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Artículo2024Analysis of Sports Supplement Consumption in 1688 Federated Road CyclistsNUTRIENTS
Artículo2024Effectiveness of a Postpartum Breastfeeding Support Group Intervention in Promoting Exclusive Breastfeeding and Perceived Self-Efficacy: A Multicentre Randomized Clinical TrialNUTRIENTS
Artículo2024Effects of Malnutrition on the Immune System and Infection and the Role of Nutritional Strategies Regarding Improvements in Children’s Health Status: A Literature ReviewNUTRIENTS
Artículo2024Evaluation of the impact of a midwife-led breastfeeding group intervention on prevention of postpartum depression: a multicentre randomised clinical trialNUTRIENTS
Artículo2024The Anti-Inflammatory and Antioxidant Properties of Acebuche Oil Exert a Retinoprotective Effect in a Murine Model of High-Tension Glaucoma.NUTRIENTS
Artículo2024Ultrasound Muscle Evaluation for Predicting the Prognosis of Patients with Head and Neck Cancer: A Large-Scale and Multicenter Prospective StudyNUTRIENTS
Artículo2023Are the Consumption Patterns of Sports Supplements Similar among Spanish Mountain Runners?NUTRIENTS
Editorial2023Dietary influence on nutritional epidemiology, public health and our lifestyleNUTRIENTS
Revisión2023Dietary manipulation of amino acids for cancer therapyNUTRIENTS
Artículo2023Do Spanish triathletes consume sports supplements according to scientific evidence? An analysis of the consumption pattern according to sex and level of competitionNUTRIENTS
Artículo2023Effectiveness of a smartphone app (e-12HR) in improving adherence to the Mediterranean diet in Spanish university students by age, gender, field of study, and body mass index: a randomized controlled trialNUTRIENTS
Artículo2023Effects of a Novel Infant Formula on Weight Gain, Body Composition, Safety and Tolerability to Infants: The INNOVA 2020 StudyNUTRIENTS
Artículo2023Evaluation of nutritional interventions in the care plan for cancer patients: the NOA projectNUTRIENTS
Artículo2023Evaluation of the Usefulness of an Automatable Immunoassay for Monitoring Celiac Disease by Quantification of Immunogenic Gluten Peptides in UrineNUTRIENTS
Revisión2023Evidence of immunomodulatory food-protein derived peptides in human nutritional interventions: review on the outcomes and potential limitationsNUTRIENTS
Artículo2023Maternal Diet Determines Milk Microbiome Composition and Offspring Gut Colonization in Wistar RatsNUTRIENTS
Artículo2023Modulation of Beta-Amyloid-Activated Primary Human Neutrophils by Dietary Phenols from Virgin Olive OilNUTRIENTS
Artículo2023Nutraceuticals as potential therapeutic modulators in immunometabolismNUTRIENTS
Artículo2023Photoperiod conditions modulate serum oxylipins levels in healthy and obese rats: impact of proanthocyanidins and gut microbiotaNUTRIENTS
Artículo2023Rapid Anti-tTG-IgA Screening Test for Early Diagnosis of Celiac Disease in Pediatric PopulationsNUTRIENTS
Artículo2023Standards for the use of enteral nutrition in patients with diabetes or stress hyperglycaemia: expert consensusNUTRIENTS
Artículo2023Sulforaphane reduces the chronic inflammatory immune response of human dendritic cellsNUTRIENTS
Artículo2023The Effect of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Minor Phenolic Compound 3',4'-Dihydroxyphenylglycol in Experimental Diabetic Kidney DiseaseNUTRIENTS
Artículo2023Update on anti-inflammatory molecular mechanisms induced by oleic acid.NUTRIENTS
Revisión2023Update on in vitro diagnostic tools and treatments for food allergiesNUTRIENTS
Artículo2023Virgin olive oil ranks first in a new nutritional quality score due to its compositional profileNUTRIENTS
Artículo2022Acute Beetroot Juice Supplementation Enhances Intermittent Running Performance but Does Not Reduce Oxygen Cost of Exercise among Recreational AdultsNUTRIENTS
Editorial2022Advances in celiac disease and gluten-free dietNUTRIENTS
Artículo2022Analysis of sport supplement consumption by competitive swimmers according to sex and competitive level.NUTRIENTS
Artículo2022Analysis of the consumption of sports supplements in open water swimmers according to the competitive levelNUTRIENTS
Artículo2022Anti-doping knowledge of students undertaking bachelor’s degrees in sports sciences in SpainNUTRIENTS
Artículo2022Artificial diets based on selective amino acid restriction versus capecitabine in mice with metastatic colon cancer.NUTRIENTS
Artículo2022Cardiometabolic and Nutritional Morbidities of a Large, Adult, PKU Cohort from AndalusiaNUTRIENTS
Artículo2022Circulating Human Serum Metabolites Derived from the Intake of a Saffron Extract (Safr’Inside™ ) Protect Neurons from Oxidative Stress: Consideration for Depressive DisordersNUTRIENTS
Artículo2022Dietary supplement use of Turkish footballers: differences by sex and competition levelNUTRIENTS
Artículo2022Different effects of low selenite and selenium-nanoparticle supplementation on adipose tissue function and insulin secretion in adolescent male ratsNUTRIENTS
Artículo2022Does Consumption of Ultra-Processed Foods Matter for Liver Health? Prospective Analysis among Older Adults with Metabolic SyndromeNUTRIENTS
Artículo2022Evaluation of an Application for Mobile Telephones (e-12HR) to Increase Adherence to the Mediterranean Diet in University Students: A Controlled, Randomized and Multicentric StudyNUTRIENTS
Revisión2022Molecular mechanisms underlying the effects of olive oil triterpenic acids in obesity and related diseasesNUTRIENTS
Artículo2022Neuroprotective Effect of 3 ',4 '-Dihydroxyphenylglycol in Type-1-like Diabetic Rats-Influence of the Hydroxytyrosol/3 ',4 '-dihydroxyphenylglycol RatioNUTRIENTS
Artículo2022Nutritional and educational intervention to recover a healthy eating pattern reducing clinical ileostomy-related complicationsNUTRIENTS
Artículo2022Percutaneous Radiology Gastrostomy (PRG)-Associated complications at a tertiary hospital over the last 25 yearsNUTRIENTS
Revisión2022Perioperative Nutritional Support: A Review of Current LiteratureNUTRIENTS
Artículo2022Relationship between eating habits, physical activity and tobacco and alcohol use in pregnant women: sociodemographic inequalitiesNUTRIENTS
Artículo2022Short-Term Pilot Study to Evaluate the Impact of Salbi Educa Nutrition App in Macronutrients Intake and Adherence to the Mediterranean Diet: Randomized Controlled TrialNUTRIENTS
Revisión2022Sustainable diets as tools to harmonize the health of individuals, communities and the planet: a systematic reviewNUTRIENTS
Revisión2022Therapeutic Properties and Use of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Clinical Nutrition: A Narrative Review and Literature UpdateNUTRIENTS
Artículo2022Time-of-day circadian modulation of Grape-Seed Procyanidin Extract (GSPE) in hepatic mitochondrial dynamics in cafeteria-diet-induced obese ratsNUTRIENTS
Artículo2022Weekend-weekday differences in adherence to the Mediterranean diet among Spanish university studentsNUTRIENTS
Artículo2021A new peracetylated oleuropein derivative ameliorates joint inflammation and destruction in a murine collagen-induced arthritis model via activation of the nrf-2/ho-1 antioxidant pathway and suppression of mapks and nf-κb activationNUTRIENTS
Artículo2021Assessment of food sources and the intake of the colourless carotenoids phytoene and phytofluene in SpainNUTRIENTS
Artículo2021Association between the Mediterranean diet and metabolic syndrome with serum levels of miRNA in morbid obesityNUTRIENTS
Artículo2021Body composition assessment and mediterranean diet adherence in U12 Spanish male professional soccer players: cross-sectional studyNUTRIENTS
Artículo2021Caffeine and cognitive functions in sports: a systematic review and meta-analysis.NUTRIENTS
Artículo2021Challenges of monitoring the gluten-free diet adherence in the management and follow-up of patients with celiac disease.NUTRIENTS
Artículo2021Diet quality according to mental status and associated factors during adulthood in SpainNUTRIENTS
Artículo2021Dynamics and considerations in the determination of the excretion of gluten immunogenic peptides in urine: individual variability at low gluten intakeNUTRIENTS
Revisión2021Effect of a ketogenic diet on the nutritional parameters of obese patients: a systematic review and meta-analysisNUTRIENTS
Artículo2021Epigenetics in Food Allergy and ImmunomodulationNUTRIENTS
Revisión2021Fetal programming is deeply related to maternal selenium status and oxidative balance; experimental offspring health repercussionsNUTRIENTS
Artículo2021Food patterns among Chinese immigrants living in the South of SpainNUTRIENTS
Revisión2021Food safety and cross-contamination of gluten-free products: a narrative reviewNUTRIENTS
Revisión2021High dose of caffeine mouth rinse increases resistance training performance in menNUTRIENTS
Artículo2021High-density lipoproteins and Mediterranean diet: a systematic reviewNUTRIENTS
Revisión2021New insights into non-dietary treatment in celiac disease: emerging therapeutic optionsNUTRIENTS
Artículo2021Nutrients and dietary approaches in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease: a narrative reviewNUTRIENTS
Revisión2021Nutrition and rheumatoid arthritis in the ‘omics’ eraNUTRIENTS
Artículo2021Oral consumption of bread from an RNAi wheat line with strongly silenced gliadins elicits no immunogenic response in a pilot study with celiac disease patientsNUTRIENTS
Artículo2021Rationale for timing of follow-up visits to assess gluten-free diet in celiac disease patients based on data miningNUTRIENTS
Artículo2021Sarcopenia, Diet, Physical Activity and Obesity in European Middle-Aged and Older Adults: The LifeAge StudyNUTRIENTS
Artículo2021The Relationship between Adherence to the Mediterranean Diet, Intake of Specific Foods and Depression in an Adult Population (45-75 Years) in Primary Health Care. A Cross-Sectional Descriptive StudyNUTRIENTS
Artículo2021Trends in diet quality and related sociodemographic, health, and occupational characteristics among workers in Spain: results from three consecutive national health surveys (2006–2017)NUTRIENTS
Artículo2021Use of different food classification systems to assess the association between ultra-processed food consumption and cardiometabolic health in an elderly population with metabolic syndrome (PREDIMED-plus cohort)NUTRIENTS
Artículo2020A Diet Rich in Saturated Fat and Cholesterol Aggravates the Effect of Bacterial Lipopolysaccharide on Alveolar Bone Loss in a Rabbit Model of Periodontal DiseaseNUTRIENTS
Artículo2020Adherence to the mediterranean lifestyle and desired body weight loss in a mediterranean adult population with overweight: A predimed‐plus studyNUTRIENTS
Artículo2020Analysis of sport supplement consumption and body composition in spanish elite rowersNUTRIENTS
Artículo2020Analysis of sports supplements consumption in young Spanish elite dinghy sailorsNUTRIENTS
Artículo2020Association between adherence to the mediterranean diet and physical fitness with body composition parameters in 1717 European adolescents: the adoleshealth studyNUTRIENTS
Revisión2020Cholecalciferol or Calcifediol in the Management of Vitamin D DeficiencyNUTRIENTS
Artículo2020Diet quality and sociodemographic, lifestyle, and health-related determinants among people with depression in Spain: new evidence from a cross-sectional population-based study (2011–2017)NUTRIENTS
Artículo2020Dietary Fatty Acids in Postprandial Triglyceride-Rich Lipoproteins Modulate Human Monocyte-Derived Dendritic Cell Maturation and ActivationNUTRIENTS
Artículo2020Dietary polyphenol intake is associated with HDL-cholesterol and a better profile of other components of the metabolic syndrome: A PREDIMED-plus sub-studyNUTRIENTS
Artículo2020Dietary quality changes according to the preceding maximum weight: a longitudinal analysis in the predimed-plus randomized trialNUTRIENTS
Artículo2020Effects of advertising on food consumption preferences in childrenNUTRIENTS
Artículo2020Effects of beetroot juice ingestion on physical performance in highly competitive tennis playersNUTRIENTS
Revisión2020Effects of dietary nitrate supplementation on weightlifting exercise performance in healthy adults: a systematic reviewNUTRIENTS
Artículo2020Grape polyphenols ameliorate muscle decline reducing oxidative stress and oxidative damage in aged ratsNUTRIENTS
Artículo2020Immunomodulatory and antioxidant properties of wheat gluten protein hydrolysates in human peripheral blood mononuclear cellsNUTRIENTS
Artículo2020Influence of Self-Efficacy and Motivation to Follow a Healthy Diet on Life Satisfaction of Patients with Cardiovascular Disease: A Longitudinal StudyNUTRIENTS
Artículo2020Leisure-Time Physical Activity, Sedentary Behaviour and Diet Quality are Associated with Metabolic Syndrome Severity: The PREDIMED-Plus StudyNUTRIENTS
Artículo2020Leptin and nutrition in gestational diabetesNUTRIENTS
Artículo2020Modulation of food intake by differential TAS2R stimulation in ratNUTRIENTS
Revisión2020Nutritional ergogenic aids in racquet sports: A systematic reviewNUTRIENTS
Artículo2020Polyphenolic Maqui Extract as a Potential Nutraceutical to Treat TNBS-Induced Crohn's Disease by the Regulation of Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory PathwaysNUTRIENTS
Artículo2020Pomace olive oil concentrated in triterpenic acids restores vascular function, glucose tolerance and obesity progression in miceNUTRIENTS
Revisión2020Probiotics as a coadjuvant factor in active or quiescent inflammatory bowel disease of adults-a meta-analytical studyNUTRIENTS
Revisión2020Recommendations Based on Evidence by the Andalusian Group for Nutrition Reflection and Investigation (GARIN) for the Pre- and Postoperative Management of Patients Undergoing Obesity SurgeryNUTRIENTS
Revisión2020The effect of dietary nitrate supplementation on isokinetic torque in adults: a systematic review and meta-analysisNUTRIENTS
Revisión2020The effects of foods embedded in entertainment media on children’s food choices and food intake: A systematic review and meta-analysesNUTRIENTS
Artículo2020The quality of breakfast and healthy diet in school-aged adolescents and their association with BMI, weight loss diets and the practice of physical activityNUTRIENTS
Artículo2020Use of sports supplements in competitive handball players: sex and competitive level differencesNUTRIENTS
Artículo2019Anti-VEGF signalling mechanism in HUVECs by melatonin, serotonin, hydroxytyrosol and other bioactive compoundsNUTRIENTS
Artículo2019Caffeine supplementation improves anaerobic performance and neuromuscular efficiency and fatigue in olympic-level boxersNUTRIENTS
Editorial2019Carbohydrate Availability and Physical Performance: Physiological Overview and Practical RecommendationsNUTRIENTS
Artículo2019Celiac Immunogenic Potential of -Gliadin Epitope Variants from Triticum and Aegilops SpeciesNUTRIENTS
Artículo2019Chondroprotective Properties of Human-Enriched Serum Following Polyphenol Extract Absorption: Results from an Exploratory Clinical TrialNUTRIENTS
Revisión2019Chrononutrition and Polyphenols: Roles and DiseasesNUTRIENTS
Artículo2019Dietary Diversity and Nutritional Adequacy among an Older Spanish Population with Metabolic Syndrome in the PREDIMED-Plus Study: A Cross-Sectional AnalysisNUTRIENTS
Artículo2019Effects of caffeine supplementation on power performance in a flywheel device: a randomised, double-blind cross-over studyNUTRIENTS
Artículo2019Mediterranean diet, physical fitness and body composition in sevillian adolescents: A healthy lifestyleNUTRIENTS
Artículo2019Neuroprotective effects of diets containing olive oil and DHA/EPA in a mouse model of cerebral ischemiaNUTRIENTS
Artículo2019Obesity- and Lipid-Related Parameters in the Identification of Older Adults with a High Risk of Prediabetes According to the American Diabetes Association: An Analysis of the 2015 Health, Well-Being, and Aging StudyNUTRIENTS
Artículo2019Palm oil on the edgeNUTRIENTS
Artículo2019Patients discharged with home enteral nutrition from a third-level hospital in 2018NUTRIENTS
Revisión2019Skin Carotenoids in Public Health and Nutricosmetics: The Emerging Roles and Applications of the UV Radiation-Absorbing Colourless Carotenoids Phytoene and PhytoflueneNUTRIENTS
Artículo2019Sleep Duration is Inversely Associated with Serum Uric Acid Concentrations and Uric Acid to Creatinine Ratio in an Elderly Mediterranean Population at High Cardiovascular RiskNUTRIENTS
Artículo2019Stimulatory response of celiac disease peripheral blood mononuclear cells induced by RNAi wheat lines differing in grain protein compositionNUTRIENTS
Artículo2019Total and Subtypes of Dietary Fat Intake and Its Association with Components of the Metabolic Syndrome in a Mediterranean Population at High Cardiovascular RiskNUTRIENTS
Artículo2019Validation of Surrogate Anthropometric Indices in Older Adults: What Is the Best Indicator of High Cardiometabolic Risk Factor Clustering?NUTRIENTS
Corrección2019Validation of Surrogate Anthropometric Indices in Older Adults: What Is the Best Indicator of High Cardiometabolic Risk Factor Clustering? (vol 11, 1701, 2019)NUTRIENTS
Revisión2019Virgin Olive Oil and Health: Summary of the III International Conference on Virgin Olive Oil and Health Consensus Report, JAEN (Spain) 2018NUTRIENTS
Artículo2018Analysis of Nutritional Supplements Consumption by Squash PlayersNUTRIENTS
Artículo2018Biological Active Ecuadorian Mango "Tommy Atkins' IngredientsAn Opportunity to Reduce AgrowasteNUTRIENTS
Artículo2018Carotenoid Content in Human Colostrum is Associated to Preterm/Full-Term Birth ConditionNUTRIENTS
Artículo2018Effects of an Acute Exercise Bout on Serum Hepcidin LevelsNUTRIENTS
Artículo2018Effects of Beetroot Juice Supplementation on Performance and Fatigue in a 30-s All-Out Sprint Exercise: A Randomized, Double-Blind Cross-Over StudyNUTRIENTS
Revisión2018Gluten Immunogenic Peptides as Standard for the Evaluation of Potential Harmful Prolamin Content in Food and Human SpecimenNUTRIENTS
Revisión2018Ibero-American Consensus on Low- and No-Calorie Sweeteners: Safety, Nutritional Aspects and Benefits in Food and BeveragesNUTRIENTS
Artículo2018Quality of Dietary Fat Intake and Body Weight and Obesity in a Mediterranean Population: Secondary Analyses within the PREDIMED TrialNUTRIENTS
Artículo2018Seafood Consumption, Omega-3 Fatty Acids Intake, and Life-Time Prevalence of Depression in the PREDIMED-Plus TrialNUTRIENTS
Artículo2018The Dietary Intervention of Transgenic Low-Gliadin Wheat Bread in Patients with Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity (NCGS) Showed No Differences with Gluten Free Diet (GFD) but Provides Better Gut Microbiota ProfileNUTRIENTS
Artículo2018Tissular Distribution and Metabolism of trans-epsilon-Viniferin after Intraperitoneal Injection in RatNUTRIENTS
Revisión2017Biomarkers to Monitor Gluten-Free Diet Compliance in Celiac PatientsNUTRIENTS
Artículo2017Body Composition, Nutritional Profile and Muscular Fitness Affect Bone Health in a Sample of Schoolchildren from Colombia: The Fuprecol StudyNUTRIENTS
Artículo2017Effects of Beetroot Juice Supplementation on a 30-s High-Intensity Inertial Cycle Ergometer TestNUTRIENTS
Revisión2017Effects of Beetroot Juice Supplementation on Cardiorespiratory Endurance in Athletes. A Systematic ReviewNUTRIENTS
Artículo2017Inhibition of VEGF-Induced VEGFR-2 Activation and HUVEC Migration by Melatonin and Other Bioactive Indolic CompoundsNUTRIENTS
Artículo2016Polymorphism of the Transcription Factor 7-Like 2 Gene (TCF7L2) Interacts with Obesity on Type-2 Diabetes in the PREDIMED Study Emphasizing the Heterogeneity of Genetic Variants in Type-2 Diabetes Risk Prediction: Time for Obesity-Specific Genetic Risk ScoresNUTRIENTS
Revisión2013The Gluten-Free Diet: Testing Alternative Cereals Tolerated by Celiac PatientsNUTRIENTS