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Artículo2024A comparative study of fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy for discrimination of virgin olive oil categories: Chemometric approaches and evaluation against other techniquesFOOD CONTROL
Artículo2024Discovering potential biomarkers for Ochratoxin A production by Penicillium nordicum in dry-cured meat matrices through untargeted metabolomicsFOOD CONTROL
Artículo2024Effectiveness of machine learning algorithms as a tool to meat traceability system. a case study to classify Spanish mediterranean lamb carcassesFOOD CONTROL
Artículo2023Biodistribution of 210Po in seafood and risk assessment for consumers in SwedenFOOD CONTROL
Artículo2022Collaborative peer validation of a harmonized SPME-GC-MS method for analysis of selected volatile compounds in virgin olive oilsFOOD CONTROL
Artículo2022Concentration of radionuclides in Swedish market basket and its radiological implicationsFOOD CONTROL
Artículo2022Identification of coriander oil adulteration using a portable NIR spectrometerFOOD CONTROL
Artículo2022Rapid screening of unground cocoa beans based on their content of bioactive compounds by NIR spectroscopyFOOD CONTROL
Artículo2021CIELAB – Spectral image MATCHING: an app for merging colorimetric and spectral images for grapes and derivativesFOOD CONTROL
Artículo2021Development and characterization of a pure stilbene extract from grapevine shoots for use as a preservative in wineFOOD CONTROL
Artículo2021Effect of different closure types and storage temperatures on the color and sensory characteristics development of Argentinian Torrontes Riojano white wines aged in bottlesFOOD CONTROL
Artículo2021Evaluation of properties in different casings modified by surfactants and lactic acid using terahertz spectroscopy – A feasibility studyFOOD CONTROL
Artículo2021Feasibility of a rapid and non-destructive methodology for the study and discrimination of pine nuts using near-infrared hyperspectral analysis and chemometricsFOOD CONTROL
Artículo2021Peer inter-laboratory validation study of a harmonized SPME-GC-FID method for the analysis of selected volatile compounds in virgin olive oilsFOOD CONTROL
Artículo2021Radiological impact of naturally occurring radionuclides in bottled waterFOOD CONTROL
Artículo2021Viability of near infrared spectroscopy for a rapid analysis of the bioactive compounds in intact cocoa bean huskFOOD CONTROL
Revisión2018Hyperspectral imaging and multispectral imaging as the novel techniques for detecting defects in raw and processed meat products: Current state-of-the-art research advancesFOOD CONTROL
Artículo2018NIR spectroscopy and chemometrics for the typification of Spanish wine vinegars with a protected designation of originFOOD CONTROL
Artículo2017ATR-FTIR as a potential tool for controlling high quality vinegar categoriesFOOD CONTROL
Artículo2017Changes on cylindrospermopsin concentration and characterization of decomposition products in fish muscle (Oreochromis niloticus) by boiling and steamingFOOD CONTROL
Artículo2017Elemental characterisation of Andalusian wine vinegars with protected designation of origin by ICP-OES and chemometric approachFOOD CONTROL
Artículo2016Differentiation of Spanish paprika from Protected Designation of Origin based on color measurements and pattern recognitionFOOD CONTROL
Artículo2015Identification of botanical and geographical origin of distillers dried grains with solubles by near infrared microscopyFOOD CONTROL
Artículo2015Quantitative determination of ethanol in cider by 1H NMR spectrometryFOOD CONTROL
Artículo2014Application of multivariate statistical analysis to quality control systems. Relevance of the stages in poultry meat productionFOOD CONTROL
Artículo2014Differentiation of meat and bone meal from fishmeal by near-infrared spectroscopy: Extension of scope to defatted samplesFOOD CONTROL
Artículo2012Recognition of the geographical origin of beer based on support vector machines applied to chemical descriptorsFOOD CONTROL
Artículo2009Determination of hydroxyproline in cured pork sausages and dry cured beef products by NIRS technology employing a fibre-optic probeFOOD CONTROL
Artículo2007Application of a multivariate concentric method system for the location of Listeria monocytogenes in a poultry slaughterhouseFOOD CONTROL
Artículo2006The establishment of critical control points at the washing and air chilling stages in poultry meat production using multivariate statisticsFOOD CONTROL
Artículo2001Validation of parameters in HACCP verification using univariate and multivariate statistics. Application to the final phases of poultry meat productionFOOD CONTROL