHEMISTRY
Artículo2022 Crosslinking assay to study a specific cargo-coat interaction through a transmembrane receptor in the secretory pathway PLOS ONE
Artículo2022 New evidence for dietary fatty acids in the neutrophil traffic between the bone marrow and the peripheral blood Food Chemistry: Molecular Sciences
Artículo2022 Quality-controlled ceramide-based GPI-anchored protein sorting into selective ER exit sites. CELL REPORTS
Artículo2021 Antimicrobial activity on phytopathogenic bacteria and yeast, cytotoxicity and solubilizing capacity of deep eutectic solvents JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR LIQUIDS
Artículo2021 Assay for dual cargo sorting into endoplasmic reticulum exit sites imaged by 3D Super-resolution Confocal Live Imaging Microscopy (SCLIM). PLOS ONE
Artículo2021 Determination of the lipid composition of the GPI anchor. PLOS ONE
Artículo2021 MUFAs in high-fat diets protect against obesity-induced bias of hematopoietic cell lineages MOLECULAR NUTRITION & FOOD RESEARCH
Artículo2021 Structural analysis of the GPI glycan. PLOS ONE
Artículo2021 The p24 Complex Contributes to Specify Arf1 for COPI Coat Selection INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES
Artículo2020 An opinion on the regulation of bone marrow adipose tissue by dietary fatty acids GRASAS Y ACEITES
Artículo2020 Ceramide chain length-dependent protein sorting into selective endoplasmic reticulum exit sites SCIENCE ADVANCES
Artículo2020 Changes in Lipoinflammation Markers in People with Obesity after a Concurrent Training Program: A Comparison between Men and Women INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH
Artículo2020 Dual Independent Roles of the p24 Complex in Selectivity of Secretory Cargo Export from the Endoplasmic Reticulum Cells
Capítulo2020 Oleic acid-the main component of olive oil on postprandial metabolic processes Olives and olive oil in health and disease prevention (Second Edition)
Revisión2019 Endoplasmic Reticulum Export of GPI-Anchored Proteins INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES
Artículo2019 Long-Term Evaluation of Mesophilic Semi-Continuous Anaerobic Digestion of Olive Mill Solid Waste Pretreated with Steam-Explosion ENERGIES
Artículo2019 Monounsaturated Fatty Acids in a High-Fat Diet and Niacin Protect from White Fat Dysfunction in the Metabolic Syndrome MOLECULAR NUTRITION & FOOD RESEARCH
Artículo2019 Performance evaluation of mesophilic semi-continuous anaerobic digestion of high-temperature thermally pre-treated olive mill solid waste WASTE MANAGEMENT
Artículo2018 A microRNA expression signature of the postprandial state in response to a high-saturated-fat challenge JOURNAL OF NUTRITIONAL BIOCHEMISTRY
Artículo2018 Effects of immediate-release niacin and dietary fatty acids on acute insulin and lipid status in individuals with metabolic syndrome JOURNAL OF THE SCIENCE OF FOOD AND AGRICULTURE
Artículo2018 In Vitro Toxicity of Asparagus Saponins in Distinct Multidrug-Resistant Colon Cancer Cells Chemistry & Biodiversity
Artículo2017 Dietary fatty acids and lipoproteins on progression of age-related macular degeneration GRASAS Y ACEITES
Artículo2017 Dietary fatty acids on aortic root calcification in mice with metabolic syndrome FOOD & FUNCTION
Artículo2017 Effect of metabolites of hydroxytyrosol on protection against oxidative stress and inflammation in human endothelial cells JOURNAL OF FUNCTIONAL FOODS
Artículo2017 Exogenous fatty acids and niacin on acute prostaglandin D-2 production in human myeloid cells JOURNAL OF NUTRITIONAL BIOCHEMISTRY
Capítulo2017 Fatty Acids on Osteoclastogenesis Fatty Acids
Artículo2017 Niacin and its metabolites as master regulators of macrophage activation JOURNAL OF NUTRITIONAL BIOCHEMISTRY
Artículo2017 Postprandial triglyceride-rich lipoproteins promote lipid accumulation and apolipoprotein B-48 receptor transcriptional activity in human circulating and murine bone marrow neutrophils in a fatty acid-dependent manner MOLECULAR NUTRITION & FOOD RESEARCH
Artículo2017 Saponin Profile of Wild Asparagus Species JOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCE
Artículo2017 The effects of exogenous fatty acids and niacin on human monocyte-macrophage plasticity MOLECULAR NUTRITION & FOOD RESEARCH
Artículo2017 Tyrosol and its metabolites as antioxidative and anti-inflammatory molecules in human endothelial cells FOOD & FUNCTION
Artículo2016 Acute effects of dietary fatty acids on osteclastogenesis via RANKL/RANK/OPG system MOLECULAR NUTRITION & FOOD RESEARCH
Artículo2016 Induction of sustained hypercholesterolemia by single adeno-associated virus-mediated gene transfer of mutant hPCSK9 ARTERIOSCLEROSIS THROMBOSIS AND VASCULAR BIOLOGY
Artículo2016 Niacin and olive oil promote skewing to the M2 phenotype in bone marrow-derived macrophages of mice with metabolic syndrome FOOD & FUNCTION
Revisión2016 Olive oil and postprandial hyperlipidemia: implications for atherosclerosis and metabolic syndrome FOOD & FUNCTION
Artículo2016 Olive oil, compared to a saturated dietary fat, has a protective role on atherosclerosis in niacin-treated mice with metabolic syndrome JOURNAL OF FUNCTIONAL FOODS
Revisión2016 Pharmacological Effects of Niacin on Acute Hyperlipemia CURRENT MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY
Artículo2016 Postprandial dietary fatty acids exert divergent inflammatory responses in retinal-pigmented epithelium cells FOOD & FUNCTION
Artículo2016 Saponins from edible spears of wild asparagus inhibit AKT, p70S6K, and ERK signalling, and induce apoptosis through G0/G1 cell cycle arrest in human colon cancer HCT-116 cells JOURNAL OF FUNCTIONAL FOODS
Artículo2016 Virgin Olive Oil and Hypertension CURRENT VASCULAR PHARMACOLOGY
Artículo2015 Dietary fatty acids and vitamin B3: an effective treatment strategy for the metabolic syndrome? Journal of Food & Nutritional Disorders
Ponencia2015 Divergent inflammatory response to postprandial triglyceride-rich lipoproteins in retinal-pigmented epithelium cells BASIC & CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY & TOXICOLOGY
Artículo2015 High fat challenges with different fatty acids affect distinct atherogenic gene expression pathways in immune cells from lean and obese subjects MOLECULAR NUTRITION & FOOD RESEARCH
Ponencia2015 Nampt as key target on dietary fats-induced postprandial inflammation in metabolic syndrome BASIC & CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY & TOXICOLOGY
Artículo2015 Postprandial triglyceride-rich lipoproteins regulate perilipin-2 and perilipin-3 lipid-droplet-associated proteins in macrophages JOURNAL OF NUTRITIONAL BIOCHEMISTRY
Artículo2014 Cell Wall Bound Anionic Peroxidases from Asparagus Byproducts JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY
Artículo2014 Clustering effects on postprandial insulin secretion and sensitivity in response to meals with different fatty acid compositions FOOD & FUNCTION
Artículo2014 Combination of Quercetin and Kaempferol enhances in vitro Cytotoxicity on Human Colon Cancer (HCT-116) Cells RECORDS OF NATURAL PRODUCTS
Revisión2014 Membrane composition and dynamics: a target of bioactive virgin olive oil constituents BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA-BIOMEMBRANES
Capítulo2014 New Benefits Of The Fibre In Green Table Olives Virgin Olive Oil: Production, Composition, Uses and Benefits for Man
Artículo2014 Postprandial triglyceride-rich lipoproteins promote invasion of human coronary artery smooth muscle cells in a fatty-acid manner through PI3k-Rac1-JNK signaling MOLECULAR NUTRITION & FOOD RESEARCH
Ponencia2014 Triglyceride-rich lipoproteins modulate the niacin-induced production of the vasodilator pgd(2) in human macrophages BASIC & CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY & TOXICOLOGY
Artículo2013 Asparagus Byproducts as a New Source of Peroxidases JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY
Ponencia2013 Intracellular nampt protects against atherosclerosis in a ppar gamma-dependent manner BASIC & CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY & TOXICOLOGY
Artículo2013 p38 MAPK protects human monocytes from postprandial triglyceride-rich lipoprotein-induced toxicity JOURNAL OF NUTRITION
Artículo2013 The effects of dietary fatty acids on the postprandial triglyceride-rich lipoprotein/apoB48 receptor axis in human monocyte/macrophage cells JOURNAL OF NUTRITIONAL BIOCHEMISTRY
Capítulo2012 Beyond dietary fatty acids as energy source: a point of view for the prevention and management of type 2 diabetes Role of the adipocyte in development of type 2 diabetes
Revisión2012 Dietary fatty acids linking postprandial metabolic response and chronic diseases FOOD & FUNCTION
Capítulo2012 Nutrigenomics and atherosclerosis: the postprandial and long-term effects of virgin olive oil ingestion Atherogenesis
Revisión2012 Olives and olive oil: Diet and health impacts CAB Reviews: Perspectives in Agriculture, Veterinary Science, Nutrition and Natural Resources
Artículo2012 Triglyceride-rich lipoprotein regulates APOB48 receptor gene expression in human THP-1 monocytes and macrophages JOURNAL OF NUTRITION
Artículo2011 A high-fat meal promotes lipid-load and apolipoprotein B-48 receptor transcriptional activity in circulating monocytes AMERICAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL NUTRITION
Artículo2011 Effects of meals rich in either monounsaturated or saturated fat on lipid concentrations and on insulin secretion and action in subjects with high fasting triglyceride concentrations AMERICAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL NUTRITION
Revisión2011 Oleic acid in olive oil: from a metabolic framework toward a clinical perspective CURRENT PHARMACEUTICAL DESIGN
Capítulo2010 Oleic acid: the main component of olive oil on postprandial metabolic processes Olives and olive oil in health and disease prevention (Second Edition)
Capítulo2010 Olive oil is superior to other dietary fats for reducing cardiovascular risk in the fed state: A lipid and comprehensive perspective Olive Oil and Health
Artículo2010 The flavonol isorhamnetin exhibits cytotoxic effects on human colon cancer cells JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY
Revisión2010 The influence of major dietary fatty acids on insulin secretion and action CURRENT OPINION IN LIPIDOLOGY
Revisión2009 Recent advances in lipoproteins and atherosclerosis: a nutrigenomic approach GRASAS Y ACEITES
Artículo2008 A meal rich in oleic acid beneficially modulates postprandial sICAM-1 and sVCAM-1 in normotensive and hypertensive hypertriglyceridemic subjects JOURNAL OF NUTRITIONAL BIOCHEMISTRY
Artículo2008 Distinctive postprandial modulation of β cell function and insulin sensitivity by dietary fats: Monounsaturated compared with saturated fatty acids AMERICAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL NUTRITION
Artículo2008 Influence of postprandial triglyceride-rich lipoproteins on lipid-mediated gene expression in smooth muscle cells of the human coronary artery CARDIOVASCULAR RESEARCH
Artículo2007 Dietary oleic and palmitic acids modulate the ratio of triacylglycerols to cholesterol in postprandial triacylglycerol-rich lipoproteins in men and cell viability and cycling in human monocytes JOURNAL OF NUTRITION
Artículo2007 Minor compounds of olive oil have postprandial anti-inflammatory effects BRITISH JOURNAL OF NUTRITION
Letter2006 Extra-virgin vs. refined olive oil on postprandial hemostatic markers in healthy subjects JOURNAL OF THROMBOSIS AND HAEMOSTASIS
Artículo2006 Ratio of oleic to palmitic acid is a dietary determinant of thrombogenic and fibrinolytic factors during the postprandial state in men AMERICAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL NUTRITION
Artículo2005 Postprandial evolution of the carotenoid content in the triacylglycerol-rich lipoprotein fraction after a single ingestion of virgin olive oil in humans FOOD RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2004 Digestión y absorción del aceite de oliva GRASAS Y ACEITES
Artículo2004 Olive oil and cancer GRASAS Y ACEITES
Artículo2004 Radiosensitizer effect of wortmannin in radioresistant bladder tumoral cell lines. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ONCOLOGY
Artículo2004 Transporte en sangre y efectos genómicos de los componentes del aceite de oliva GRASAS Y ACEITES

Proyectos de Investigación

Fecha de inicio Fecha de fin Rol Denominación Agencia financiadora
01/01/2022 31/05/2023 Responsable Role of lipids in protein transport (US-1380893) Consejería de Economía, Conocimiento, Empresas y Universidad (Autonómico)
05/10/2021 30/06/2023 Investigador/a A New Look at the Functional Organization of the Secretory Pathway (P20_01240) Consejería de Economía, Conocimiento, Empresas y Universidad (Autonómico)
01/09/2021 31/08/2024 Investigador/a Papel de la ceramida en la exportación de proteínas del retículo endoplásmico (PID2020-119505GB-I00) Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación (Nacional)
01/01/2018 30/06/2021 Investigador/a Selección Molecular y Organización de la Ruta Secretora Temprana (BFU2017-89700-P) Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (Nacional)