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Artículo2023Effect of deacetylation degree and molecular weight on surface properties of chitosan obtained from biowastesFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2022Emulsifiers modulate the extent of gastric lipolysis during the dynamic in vitro digestion of submicron chia oil/water emulsions with limited impact on the final extent of intestinal lipolysisFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2022Shear and dilatational rheological properties of vegetable proteins at the air/water interfaceFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Revisión2021Contribution of the engineering of tailored interfaces to the formulation of novel food colloidsFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2021Prebiotic food foams stabilized by inulin and β-lactoglobulinFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2021Rheological properties of quinoa-based gels. An alternative for vegan dietsFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2020Confirmation by solid-state NMR spectroscopy of a strong complex phenol-dietary fiber with retention of antioxidant activity in vitroFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2020Interfacial/foaming properties and antioxidant activity of a silkworm (Bombyx mori) pupae protein concentrateFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2020Lipolysis of soy protein and HPMC mixed emulsion as modulated by interfacial competence of emulsifiersFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2020Rheological approaches as a tool for the development and stability behaviour of protein-stabilized emulsionsFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2019Assessment of interfacial viscoelastic properties of Faba bean (Vicia faba) protein-adsorbed O/W layers as a function of pHFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2019Assessment of the microstructural characteristics and the in vitro bioactive properties of sunflower oil-based emulsions stabilized by fava bean (vicia faba) proteinFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2019Characterization of prebiotic emulsions stabilized by inulin and beta-lactoglobulinFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2019Effect of cinnamaldehyde on interfacial rheological properties of proteins adsorbed at O/W interfacesFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2019Gelation properties of calcium-inulin gelsFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2019Heat-induced gelation of egg yolk as a function of pH. Does the type of acid make any difference?FOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2019Role of carbohydrate conjugation on the emulsification and antioxidant properties of intact and hydrolysed whey protein concentrateFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2017Effect of glycation and limited hydrolysis on interfacial and foaming properties of bovine beta-lactoglobulinFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2017Influence of pH and Xanthan Gum on long-term stability of crayfish-based emulsionsFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2017Physicochemical, microstructure and bioactive characterization of gels made from crayfish proteinFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2017The impact of HPMC structure in the modulation of in vitro lipolysis: the role of bile saltsFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2017Viscoelastic properties, microstructure and stability of high-oleic O/W emulsions stabilised by crayfish protein concentrate and xanthan gumFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2016Comparative behavior of protein or polysaccharide stabilized emulsion under in vitro gastrointestinal conditionsFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2016Impact of pectin or chitosan on bulk, interfacial and antioxidant properties of (+)-catechin and β-lactoglobulin ternary mixturesFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2016Physicochemical, interfacial and emulsifying properties of a non-conventional exudate gum (Prosopis alba) in comparison with gum arabicFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2015Novel pectin present in new olive mill wastewater with similar emulsifying and better biological properties than citrus pectinFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2015Pectin extracted from thermally treated olive oil by-products: Characterization, physico-chemical properties, in vitro bile acid and glucose bindingFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2015Relationship of rheological and microstructural properties with physical stability of potato protein-based emulsions stabilized by guar gumFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2014Behavior of protein interfacial films upon bile salts additionFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2014Competitive adsorption behavior of beta-lactoglobulin, alpha-lactalbumin, bovin serum albumin in presence of hydroxypropylmethylcellulose. Influence of pHFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2014Green tea polyphenols-β-lactoglobulin nanocomplexes: interfacial behavior, emulsification and oxidation stability of fish oilFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2014Mixed soy globulins and beta-lactoglobulin systems behaviour in aqueous solutions and at the air-water interfaceFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2014Physicochemical and rheological characterization of Prosopis juliflora seed gum aqueous dispersionsFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2013Foaming and surface properties of casein glycomacropeptide-gelatin mixtures as affected by their interactions in the aqueous phaseFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2013Influence of chitosan concentration on the stability, microstructure and rheological properties of O/W emulsions formulated with high-oleic sunflower oil and potato proteinFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2013Interfacial behaviour of crayfish protein isolateFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2013Interfacial properties of crayfish protein isolate/chitosan mixed filmsFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2013Surface properties and bulk rheology of Sterculia apetala gum exudate dispersionsFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2012Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose-beta-lactoglobulin mixtures at the oil-water interface. Bulk, interfacial and emulsification behavior as affected by pHFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2012Interfacial and emulsifying behaviour of rice protein concentrateFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2012Interfacial and foaming properties of bovine beta-lactoglobulin: Galactose Maillard conjugatesFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2012Production, characterization and isolation of neutral and pectic oligosaccharides with low molecular weights from olive by-products thermally treatedFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2011Crayfish protein isolated gels. A study of pH influenceFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2011Formation and characterization of lactoferrin/pectin electrostatic complexes: Impact of composition, pH and thermal treatmentFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2011Formation of protein nanoparticles by controlled heat treatment of lactoferrin: Factors affecting particle characteristicsFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2011From egg yolk/kappa-Carrageenan dispersions to gel systems: linear viscoelasticity and texture analysisFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2011Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose at the oil-water interface. Part I. Bulk behaviour and dynamic adsorption as affected by pHFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2011Microalgae biomass interaction in biopolymer gelled systemsFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2010Flow behaviour, linear viscoelasticity and surface properties of chitosan aqueous solutionsFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2010Temperature and pH as factors influencing droplet size distribution and linear viscoelasticity of O/W emulsions stabilised by soy and gluten proteinsFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2009Application of thermal treatments to enhance gel strength and stability of highly concentrated crayfish-based emulsionsFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2009Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose surface activity at equilibrium and adsorption dynamics at the air-water and oil-water interfacesFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2009Improving the functional properties of soy glycinin by enzymatic treatment. Adsorption and foaming characteristicsFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2009Influence of pH on linear viscoelasticity and droplet size distribution of highly concentrated O/W crayfish flour-based emulsionsFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2009Interfacial and foaming properties of soy protein and their hydrolysatesFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2009Interfacial dynamic properties of whey protein concentrate/polysaccharide mixtures at neutral pHFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2009Linear viscoelasticity and microstructure of heat-induced crayfish protein isolate gelsFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2009Rheological properties of Cedrela odorata gum exudate aqueous dispersionsFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2008Dynamics of adsorption of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose at the air-water interfaceFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2008Rheology and droplet size distribution of emulsions stabilized by crayfish flourFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2008Role of static and dynamic characteristics of diglycerol esters and beta-lactoglobulin mixed films on foaming, 2: Adsorption and foamingFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2008The role of static and dynamic characteristics of diglycerol esters and beta-lactoglobulin mixed films foaming. 1. Dynamic phenomena at the air-water interfaceFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2007Adsorption dynamics and surface activity at equilibrium of whey proteins and hydroxypropyl-methyl-cellulose mixtures at the air-water interfaceFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2007Effect of limited hydrolysis of soy protein on the interactions with polysaccharides at the air-water interfaceFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2007Interfacial and foaming properties of enzyme-induced hydrolysis of sunflower protein isolateFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2007Phospholipids and hydrolysates from a sunflower protein isolate adsorbed films at the air-water interfaceFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2007Soy protein-polysaccharides interactions at the air-water interfaceFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2007Structural characteristics of adsorbed protein and monoglyceride mixed monolayers at the air-water interfaceFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2005Dynamic phenomena in caseinate-monoglyceride mixed films at the air-water interfaceFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2005Influence of ingredients on the thermo-rheological behaviour of batters containing methylcelluloseFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2005Interactions of polysaccharides with beta-lactoglobulin adsorbed films at the air-water interfaceFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2005Interfacial, foaming and emulsifying characteristics of sodium caseinate as influenced by protein concentration in solutionFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2005Milk and soy protein films at the air-water interfaceFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2005Thermogelation properties of methylcellulose (MC) and their effect on a batter formulaFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2004Interactions of polysaccharides with beta-lactoglobulin spread monolayers at the air-water interfaceFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2004Soy globulin spread films at the air-water interfaceFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo2003Enhancement of gel strength by application of thermal treatments in highly flocculated emulsionsFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo1999Structural and morphological characteristics of β-casein monolayers at the air-water interfaceFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo1997Interfacial and foaming characteristics of protein-lipid systemsFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS
Artículo1995Flow behavior and stability of light mayonnaise containing a mixture of egg-yolk and sucrose stearate as emulsifiersFOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS