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Juan Francisco Garcia Martin

Profesor Titular de Universidad
Área de conocimiento: Ingeniería Química
Departamento: Ingeniería Química
Grupo: OBTENCION DE BIOCOMBUSTIBLES - AGR-155 (Universidad de Sevilla)
Prog. doctorado: Programa de Doctorado en Química (RD. 99/2011)
Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2024 Encapsulation of Benzaldehyde Produced by the Eco-Friendly Degradation of Amygdalin in the Apricot Kernel Debitterizing Wastewater FOODS
Libro2023 A guide to near-infrared spectroscopy A Guide to Near-Infrared Spectroscopy
Artículo2023 Cp2TiCl/H2O as a Sustainable System for the Reduction of Organic Functional Groups: Potential Application of Cp2TiCl/D2O to the Analysis of Bioactive Phenols in Olive Oil PROCESSES
Artículo2023 Non-invasive prediction of mango quality using near-infrared spectroscopy: assessment on spectral interferences of different packaging materials JOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING
Editorial2023 Preface A Guide to Near-Infrared Spectroscopy
Editorial2023 Special issue on “Biodiesel production processes and technology” PROCESSES
Capítulo2023 The determination of d-xylose and xylitol by near-infrared spectroscopy over the fermentation of olive stone hydrolysates A Guide to Near-Infrared Spectroscopy
Capítulo2023 The determination of olive oil's moisture by a hand-held near-infrared spectrometer A Guide to Near-Infrared Spectroscopy
Revisión2023 The state-of-the-art research of the application of ultrasound to winemaking: a critical review ULTRASONICS SONOCHEMISTRY
Artículo2022 Determination of the composition of bio-oils from the pyrolysis of orange waste and orange pruning and use of biochars for the removal of sulphur from waste cooking oils Agronomy
Capítulo2022 Flavonoids as a starting point for therapeutics against COVID-19: current state-of-the art research advances The Book of Flavonoids
Artículo2022 Identification of coriander oil adulteration using a portable NIR spectrometer FOOD CONTROL
Revisión2022 Potential of near-infrared spectroscopy for the determination of olive oil quality SENSORS
Editorial2022 Preface The Book of Flavonoids
Artículo2022 Production of bio-oils and biochars from olive stones: application of biochars to the esterification of oleic acid Plants
Libro2022 The book of flavonoids The Book of Flavonoids
Artículo2022 Use of natural microtalcs during the virgin olive oil production process to increase its content in antioxidant compounds PROCESSES
Artículo2021 Adjustment of olive fruit temperature before grinding for olive oil extraction. experimental study and pilot plant trials PROCESSES
Revisión2021 Biodiesel and other value-added products from bio-oil obtained from agrifood waste PROCESSES
Revisión2021 Cold storage and temperature management of olive fruit: the impact on fruit physiology and olive oil quality—a review PROCESSES
Artículo2021 Effect of temperature and time on oxygen consumption by olive fruit: empirical study and simulation in a non-ventilated container FERMENTATION-BASEL
Artículo2021 Ethanol production from olive stones through liquid hot water pre-treatment, enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation. Influence of enzyme loading, and pre-treatment temperature and time FERMENTATION-BASEL
Artículo2021 Evaluation of properties in different casings modified by surfactants and lactic acid using terahertz spectroscopy – A feasibility study FOOD CONTROL
Artículo2021 Experimental investigation on emissions characteristics from urban bus fueled with diesel, biodiesel and an oxygenated additive from residual glycerin from biodiesel production PROCESSES
Libro2021 Recent developments in Jatropha research Recent Developments in Jatropha Research
Editorial2021 Special issue "Production of biofuels and numerical modelling of chemical combustion systems" PROCESSES
Artículo2020 Acid and enzymatic fractionation of olive stones for ethanol production using Pachysolen tannophilus PROCESSES
Artículo2020 Determination of pectin content in orange peels by near infrared hyperspectral imaging FOOD CHEMISTRY
Revisión2020 Energetic valorisation of olive biomass: Olive-tree pruning, olive stones and pomaces PROCESSES
Artículo2020 Environmental assessment of olive mill solid waste valorization via anaerobic digestion versus olive pomace oil extraction PROCESSES
Artículo2020 Evaluation of different solvents on flavonoids extraction efficiency from sweet oranges and ripe and immature Seville oranges INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2020 Hyperspectral imaging coupled with multivariate analysis and image processing for detection and visualisation of colour in cooked sausages stuffed in different modified casings FOODS
Artículo2020 Identification of copper in stems and roots of Jatropha curcas l. by hyperspectral imaging PROCESSES
Artículo2020 Identification of fungi in the debitterizing water of apricot kernels and their preliminary evaluation on degrading Amygdalin PROCESSES
Artículo2020 Metal accumulation by Jatropha curcas L. Adult plants grown on heavy metal-contaminated soil Plants
Artículo2020 Vegetable oils as renewable fuels for power plants based on low and medium speed diesel engines JOURNAL OF THE ENERGY INSTITUTE
Artículo2019 Cetane number prediction of waste cooking oil-derived biodiesel prior to transesterification reaction using near infrared spectroscopy FUEL
Artículo2019 Determination of the Acidity of Waste Cooking Oils by Near Infrared Spectroscopy PROCESSES
Artículo2019 Drying kinetics and effective water diffusivities in olive stone and olive-tree pruning RENEWABLE ENERGY
Artículo2019 Esterification of free fatty acids with glycerol within the biodiesel production framework PROCESSES
Artículo2019 Evaluation of storage time and temperature on physicochemical properties of immersion vacuum cooled sausages stuffed in the innovative casings modified by surfactants and lactic acid JOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING
Artículo2019 Extraction of phenolic compounds and production of biomethane from strawberry and raspberry extrudates BIOCHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL
Artículo2019 Olive oil nutritional labeling by using Vis/NIR spectroscopy and compositional statistical methods INNOVATIVE FOOD SCIENCE & EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES
Artículo2019 Phytoremediation of highly contaminated mining soils by Jatropha curcas L. and production of catalytic carbons from the generated biomass JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2019 Production of Oxygenated Fuel Additives from Residual Glycerine Using Biocatalysts Obtained from Heavy-Metal-Contaminated Jatropha curcas L. Roots ENERGIES
Artículo2019 Valorization of a high-acidity residual oil generated in the waste cooking oils recycling industries GRASAS Y ACEITES
Artículo2018 Biodiesel production from waste cooking oil in an oscillatory flow reactor. Performance as a fuel on a TDI diesel engine RENEWABLE ENERGY
Artículo2018 Effect of ozone treatment on postharvest disease and quality of different citrus varieties at laboratory and at industrial facility Postharvest Biology and Technology
Revisión2018 Hyperspectral imaging and multispectral imaging as the novel techniques for detecting defects in raw and processed meat products: Current state-of-the-art research advances FOOD CONTROL
Artículo2018 Hyperspectral Imaging in Tandem with R Statistics and Image Processing for Detection and Visualization of pH in Japanese Big Sausages Under Different Storage Conditions JOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCE
Artículo2018 Nondestructive measurement of squalene in olive oil by near infrared spectroscopy LWT-FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2017 Effect of ultrasound on the interaction between (-)-epicatechin gallate and bovine serum albumin in a model wine ULTRASONICS SONOCHEMISTRY
Artículo2017 Evaluation of modified casings and chitosan-PVA packaging on the physicochemical properties of cooked Sichuan sausages during long-term storage INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2017 Physical Properties and Volatile Composition Changes of Cooked Sausages Stuffed in a New Casing Formulation Based in Surfactants and Lactic Acid During Long-Term Storage JOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCE
Artículo2017 Sorting olive oil based on alpha-tocopherol and total tocopherol content using near-infra-red spectroscopy (NIRS) analysis JOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING
Libro2016 Applications of ultrasound in the beverage industry Applications of Ultrasound in the Beverage Industry
Artículo2016 Decay incidence and quality of different citrus varieties after postharvest heat treatment at laboratory and industrial scale Postharvest Biology and Technology
Artículo2016 Evaluation of physicochemical properties and microbial attributes of cooked sausages stuffed in casing modified by surfactants and lactic acid after immersion vacuum cooling and long-term storage INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2016 Online monitoring of electrical conductivity of wine induced by ultrasound CYTA-JOURNAL OF FOOD
Artículo2016 Optimization of Pyrogallol Autoxidation Conditions and Its Application in Evaluation of Superoxide Anion Radical Scavenging Capacity for Four Antioxidants Journal of AOAC International
Artículo2016 Preliminary study of the effect of ultrasound on physicochemical properties of red wine CYTA-JOURNAL OF FOOD
Capítulo2016 Ultrasound for accelerating the wine ageing process from physicochemical point of view Applications of Ultrasound in the Beverage Industry
Artículo2015 Enhanced ethanol production by simultaneous saccharification and fermentation of pretreated olive stones RENEWABLE ENERGY
Artículo2015 Free radical generation induced by ultrasound in red wine and model wine: An EPR spin-trapping study ULTRASONICS SONOCHEMISTRY
Artículo2015 Influence of solid loading on D-xylose production through dilute sulphuric acid hydrolysis of olive stones GRASAS Y ACEITES
Artículo2015 Oligosaccharides and sugars production from olive stones by autohydrolysis and enzymatic hydrolysis INDUSTRIAL CROPS AND PRODUCTS
Artículo2015 Optical path length and wavelength selection using Vis/NIR spectroscopy for olive oil's free acidity determination INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY
Capítulo2015 Thermochemical and biochemical conversion of olive stones Agricultural Wastes: Characteristics, Types and Management
Revisión2014 Advances in Wine Aging Technologies for Enhancing Wine Quality and Accelerating Wine Aging Process CRITICAL REVIEWS IN FOOD SCIENCE AND NUTRITION
Artículo2014 Antimicrobial effect of cleaning formulations of industrial interest on free-living cells and biofilms Afinidad: revista de química teórica y aplicada
Artículo2014 Enhanced enzymatic hydrolysis of pretreated almond-tree prunings for sugar production CARBOHYDRATE POLYMERS
Artículo2014 Synergistic Effect on Wettability of Mixtures of Amine Oxides, Alkylpolyglucosides, and Ethoxylated Fatty Alcohols JOURNAL OF SURFACTANTS AND DETERGENTS
Artículo2014 Valorization of olive stones for xylitol and ethanol production from dilute acid pretreatment via enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation by Pachysolen tannophilus BIOCHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL
Artículo2013 Cell viability and proteins release during ultrasound-assisted yeast lysis of light lees in model wine FOOD CHEMISTRY
Artículo2013 Effects of different cooling methods on shelf-life of cooked jumbo plain sausages LWT-FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2013 Evaluation of the effect of the dilute acid hydrolysis on sugars release from olive prunings RENEWABLE ENERGY
Artículo2013 Generación de D-xilosa por tratamiento hidrotérmico de endocarpios de aceitunas e hidrólisis enzimática de los oligosacáridos Afinidad: revista de química teórica y aplicada
Revisión2013 Ultrasound and electric fields as novel techniques for assisting the wine ageing process: The state-of-the-art research TRENDS IN FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY
Capítulo2012 Ethanol from biomass: Application to the olive-pruning debris Liquid Fuels: Types, Properties and Production
Artículo2012 Kinetics Model of the Thermal Oxidation of Indium Powder OXIDATION OF METALS
Artículo2012 Wettability of Aqueous Solutions of Eco-Friendly Surfactants (Ethoxylated Alcohols and Polyoxyethylene Glycerin Esters) JOURNAL OF SURFACTANTS AND DETERGENTS
Artículo2011 Xylitol production from olive-pruning debris by sulphuric acid hydrolysis and fermentation with Candida tropicalis HOLZFORSCHUNG
Artículo2010 Autohidrólisis y post-hidrólisis ácida del residuo de poda de olivo Afinidad: revista de química teórica y aplicada
Artículo2010 Determination of optimal pre-treatment conditions for ethanol production from olive-pruning debris by simultaneous saccharification and fermentation FUEL
Artículo2010 Ethanol production from olive prunings by autohydrolysis and fermentation with Candida tropicalis RENEWABLE ENERGY
Libro2010 Producción de bioetanol a partir del residuo de la poda del olivo Producción de bioetanol a partir del residuo de la poda del olivo
Artículo2010 Programa de formación continua de técnicos y personal cualificado en la industria oleícola Etica Net
Artículo2010 Wetting Power in Aqueous Mixtures of Alkylpolyglucosides and Ethoxylated Fatty Alcohols JOURNAL OF SURFACTANTS AND DETERGENTS
Capítulo2009 Aproximación metodológica a un Proyecto de Innovación Docente en Toxicología mediante el uso de “TICs” Educación, movilidad virtual y sociedad del conocimiento
Artículo2009 Fermentation of enzymatic hydrolysates from olive stones by Pachysolen tannophilus JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY
Artículo2009 La brecha digital: un estudio ad hoc de la situación en Granada Etica Net
Capítulo2009 Programa de formación para el desarrollo sostenible del ecosistema del olivar: Un estudio exploratorio Educación, movilidad virtual y sociedad del conocimiento
Artículo2008 Acid hydrolysis of olive-pruning debris for D-xylose production COLLECTION OF CZECHOSLOVAK CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2008 Complete oxidation of zinc powder. Validation of kinetics models OXIDATION OF METALS
Artículo2008 Fermentation of D-glucose and D-xylose mixtures by Candida tropicalis NBRC 0618 for xylitol production WORLD JOURNAL OF MICROBIOLOGY & BIOTECHNOLOGY
Artículo2008 Hidrólisis ácida del residuo de poda de olivo en un reactor continuo de extrusión Afinidad: revista de química teórica y aplicada
Tesis dirigidas/tutorizadas:1
Fecha lectura Título Rol
09/06/2022 Economía circular de la industria agroalimentaria Director/a

Proyectos de Investigación

Fecha de inicio Fecha de fin Rol Denominación Agencia financiadora
01/09/2022 31/08/2025 Investigador/a Biomasa y residuos como precursores de la producción acoplada de hidrógeno y metano en el nuevo escenario de transición energética industrial (ALL-TO-GAS) (PLEC2022-009349) Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación (Nacional)
01/01/2018 05/04/2022 Investigador/a Factoría Digital para Pymes Industriales (0526_INDUPYMES_4_0_5_E) Comisión Europea (Europeo)
01/10/2014 29/03/2024 Investigador/a New Biofuel Production Technology to Recover Used Frying Oils and Power the Seville's Urban Bus Fleet. LIFE BIOSEVILLE (LIFE13 ENV/ES/001113) Comisión Europea (Europeo)


Fecha de inicio Fecha de fin Rol Denominación Agencia financiadora
12/09/2023 11/12/2023 Responsable Optimización de un equipo de filtración a presión para tres tipos de residuos (CDR. lodos EDAR, compost) (4925/1185) ORGANICS HESPEROS, S.L. (Desconocido)
12/12/2022 11/06/2023 Responsable Medida del potencial de biometano y de la actividad metanogénica específica de diferentes tipos de residuos. (4679/1185) Organics S.L. (Desconocido)
02/01/2022 30/07/2023 Investigador/a Valorización integral de residuos grasos induatriales (REINTEGRA) (4505/0580) GRUPO BIOSEL, S.L. (Desconocido)
01/09/2020 31/03/2021 Investigador/a Economía Circular aplicada a la producción eficiente de Biocombustibles y Bioenergía (4031/0580) COOPVCAMPO SCA (Desconocido)
04/06/2018 31/03/2021 Investigador/a Economía circular aplicada a la producción eficiente de Biocombustible y Energía (3519/0580) Kaura Coproducts, S.L. (Desconocido)
16/05/2018 30/06/2018 Investigador/a La fracción flavonoides de residuos de naranjas dulces (3325/0580) ALG. NATUR. GREEN, S.L. (Desconocido)
11/05/2018 26/06/2018 Investigador/a Estudio de la calidad nutricional del aceite ecológico y de las partes comestibles de gallina ecológica frente a los no ecológicos (3331/0580) LOGÍSTICA ÚBEDA, S.L. (Desconocido)
01/03/2018 15/04/2018 Investigador/a Aprovechamiemto integral de residuos de naranjas dulces. Fase 1 (3270/0580) EXPORT ORANGE, S.L. (Desconocido)

Transferencia de Conocimiento

Fecha de inicio Fecha de fin Rol Denominación Agencia financiadora
27/12/2021 30/04/2023 Investigador/a Desarrollo de un vehículo logístico de reparto de última milla mediante un sistema autónomo inteligente de emisiones cero e integrado con una red de microhubs urbanos (PYC20 RE 081 US) Junta de Andalucía (Consejería de Economía, Conocimiento, Empresas y Universidad) (Autonómico)


Nº Solicitud Fecha Solicitud Fecha Concesión Nombre
P201001646 21/12/2010 01/09/2011 Composiciones de tensioactivos altamente humectantes